Francine De Dan Bator

Francine De Dan Bator

Business: Galloway Nutrition

Owners: Francine De Dan Bator, of Egg Harbor Township, and George Pappadopoulos, of Northfield

Location: 68 W. Jimmie Leeds Road, Galloway Township

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Started: 2005

Employees: Owner operated, with distributors

Phone: 609-748-0017

Galloway Nutrition is a nutrition club that provides products and services. We specialize in weight loss, but also have products for weight gain and maintenance. We also have products for heart health, men's and women's products, energy products - we're a nutrition company.

We've been here 5 1/2 years. We've helped hundreds in the community to lose weight. We focus on weight loss with individual and group coaching.

For the group coaching, we have different types of weight-loss challenges where people can win money by losing weight.

New challenges are starting Monday and Tuesday, and others are starting Oct. 1. The 10-week challenges are competitions based around classes here with entry fees, and the money goes to the three participants who lose the greatest percentage of body weight. The 28-day challenge has no classes, just individual coaching.

We also run a free fit camp on Saturdays and right now we've been using the Galloway municipal buildings and soccer lot, meeting there in the morning. Everyone works at their own level.

One of our products is smoothies, made to order here. A $6 membership gets you an energizing green tea, a meal-replacement smoothie, and also a shot of aloe. When you want another three, the membership is renewable at any time.

We also have a full workout line of products for people who go to the gym.

With all of our products, no matter what they are, you get one-on-one coaching.

We have three basic weight-loss programs - fast, faster and fastest - and also offer customized programs.

Future plans: We're going to be adding a free fitness challenge incorporating nutrition and exercise, with prizes in October.

Business editor Kevin Post

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