Marian Assur

Marian Assur has opened a consignment shop in New Gretna.

Kevin Post

Business: Everything Eclectic Consignment and Repair Shop

Location: 5682 Route 9, New Gretna, Bass River Township

Owner: Marian Assur, 61, of New Gretna

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Employees: Owner operated

Phone: 609-857-3571

Everything Eclectic has a little bit of everything. We have stuff that ladies like, the glassware, some furniture, electrical things, old radios, and stuff the guys like such as car accessories, some books.

We have Depression glass, picture frames and old 45-rpm records. We have a samovar, a Russian tea maker. We have beach chairs and some toys for the kids. I even have a set of Barbie doll clothes from the 1960s.

We have what we call the Artist of the Month. Right now we have Jim McSchea, of Little Egg Harbor, who paints abstract geometric designs on manila envelopes and also makes computer-generated lighthouses and paints those in limited editions.

We have another woman, Tanya Prochorov, who does what’s called crazy quilting. She also lives in Little Egg and she’s originally from Russia.

We’re staying away from clothes since there are so many places that carry them.

We have some potted plants, some tomato and pepper plants, some solar panels. We even have a horse-feed bucket.

We have a section with sporting goods, with baseball bats and gloves, golf balls, tennis rackets.

We have everything but the kitchen sink ... oh wait, we also have one of those.

Most of our items are consigned. The store gets 60 percent of the sale price and the consigner gets 40 percent. We keep things up to 90 days, after which we’ll ask the consigners to come pick up the items.

My husband, whose background is in electronics, can do small repairs such as plugs and cords. We haven’t gotten into that much yet since we’re still getting set up and started.

Entry: This is my third career. When I was young, I worked as an administrative assistant in accounting for several firms. In 1985, I got my RN license and worked for 25 years as a registered nurse, mostly for AtlantiCare in the nursery.

Now I’ve retired and this is our new venture.

My husband is a great collector of things. He got the collecting part down really well. The letting go part was harder for him.

We’re really enjoying this, meeting the people coming in, and the newness of it. This is unlike anything either of us has ever done.

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