Business: Shore Construction Group

Location: 9600 Atlantic Ave., Suite 1105, Margate

Owner: Marc Evangelista, 37, of Margate

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Employees: 6

Started: 2011

Phone: 609-328-1912

Shore Construction Group is a home improvement contractor. I've been doing construction since 2001.

We've been doing a lot of restoration after Hurricane Sandy.

A lot of people don't realize that sometimes damage on their house is covered by insurance. They'll pay for repairs out of pocket not realizing their insurance covers it. It's a shame. If they give us a call, we'll help them find out.

For example, the storm blew off a lot of roof shingles. That's covered by insurance and a lot of people have gotten practically free roofs.

We offer property maintenance and management services, and we have restoration services for mold, water, fire, smoke and wind.

Our renovation group does kitchens and baths, finishes basements, builds additions, adds second stories ... any size addition, we can do it. We do sheetrock, insulation and custom carpentry.

Our exterior group does a lot of roofing, siding, doors, windows, decking, concrete and brickwork.

I've contracted with another company so we can raise homes for people, too. It's more affordable than people think and in the long run will save them money.

People call, I'll come out and we'll discuss the project, their needs and the budget we'll work within. A typical home improvement can take from two to 30 days.

We're fast, reliable and affordable. We're a licensed N.J. home improvement contractor and insured.

Sometimes when doing a renovation, you don't always know what you're getting into and there can be some obstacles with older construction and it can get expensive. I just did a bath in which the whole floor was rotted, so we had to redo the joists.

Entry: I'm a builder and had built my own houses for years, until 2008 when I started contracting for other people. When the market changed, we had to adjust to continue using our expertise.

The future: We're trying to break into the commercial market more, and we're also trying to build our property maintenance division more to manage small to midsized properties.

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