Mark Kargman

Mark Kargman has opened a law practice on the Black Horse Pike in Egg Harbor Township.

Kevin Post

Business: Law Office of Mark D. Kargman LLC

Owner: Mark D. Kargman, 29, of Sewell, Gloucester County

Location: 6215 Black Horse Pike, Egg Harbor Township

Started: March 2012

Employees: Owner-operated

Phone: 609-241-6244

I concentrate on criminal defense in all matters, aggravated assault, drug and gun matters, casino crimes. The other main part of my practice is driving while intoxicated.

I also can handle any basic law matter. I can either handle them or refer them to a competent attorney with that focus.

I’ve been an attorney since 2008 and worked for the law firm of Portella & Bjorklund in Haddon Heights.

My cases have involved suppression motions over searches of people and houses; gun cases, where someone’s charged with possession of a firearm when they don’t have a permit; aggravated assault on a police officer and resisting arrest; and casino crimes dealing with theft by deception — for example, presenting a bad check in an attempt to get a line of credit. I’ve also handled disorderly conduct charges of being drunk in a casino.

I like helping people charged with problems, and if you get a good result for them, it makes you feel good. Especially when someone has the potential to lose their freedom either in jail or state prison.

The challenge is when the facts presented to you don’t always paint your client in the best light. And also if you have a client with a lengthy criminal history, that makes your job more difficult.

Most cases end up in a plea bargain with the prosecutor. Your goal is always to get the case dismissed, but a lot of times you’re trying to save someone from a felony conviction or jail or prison time, and that’s your main goal.

Any attorney would prefer to have the fee paid in full in advance, but I’m also willing to work out payment arrangements with clients, and I also will accept payment by credit card. Then they can pay off their credit card bit by bit.

Entry: My major at Albright College was in criminal justice. I went to Detroit-Mercy Law School in Detroit, and I graduated there with a juris doctorate in May 2008.

It’s a challenging time to be a new attorney, especially with this economy. People are doing desperate things they wouldn’t normally do if times were better.

Future plans: I’d like to take on more family law issues such as custody matters and restraining orders.

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