Business: Wyked Tanz

Owner: Angelique Fleischman, of Somers Point

Location: Bethel Road, Somers Point

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Started: 2013

Employees: 15 total, 5 in the region

Phone: 844-WYKED TANZ (844-995-3382)

Wyked Tanz is a mobile spray-tanning service. We go to your home, office or promotional event with our equipment - the spray-tan machine, a tent and supplies.

We do parties. You can tan individually or in groups at parties. You can tan weekly or as often you like.

Most of the time, people don't need an appointment. For parties of five or more, people need to call in advance. Individual appointments can be the same day.

We set up usually in an area with a lot of light, and we spray them. It typically takes 10 minutes from start to finish.

The solutions are all brown- and bronze-based tans. It's never artificial looking or orange tinted.

There are no known adverse effects to spray tanning. The benefits include that it's an instant tan, it's all over and even, and multiple visits aren't required.

Our spray tans last from seven to 10 days, as long as the person moisturizes their skin. That's the key to maintaining the tan.

We have packages with custom blended fragrances, which are kind of fun, and different solutions: light, medium and dark, depending on your skin type.

Pricing for one tan is $40, but for new customers right now, we're offering two tans for $50 through June 1.

We offer a variety of plans for multiple tans for groups or individuals, and people can call for details.

Entry: I started the business early last year after my dad died of cancer. I'm very passionate about what I'm doing.

We have about 75 customers right now, and we've extended our service to locations in Michigan, Kentucky and Florida.

We also have a retail side, selling lotions, body butters, loofas, exfoliating kits, towels and that kind of thing. That's new to us.

On our website,, we have photos, information and news about the business.

Business Editor Kevin Post


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