Sharon Jackson runs a specialty candle shop with her husband.

Business: Candle Corner

Location: Landis MarketPlace, Landis Avenue, Vineland

Owner: Sharon Jackson, of

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Seabrook, Upper Deerfield Twp.

Employees: Owner-operated, with help from husband Richard Jackson

Phone: 609-970-2679

We've been making candles for 20 years. I've done many craft shows and we had a shop in Pitman at one time. We had a shop in the Amish market in Williamstown,

and we were at Dutch Neck Village for two years.

We hand-make all of our own

candles. We like to specialize in fancy candles that look like pies, pancakes, drinks, tea in cups.

We work in soy, gel and blended waxes.

Candle Corner also offers more than 65 varieties of olive oil-based, all-natural soaps. Two gentlemen from down south make our soaps.

I also offer Bella Taylor handbags, and Maggie Bags made from

recycled seatbelts, as well as

other makes of handbags.

We have women's scarves, specialty-drink-themed T-shirts, wax-tart melts that we make ourselves, as well as candle accessories.

In jewelry, we have cultured pearls and what we call European-inspired bracelets and charms. They're like a famous brand, but our charms only cost $2 a piece.

The specialty candles look and smell exactly like what they're supposed to be. The teacup looks like a cup full of hot tea, and you burn the gel wax that is the tea. The stack of pancakes looks like it has syrup and butter. All of it, the whole stack, is the wax candle that burns.

Pies are in 9-inch pie plates and look just like a regular pie. We're working on margaritas, pina coladas, beer and wine drink

candles, all that look and smell

like the drinks.

Doing the pies and such is the art part of it for me. I blend different waxes to use for different parts. A glass of milk, for example, can be made from soy wax. Beer is gel wax, but to get bubbles you have to pour it at a certain temperature.

We also offer our trademark

candle cans, a scented candle poured into coffee-sized cans.

Entry: Years ago I bought a candle with "strawberries" in it that didn't burn properly. I decided I could do it better.

My husband now is a retired school bus driver, and this gives us something to do.

The future: We offer coupons once a month for people who sign up for the Amish market mailing list.


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