Neha Shah

Owner Neha Shah talks about the business:

Business: Atlantic Endodontics

Location: 235 E. Jimmie Leeds Road, Galloway Township

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Owner: Neha K. Shah, DMD

Employees: 2

Phone: 609-568-6415

Atlantic Endodontics primarily does root canals. Endodontics is a specialty in dentistry where we primarily treat teeth that have had infections or damage to the nerve inside the tooth.

As an endodontist, I focus on root canals, retreatments for teeth that get reinfected somehow, cracked teeth and traumatic injuries to teeth. For example, kids playing sports and a tooth gets snapped out, they need an endodontist.

We also do root canal surgery, which is basically your last step in trying to keep the tooth, cleaning up the root from the tip rather than the top as in root canal.

Traumatized teeth start to discolor over time, and in some cases the discoloring doesn't go away after root canal. In the majority of those cases, internal bleaching is effective. We put in a special substance that will break down what is causing the stain inside the tooth. It's a multi-step procedure, usually three steps, and often you don't need to be anesthetized.

Whenever people hear the words "root canal," images come to mind about pain. But with the technology now, with microscopes and digital X-rays, we know how precisely to do the root canal. Ultrasound imaging helps us remove the minimal amount of tooth required, yet effectively clean the tooth and help achieve a long-term success.

The pain itself is primarily associated with the problem with the tooth, not the root canal procedure. You're anesthetized so you're completely numb, and once you remove the nerve, nothing is there to stimulate to cause pain.

Flare-ups occur in fewer than 5 percent of the cases, usually in a tooth that was badly infected.

Entry: I was in a part-time practice in Philadelphia. I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with my doctoral degree and went to California to do my specialty training. There I also practiced general dentistry and realized what I enjoy doing in the field.

Family brought me back here to open my own practice.

The future: The other interest I have is academics. I've taught in university and hospital settings, and I'd like to do that as well.


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