Business: Son Catchers Learning Center

Location: 519 Shore Road, Somers Point

Owners: Kevin McHugh, 53, and wife Laura McHugh, of Egg Harbor Township; and Jazmin Vega, of Pleasantville and Ta’ja Construction

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Employees: 7

Phone: 609-365-8678

Son Catchers Learning Center provides working parents with the opportunity to put their minds at ease while they’re working and know that their children are in a caring, safe learning environment.

Son Catchers is a concept-driven childcare experience that offers a structured educational program for ages 6 weeks to 5 years old, operating from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.

We develop and provide a variety of activities geared to the ages and developmental levels of the children.

We’re categorized as a childcare facility for state licensing purposes, but we have a music program for all ages with an accomplished musician and actress.

We have full-time programs and a full gamut of part-time programs, ranging from four days to two days a month. We offer parents flexibility.

We charge by the day and they can make their own hours. We’re not watching clocks in case someone is a little late. People have to live.

I think being open from 6 a.m. to

7 p.m. gives them a lot of flexibility. They drop off and pick up anytime in those hours as long as they don’t exceed the state-mandated maximum of 12 hours a day the children can be here.

We also serve breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack, which are all included with the tuition.

We’re fully licensed and certified by the state for this and to operate the kitchen here.

We’re adding daycare back into the Somers Point community. This 7,000-square foot facility formerly held a child care business. We have a very large play area.

We offer a five day a week program for infants for $750 a month. We also have two, three and four day a week programs.

For older children who are potty trained, a five-day-a-week program is $650 a month.

Entry: I worked in the casino industry for 26 years at the Tropicana. My wife and I are foster parents. My own children are already grown and raised. This is an extension of our enjoyment of being around and taking care of kids. You just have something in your heart and you do it.

The future: The building could hold more than 100 children, so if we get anywhere near that capacity I don’t know what I’ll think of next. That would be a tremendous accomplishment.

Business Editor Kevin Post

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