Business: Brown Chiropractic

Owner: Martin A. Brown, 68, of Northfield

Location: 29 E. Mill Road, Northfield

Founded: 1970

Employees: Owner-operated with wife Joy

Phone: 609-641-6880

Brown Chiropractic is a health-oriented service. We take care of families. At one point, we had four generations in one family coming in for care.

We focus on a condition called vertebral subluxation, which is a misaligned vertebra in the spine that's interfering with the proper nerve flow.

So the main service I provide is to correct these subluxations to get the spine functioning properly again, so that the innate health of the body can be expressed in its full potential.

Sometimes the subluxations are associated with symptoms such as pain, headaches, asthma, a lot of different possible symptoms.

Many times, there is no symptom at all, and that's the most dangerous because they don't know anything is wrong. They're damaging the body, causing premature aging and decay, and they're depleting the function of the immune system.

Subluxations are the result of stresses that overcome the body's natural resistance. Physical stresses such as falls and accidents, repetitive stress injuries and such are the most obvious.

Not as obvious are the emotional and mental stresses, such as anger, guilt, conflicts, busy schedules. You may notice how tight you feel, and that can affect the spine from functioning properly.

Chemical toxins can also affect the nerve system and spine, things like air pollution, smoking, food additives and medications.

One common indicator in the absence of symptoms is the posture of the individual. We call that the window to the spine. From that we can pretty much predict what's going on inside the body.

After the initial consultation, subsequent adjustments typically take about 10 minutes. Our cash fees, for people without good insurance coverage, are very affordable.

Entry: As a premed student at Rutgers University, my father became very ill and doctors didn't give him much hope. We took him to a chiropractor and after adjustments, his recovery was nearly miraculous. So I looked into it and became a chiropractor myself.

Future plans: I'm in my 44th year now. When I started, my goal was to practice at least 50 years, so I'm getting close.

Business editor Kevin Post