Paula Jerome owns Paula Jerome Designs in Galloway Township.

Business: Paula Jerome Designs

Owner: Paula Jerome, of Galloway Township

Location: Jimmie Leeds Road, Galloway Township

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Started: 2002

Employees: 1 full time, 2 part time

Phone: 609-652-0843

Paula Jerome Designs makes different lines of jewelry.

I made a commitment that everything has to be recyclable. All of my gold and sterling silver, for example, is 100 percent recycled.

We use the lost wax casting method, whereby I design, make

a model in wax carved out by

hand or by computer-aided design, then it’s made into a

metal model to cast from.

I make Atlantic City charms, and I have jewelry lines based on snowflakes, leaves, geometric designs and the Tree of Life series, part of the Gratitude line.

I’ll design the whole jewelry line and the components to work together. A lot of times, for example, you can take the chain out of a necklace and use it as a pin.

The lines include necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pin/pendants. The way I’ve made these lines, you can mix them and they’ll still be fine.

I have my signature “S” curve, which can be found on my jewelry — big in the leaves, in the corners of the geometric line. That represents to me the constant of change in life, the flow of energy.

In the Gratitude collection, there’s pendent with gems hanging from the tree of life. In the center is a modern representation of a woman as the tree, and the chandelier Gratitude earrings represent the roots of the tree.

Most of my pieces range from $70 to $450.

They can be bought online at I also have them in the Langman Gallery in Willow Grove, Pa. The gift shop at Lucy the Elephant in Margate sells my Atlantic City charms.

Entry: I was a registered nurse and started making jewelry as a hobby. I studied metalsmithing in Ashville, N.C., and in 2008 I started exhibiting my work.

Future plans: I will exhibit on Saturday at the DO Art in AC Boardwalk Art Show, with special lower-price Atlantic City charms on necklaces and bracelets.

Next month or so I’m coming out with a line of men’s cuff links. In the middle will be leather and cherry wood, and on them we’ll put any design people want, such as a motorcycle or initials.

Business editor Kevin Post


Been working with the Press for about 27 years.

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