Business: Allegra Marketing, Print & Mail

Location: 533 S. Shore Road, Suite 1, Marmora

Owner: Nick and Denise Wieand, of Seaville, Upper Township

Employees: 5

Phone: 609-390-1400

Allegra Marketing Print & Mail basically offers printing services, mailing services and we're diversifying into a marketing company to handle the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

We have traditional offset printing presses and digital production presses as well.

We print letterhead stationery and envelopes, inserts, brochures, business cards. We even do screen printing and embroidery.

We're part of the Allegra Network franchise system with 300 plus throughout the United States. So if there's something we can't handle, we can get help from the system.

There's a huge expense to all of this equipment, and we've only been around for about three years. We've poured a lot of money back into the business to expand our in-house capabilities

We have a graphic designer on staff who can handle rebranding to freshening an existing brochure or redesigning a piece for a company. We've helped companies create logos in the process of rebranding.

We do a lot of carbonless forms. We supply a lot of townships, boroughs and cities in New Jersey, as well as contractors. We also print a lot for professional offices.

Turnaround time depends on the product, but some things we hold as stock items for regular customers. Generally we can get their orders out the same day. Otherwise we deliver in three to five business days, sometimes going up to 10 days.

We've grown in the past three years, even in this down economy. We've lost some relatively decent customers due to the downturn, but we've been able to attract some new ones and increase business with other existing customers.

Entry: I came from a construction and sales background, and my wife, who will eventually join us, has a marketing background and still is employed in that field as a retail consultant.

We found an independent printer 5 miles from our home who was ready to retire. We purchased and transformed the business into an Allegra shop.

The future: We're going to invest more time and focus on the marketing side, helping businesses lay out annual plans or evaluate and improve their current plans.