Business: Passion for Paws

Owner: Barbara Fenton, 31, of Galloway Township

Location: Odessa Avenue, Galloway Township

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Started: 2012

Employees: Owner operated

Phone: 609-204-9268

Passion for Paws is a dog-walking and pet-sitting service.

A lot of people work long hours and aren't able to give the dog a potty break. I'll come in and walk, feed, play with, treat and give water to their pets.

I also do pet sitting. If anyone's traveling, they usually have me come in three times a day. Their animals get to stay in the environment they're used to and are comfortable in.

With that, I do dogs, cats, birds, fish. I've had turtles, bunnies, horses, chickens - kind of the whole gamut of pet sitting.

With dog walking, my customers typically are served Monday through Friday. Some are just three days a week, depending on their work schedule. Some text me on Sunday what they need, and I form my schedule for the week.

It gets complicated at times, figuring out who to see first, but it's a lot of fun. I try to get my customers to agree to a two-hour time window so I can still take care of others as well.

With pet sitting, most people call about two weeks before their trip. I always meet with new customers, go over the bowls, the food, any medicine or special needs, kind of like a consultation.

Pictures of the animals, rates and my credentials are listed at

A 15-minute dog walk costs is $15. That includes administering oral medicine, food and water. I always leave a detailed recap of how it went and take pictures of the pets and send them to the owners, even if they're just at work. That can give my clients peace of mind.

One of the reasons I started the business is that when I traveled for my previous job, people would come in and take care of my dog, and if they sent me a photo, I'd relax about her care and not worry.

Entry: I was looking to return to the area after college in Philadelphia, and I just love being with animals, having grown up on a farm in Galloway.

The future: My long-term goal is to have a pet care facility where people could bring their dog to me.

Business Editor Kevin Post


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