Business: Frankel Sports Medicine

Location: 8512 Ventnor Ave., Margate

Owner: Dr. David Frankel, 37, of Somers Point

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Employees: 2

Phone: 609-225-9625

Frankel speaks about the business

I'm a board certified physician specializing in sports medicine and nonoperative orthopedics.

Frankel Sports Medicine cares for elite athletes, weekend warriors and active patients of all ages.

A sports medicine specialist is a physician with significant specialized training in both the treatment and prevention of injury and illness.

The specialist helps patients maximize function and minimize disability and time away from sports, work or school. Acute injuries, such as ankle sprains, muscle sprains, knee and shoulder injuries and fractures are among the conditions treated.

I often deal with overuse injuries, such as rotator cuff and stress fractures, which are chronic conditions. We offer medical and injection therapies for osteoarthritis, exercise prescription for patients who want to increase their fitness, injury prevention and return-to-play decisions regarding the sick or injured athlete.

I treat athletes with chronic or acute illness, such as mononucleosis, asthma or diabetes.

I'm using musculoskeletal ultrasound that allows me to direct injections that are specifically localized. You can visualize exactly where your needle is in terms of the anatomy, and if placement is better, outcomes can be better.

Entry: I grew up in Margate and went to medical school at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. I did my residency in family medicine at Duke University, my fellowship in sports medicine at UCLA. Then I worked at a private practice in Philadelphia and then at the University of Washington in Seattle.

I decided I wanted to move home and open my own practice. Before moving home, I lived in Tucson for a year and a half, during which I trained for and completed an Iron Man triathlon in November.

Being a lifelong athlete, I feel I can relate with the patients to the conditions they suffer and help them rehabilitate from injuries.

The future: I hope to be one of the team docs here locally. I see myself coordinating care with athletic trainers, physical therapists, personal physicians and other medical and surgical specialties in the care and rehabilitation of patients.

Business Editor Kevin Post

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