Business: Follow Club LLC

Location: Iroquois Drive, Galloway Township

Owner: Joel Scott, 35, of Atlantic City; and Jerome Long, 42, of Galloway Township

Employees: Owner operated, with contractors

Phone: 609-517-2754

Joel Scott: Follow Club is primarily a social network. Everyone can sign up for free at

Every user is able to upload music, share videos, post photos and share links from every network.

We provide a live news feed from multiple countries and live entertainment feeds from each country's major newspaper. For example in this country it's ABC News, CNN, also CNN Entertainment, NBC and many others.

One main attraction is that on the home page, you're able to see the whole world signed into the site. So you're able to see a person in China signed in and a person in Pleasantville, and they're able to interact with each other.

People can download our mobile app from the iTunes and Android stores.

Jerome Long: We're recognized by the major social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and connected, so you can sign into our social media network through Facebook.

Scott: You can see your feed from Facebook and Twitter stream down your Follow Club wall.

We also have a video chat module on which you're able to watch videos and hold conferences.

Long: Businesses have the ability to host their own pages.

Our site will be in four different languages, and with a click of the button it can change from English to Spanish to Arabic, and soon, Chinese, too.

Scott: Every business can create a public page for free, and on it upload music and video.

We have a background in marketing, and Jerome has 26 years' experience in corporate business.

Long: We started last year, patented our idea first, and hired a law firm.

Scott: We plan to take this thing worldwide and connect with schools nationwide.