Business: Snap Fitness of Somers Point and Marmora

Owners: Rick and Lorraine Lawson, of Ocean City

Locations: ShopRite Shopping Centers in Somers Point and Marmora, Upper Township

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Started: 2007

Employees: 1

Phone: 609-328-3379

Rick Lawson speaks about the business:

Snap Fitness offers a convenient gym model that fits today's lifestyle. People get 24-7 access - we never close. Our centers are located in favorite places and visits can be combined with popular activities such as shopping.

The openness doesn't require a lot of staff physical presence. We have state of the art security systems, with remote monitoring of cameras and pendants people can wear to signal for help.

Our clientele doesn't need babysitting. They're perfectly capable of coming and going with no staff in the facility. It's like having your own private gym sometimes. We hear that from people a lot.

We fill our centers with modern, very user-friendly equipment with a short learning curve. It's very strong on the cardio with a nice selection of circuit-type equipment to work on various parts of the body.

We have about 65 pieces of equipment in each center. The two centers are pretty much identical. Typically every year we'll add additional equipment. It comes primarily from Cybex, a domestic supplier.

There are no contracts. Memberships can be month to month. If people buy five months, they get a month for free. With nine months, they get three months for free.

Even with long-term commitments, we allow them to be placed on hold for whatever reason. It's easy to start and stop memberships ahead of the next billing cycle.

The cost is $39.95 a month, for the month-to-month program. For additional family members, it's $25 a month, and children younger than 16 are no charge.

We spend most of our time cleaning. The membership is amazing at it, and each gym has three cleaning stations with disinfectant, hand sanitizers and paper towels.

Entry: We were looking for something with community involvement. I was in manufacturing, an operations guy for a power-tool plant in Pennsylvania, and Lorraine worked as a dental assistant.

Future plans: We have a license for a third center. We're waiting for the right location to show up. We're also looking at expansions of the existing centers, especially the one in Upper Township.

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