Business: Premier Computer Services

Owner: Carl Wunder, 38, of Mays Landing, and David Bradley, of Forked River

Location: Jasmine Court, Mays Landing

Started: 2002

Employees: Owner operated

Phone: 888-579-2112

Premier Computer Services does network consulting and onsite support, doing business sometimes under the name Computer House.

Generally, the work is contracted. We offer four contracts to cover any computer-related issues, from the server, the top level of your system, down to the work stations, your PCs. We fix anything, whatever problems they have with computers. We’re on call.

We have contracts where people call us and we come out. We have annual support contracts and monthly contracts. And people can just call us for a specific problem.

We do website and email hosting. For small- and medium-sized businesses, you need a website. We provide the space and can build sites, but we don’t primarily do that.

We provide corporate email, such as Microsoft Exchange, setting up and maintaining the servers, providing the backup and security, updating the system.

We do 10,000 other little things, such as providing and maintaining offsite backup. There’s something called FTP for anybody with big files, and SSL certificates that secure websites for ecommerce.

We partnered with Amazon’s S3 Division to provide space for our servers, a symbiotic relationship.

The challenge is to keep up. When new technology comes out, you’ve got to be right on top of it — the iPad, Windows 8, whatever.

Entry: Bradley and I have known each other more than 30 years, working in the industry. We decided to do this ourselves, starting with after-hours work. Then we bought out a local business with 300 clients in 2007.

Among customers are a union, a beverage company, restaurants, bars, and law and CPA firms.

In this work, it helps that we’re relaxed people and reassuring, rather than pushing to have as many customers as possible.

Our support contract lets us concentrate on those customers. We like to give real-time answers and options and point people in the right direction for what’s cost-effective for them.

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