Business: Fast Track to Health

Location: 510 Route 9 S., Upper Township

Owner: Stephanie Iannarone, of Upper Township

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Employees: 1

Phone: 609-736-0510

Fast Track to Health offers acupuncture and nutrition services for anyone with a health concern. I don’t focus on any gender or age group.

Some people come in with pain, digestive disorders, high blood pressure, hormonal issues, anxiety, depression or stress. Insomnia is another big one.

Treatments usually take about 40 minutes.

I have a master’s degree from the Tri-State College of Acupuncture. There are many different styles of acupuncture. We were taught a wide variety of methods.

I personally settled on a method I learned outside school called the balance system. I can treat people using their arms and legs, so they don’t have to take off their clothes. They can lie comfortably on their back.

When it comes to treating pain, the nerve pathways get weak over time and stop sending signals. Acupuncture jump-starts the nerve pathways. The brain says, “Oh, yeah, we have a knee there.” The nervous system gets stronger and pain starts to go away. It’s not a one-time fix. It’s subtle, but some people respond very fast.

I moved to Upper Township to be close to family. The minute I started looking for an appropriate place for my business, I found it.

I got into acupuncture because I had a chronic pain issue myself and tried everything. I decided to try acupuncture as a last resort and it worked. My acupuncturist opened my eyes to this other world of therapies that work. I was inspired by him and decided to pursue it.

A lot of people are afraid of needles. It’s the one objection to acupuncture that I hear. They think it’s the same thick needle that doctors use to give an injection. But the needles we use are so small you hardly feel anything at all. I would want people to know it’s not scary at all.

Unlike medication, it doesn’t have any side effects. And in the long run it’s fixing the problem. If you’re taking medicine for pain, you’re not fixing anything.

New Jersey is one of the best-covered states for insurance. A lot of people are surprised to learn their plans cover acupuncture.

I have two private treatment rooms. We also offer community acupuncture. Several people can be treated at the same time. It’s a more affordable way to do it. Those types of clinics are popping up all over the country.

I’d like to focus on nutrition as much as acupuncture. In the future, I’d like to expand this location as much as possible.

Staff writer Michael Miller

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