Business: Kelley Kare LLC

Owner: Gloria Kelley, 47, of Somers Point

Location: Atlantic Avenue in Somers Point and Mays Landing Road in Milmay, Buena Vista Township

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Started: 2010

Employees: 15

Phone: 609-703-4336

Kelley Kare is a full-service home health care agency. We primarily cater to the elderly and seniors, but we also have staff for people of all ages — children who are incapacitated, just about any situation.

We have what are called companions, certified home health aides, LPNs and RNs.

Companions require no training by the state; they basically just go in and keep a senior company, giving them reminders, maybe assistance walking to the bathroom, something of that nature.

Certified home health aides get to do more with the client. They’re trained in first aid and CPR, and know how to move, lift and transport clients who are immobile.

LPNs are the next step. The state allows them to administer medications.

And being a registered nurse, you can do everything for the client short of making a diagnosis, and report directly to the doctors and hospitals involved in their care.

We have a two-hour minimum for service. We create a program to meet the individual needs of the client. That can be from two hours to 24 hours a day, to live-in caregivers. Whatever the client requests, we give them.

Entry: I was a marketing executive in the casino industry for more than 20 years. I started at the old Golden Nugget in Atlantic City as a casino analyst. When that was sold, I was recruited to help open Foxwoods casino in Connecticut. When they restructured, they gave me a very nice severance package.

My mom is a retired nurse and I knew I’d have to do something, so I went back to school to get my certifications and to see if I’d like home health care. I worked for a competitor for a while and knew I could do it myself.

The business is challenging because when you’re called into a home, more often than not you’re walking into a family situation that is somewhat stressful.

Operationally, for small businesses the challenge is the state of New Jersey. The process is difficult, and to me that was the biggest challenge.

Our staff ranges from age 26 to 61, and I’m very selective. I personally know every client and see them all at least once a month.

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