Steve Cook has opened Upper Level Fitness in Upper Township.

Photo provided by Steve Cook

Business: Upper Level Fitness

Location: 136 Route 50, Seaville

Owner: Steve Cook, 28, of Ocean View, Dennis Township

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Employees: 3

Phone: 609-390-7733

Upper Level Fitness has group training, boot camp classes and cardio equipment. We’re working on a new studio that will have Zumba, yoga and Pilates. We want to offer everything for everyone’s overall fitness needs.

We try to pair up people based on their ages and goals. We have a group at 6 a.m., and they’re all in the mid 50s, and they have a bond together and they keep going. They like to push each other. And sometimes you’ll see that same group of guys out on a Friday night.

Three or four times a week, we do a high school speed and agility session with athletes from the Cape-Atlantic League. I just saw one of our guys in The Press the other day who comes down from Millville.

Boot camp is usually from eight to 14 women, from ages 23 to 50, with circuit training and some weight training. I have 30 yards of turf in here, and they push sleds around, too.

Among the cardio equipment is a great treadmill brand called Woodway. It has wooden planks with rubber around them and is very easy on the knees. We have two of them, and they cost around $12,000.

The new studio will be about 1,000 square feet. Our whole place is a little over 10,000 square feet.

Entry: I was good at Ocean City High School sports and was third all-time in rushing in football. I played football at Delaware Valley College and got a lot of records there. Then I played football in Italy and was on the U.S. bobsled team for the Junior World Cup in Austria in 2007. I came back and played arena football in Texas and Pennsylvania.

Then I tore a major ligament in my right knee and ended everything. I trained and came back but decided to go another way. I worked at Elite Athlete Performance here as a trainer and knew I wanted to open a gym.

I worked at it and finally came up with a good deal and could open Upper Level Fitness.

The old gym that was here was more of an athletes’ gym. I want this to be for the everyday person. We have a big facility, and we can help both.

Business Editor Kevin Post


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