Ronnie Town

Name: Ronnie Town, 50, of Marmora, Upper Township

Education: Absegami High School, University of Delaware

Family: Single; grew up in Atlantic County

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Company: Atlantic City Electric

Position: Senior public affairs manager

I’m a community liaison, developing relationships with key stakeholders, customers, and government officials, including municipal, county, and state officials.

I address daily inquiries from that group of people and follow up on their requests. They might want to know why their streetlight is out, when a meter is going to be installed in their new home, and why their electric is out.

We have a speaker’s bureau program where we go out and inform customers about our storm restoration process, energy efficiency, or our future plans. So I might speak to the Rotary and other groups.

Another role is to coordinate our community presence plan. We strategically determine what relationships we want to establish in our eight counties.

We can’t be everywhere, so we have to figure out how everything fits in with our company. I chair the committee that makes the decisions on contributions and donations throughout our service area.

Our key role is emergency management, which could be involved after a pole accident or a storm.

I’ve never heard my phone ring so much for seven days as when the big snowstorm hit Cape May County a couple of years ago.

Entry: I started in customer service doing dispatching and such. I’ve worked on the operations side, including in Atlantic City. I came to this position after a variety of promotions during my 27 years here.

Atlantic City Electric sponsored a team at the Walk to Defeat ALS on the Ocean City Boardwalk in September in memory of two of our employees, Ed Town, my late husband, and Herb Chalk.

I led the team and we were the top corporate fundraisers with more than $5,000. The event was founded by the Goudie family of Ocean City.

About me: I like walking the Ocean City Boardwalk, cooking, and travel. I love Italy and have been there twice. I do a lot of volunteer work, including for the Child Placement Review Board for 25 years. I’m also the immediate past chair of the Cape May County Chamber of Commerce.


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