Business: Tomorrow's Wellness Center

Owner: Scott Hernberg, D.O., of Linwood

Location: 1750 Zion Road, Suite 204, Northfield

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Started: 2003

Employees: 5

Phone: 609-407-1119

Tomorrow's Wellness Center integrates traditional and holistic care to help individuals look and feel their best. As we age, we all want to preserve our appearance and our health by reasonable and safe efforts.

Now technology is fairly advanced and there are a lot of interventions that can be used to develop a healthy lifestyle, reduce disease burden and look healthier.

At Tomorrow's Wellness Center, we offer specific therapies for wrinkle reduction, skin resurfacing, skin tightening, facial vessels and redness, anti-aging, age spots, acne, hair removal and hormonal imbalance, including menopause and testosterone deficiency.

I use very sophisticated computer technology to design individualized rejuvenation treatment programs to soften the effects of aging and preserve a natural appearance. We’ve added technology for laser hair removal for all skin types.

I offer affordable therapies, including laser devices, injectables including Botox and a variety of fillers to achieve a natural appearance.

My aestheticians, Brandi Miller and Alana DiGuglielmo, both highly skilled, perform amazing facial rejuvenation and microdermabrasion procedures, as well as organic air brush tanning and chemical and anti-aging peels. Alana specializes in helping to repair and restore eyebrow appearance, to put the wow back in people’s brows.

We use high-tech devices but emphasize old school customer service to make our patients feel welcome.

My administrative staff of Sandra Wilkinson, Tracy Smith and Michelle Renda help to make folks feel very comfortable at the center.

Entry: I have been a board-certified anesthesiologist for nearly 30 years. About 15 years ago I began treating patients in a holistic approach to help them achieve well-being and provide a more vibrant appearance.

We were on Tilton Road in Northfield for 13 years, and then we moved here to double our space, modernize our facility and increase our services.

Business editor Kevin Post


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