Audrey Filardi

Audrey Filardi

Business: Full Circle Wellness LLC

Owner: Audrey S. Filardi, of Sweetwater, Mullica Township

Locations: 2570 Sixth Ave., Sweetwater; and 800 Route 50, Suite E-1 in Mays Landing Square, Mays Landing

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Started: 2007

Employees: Owner operated

Phone: 609-965-7229

Full Circle Wellness offers massage and other forms of body work. One in particular is unique in that it’s done in warm water, called Watsu.

Watsu combines water and shiatsu. It’s done in the water and utilizes stretching, joint mobilization and pressure points.

The warm water helps release chronic tension and reduce pain, and is therapeutic. It’s beneficial for people with arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

In the summer months, I use my pool, and I also use the pool at the AtlantiCare Life Center in Egg Harbor Township.

I recently opened a location on Route 50 in Mays Landing to do traditional massage. Therapeutic massage and deep-tissue massage are more my specialties.

Therapeutic massage gets deep into the muscle layers and the fascia. Deep tissue goes even deeper to release tension, typically in the shoulders or back, helping improve circulation.

Aromatherapy adds essential oils to the massage. That helps people relax and the oils have beneficial properties for the body.

I also do Reiki, which is work on the energy field of the body. That’s another subtle way to bring the body into balance and works on the mental and emotional levels as well.

I have just started providing massage for Renault Winery Tuscany House guests. I’ll be doing their golf and corporate outings as well.

Another service I offer is children’s swimming lessons in the summer at my pool. I also have water fitness classes.

Entry: Long ago, I received my master’s degree in art therapy and worked in the health field until I burned out. I had always worked out, so I started doing personal training and teaching water fitness.

My sister and I started a small business selling herbs, and I learned their different beneficial properties. I wanted to do something more to help people, and I enrolled in massage school.

I opened Full Circle Wellness to use all of my experience and skills.

Future plans: I’m focused now on developing the Renault services and my new Mays Landing location. Eventually I’d like to open a little center with everything under one roof.

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