Business: Allied Health Training Institute

Location: 1750 Zion Road, Suite 106, Northfield

Owner: Ilene Demling, of Linwood

Employees: Owner operated, with four independent instructors

Phone: 609-241-8486

Allied Health Training Institute is certifying nursing assistants through a four-week course.

I'm also certifying phlebotomists, and that's a 10-week course.

We also offer home health aide certification.

These types of workers are on the list of occupations that will be in demand going forward.

Nursing assistants work in medical facilities, long-term care facilities, nursing homes and assisted-living facilities in the community.

Here they learn how to take vital signs, care for the elderly and assist with their daily living activities.

Phlebotomists draw blood and also give electrocardiogram tests.

Like the other two occupations, they also work for home care providers and hospices.

Home health aides help individuals get dressed, with shopping, light house work, and companionship.

Students must have a high school diploma or a general equivalency degree.

I offer the courses individually, so the students can take them as they're able to afford them.

We also help with job placement. My phlebotomy course is set up so students complete their 100 hours of internship with LabCorp.

I also teach CPR certification.

Entry: I'm a registered nurse and have been so since 1990. I have been teaching the certified nursing assistant course for five years at a long-term care facility in Absecon.

I wanted to have more control over the class and have my own business. I want to help improve the way nurses are treated and find ways to give them more help in conjunction with the course.

I have a couple of instructors for the home health aide course, and two phlebotomists teaching that course. The instructors have many years of experience in the fields they're teaching.

The future: I would like to have another course leading to a certification as a dialysis technician.

Business Editor Kevin Post

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