Business: ComteQ Publishing

Owner: Rob Huberman, 61, of Margate

Location: 101 N. Washington Ave., Suite 1B, Margate

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Started: 2001

Employees: Owner operated

Phone: 609-487-9000

ComteQ Publishing is an independent publisher offering book design, short-run printing and order fulfillment to help anyone with the dream of being an author achieve that goal.

Over the years, and quite by accident, I’ve become a specialist in Holocaust memoirs, but I do books of every genre.

I’ve worked with about 55 local authors and have produced books such as ones on “Nucky” Johnson and “Red” Klotz, which I’m proud to say is my 100th title. His fascinating sports story covers six decades.

I’ve put out two books on Lucy the Elephant, and I’ve just published a CD from one of the founders of the Manhattan Transfer, bundled with a cookbook. We had another book of George Hamid Sr. and Jr. stories about the Steel Pier in Atlantic City.

On, you can see all of the books we’ve published and more information.

We’re for people who have put their story together. They provide me with a manuscript, and I simply transform the manuscript into a covered book that looks the same as a big-name publisher. I also help with editing and marketing.

Depending on the size of the print run, getting a book produced could run from $1,500 and up. I’m extremely reasonable. I enjoy what I do.

I think what’s most challenging is trying to make the book cost-effective, to have what they want and still sustain the business part of things. It’s too easy for me to give up more time than I can charge for. But there’s nothing like watching somebody the first time they see their book complete. It’s literally, to many people, their baby.

Entry: I was the managing editor of the Jewish Times. A columnist approached me about compiling columns into a book, and I found I liked it. So later I left the newspaper to form ComteQ Publishing.

Future plans: I’m reprinting a Holocaust memoir that was a Pulitzer Prize finalist. I’m also in talks about producing a series about jazz legends, bundling their music and books.

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