Business: Sportz Teamz

Location: 810 Asbury Ave., inside Staintons Gallery of Shops, Ocean City

Owner: Rick Minter, 45, of Downingtown, Pa.

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Employees: Owner operated

Phone: 610-608-3447

Sportz Teamz is a fan shop. I carry sports apparel and gift items.

I have a lot for the local teams - Phillies, 76ers, Eagles, Philadelphia Union, Flyers, and New York teams. We have a lot of Cowboys fans around here, so I try to carry that.

Pretty much anything my customers ask for, I'll bring in. I carry some things from out of market that other stores don't carry.

I'd like customers to know there's a particular player well known to readers of The Press - Mike Trout, an Angels player from Millville. I carry a lot of his items. I'm surprised stores don't carry more of it, because he's such a hero.

Apparel includes T-shirts, jackets, hoodies, caps, snapbacks (an adjustable sports cap), shorts and ski hats. Gift items include mini-helmets. For Trout, I have framed pictures and little action figures, in the McFarland brand.

I also have Fatheads, restickable high-quality visuals for the wall, like a poster but reusable.

There are piggy banks, branded footballs, a little bit of plush animals and branded headphones.

So many items are licensed by the teams now that there is really just about anything you can think of.

I started in August, so the top seller so far has been T-shirts. They can run from $15 to $30. I have a nice selection of women's T-shirts. Since I'm in Staintons Gallery, I've bumped up my inventory for women, with a mix of about 50-50.

Entry: This is my first store and a new business for me.

I had a friend who told me about Staintons, and he just thinks the co-op is a wonderful idea, a nice way to get started.

I tried a couple of flea markets and this seemed like the next step up, to present a more professional experience for the customers.

The co-op gives me a chance to grow toward a larger store. The Staintons management genuinely seems like a partner, and I haven't always felt that at other places.

The future: I'll soon have an online store at

Business Editor Kevin Post


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