Becky Juzwiak

Business: Johnson's Popcorn

Location: 2701 Boardwalk, Wildwood

Owner: John Stauffer, of Ocean City

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Vice president of operations: Becky Juzwiak, of Ocean City

Employees: 10 to 15

Phone: 800-842-2676

Becky Juzwiak speaks about the business:

Johnson's Popcorn is a caramel popcorn company that hand makes every single kernel of caramel corn on the Ocean City and now Wildwood boardwalks.

The company has been around since 1940 and under its current ownership since 1974. The two most important things to us are, No. 1, the quality must be consistent and amazing, and No. 2, that we provide great service to our customers.

We have a secret recipe for our caramel corn. Our peanut crunch is also made with the recipe. Only our employees know it, and they sign a confidentiality agreement.

What sets us apart is that we make our products the exact same way we did in 1940. We still use copper kettles and wooden paddles to make our products, and we'd never advance our technology at the expense of the products. To increase our volume, we just buy more kettles.

We're super excited to be in Wildwood. I've never experienced a warmer welcome than from the chamber here and the other businesses. This is an exciting place to have our expansion.

We have three stores and a gift shop in Ocean City, and this is our first expansion out of the city. We built the Wildwood store from scratch. We used John Mirenda Construction of Northfield, and they were wonderful.

We also offer all of our products online year-round. It's a great gift, and we're very busy around the holiday season.

We thought about expanding four or five years ago and never did anything with it. This year we were able to work it out, and the timing is very right. We're offering here everything that we offer in Ocean City - our caramel corn, caramel peanut crunch and our buttered popcorn. It's all made on the premises.

We can't wait for the summer of 2013 to start. We're going to provide the same service that we do in Ocean City. We're open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily and our season will be from Easter to Halloween.

The future: There's always the potential to grow, so I never don't think about possibilities. Right now we're focusing on Wildwood for the immediate future.

Business Editor Kevin Post

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