Business: FinnSki Household Services LLC

Owners: Daniel and Tracy Crines, of Egg Harbor Township

Location: 10 Meadow Drive, Egg Harbor Township

Latest Video

Started: 2009

Employees: 4

Phone: 609-226-3101

Co-owner Daniel Crines speaks about the business:

FinnSki Household Services is a residential and light commercial cleaning company. We clean people's homes of any size. We don't clean office complexes and restaurants. We do privately owned offices, doctors' offices, a mortgage agency, advertising agencies, a library. Generally speaking, we stay away from the big, big stuff.

FinnSki does full-house cleanings. We clean windows. We're not a window cleaning company and don't go on ladders to second floors or higher, but we clean tilt-in windows.

We clean floors, do full dustings, and clean kitchens and baths. We also do changeover cleanings. I work with a real estate management company, and they have tenants coming and going, and we go in and clean up before the new tenants arrive.

FinnSki Household Services offers a variety of plans. For commercial, some of the properties we'll clean multiple times a week ... daily, three to five times, whatever the client requires. There are plans for daily, weekly and monthly, or for a particular time, such as after a party or event.

We supply everything, and we use a lot of green cleaning materials.

If I'm cleaning an apartment that's been lived in several years, I'll use something stronger, but generally speaking we use environmentally friendly products.

I like the flexibility of this work. You have a new job every day. There's a routine to it, but not the same old daily routine. The competitive landscape is pretty rough. There are a lot of cleaning companies, for the same reason I started mine.

Entry: I worked in advertising and graphic design, and lost my job because of the economy.

I started doing odd jobs, such as detailing cars. A woman said to me, if you could clean a house like you do a car, you'd make a fortune. So I started cleaning houses. A lot of people lost their jobs and started doing this for the same reason. We strive to keep the same, good employees, so people become comfortable with the personnel going in and out of their homes. It's important to our customers.

Future plans: I've gotten requests a bunch of times for carpet cleaning and floor stripping and waxing. Since we do a fair amount of commercial work, those are the two areas I'd like to grow into.


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