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Business: Practical Gun Training

Owner: Bill Lewis, 59, of Hamilton Township

Location: Hutton Hill Rifle & Revolver Club, Winslow Township

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Started: 2008

Employees: Owner-operated

Phone: 609-625-0421

I offer basic pistol courses, teaching people from absolute beginners all the way up to police officers and everyone in between.

I also offer tactical defense courses, such as tactical handgun shooting, which differs greatly from target shooting.

I also offer a home invasion defense course, a tactical knife defense course and an open hand tactical fight ender course. The fight’s over before it starts, and you do everything you can to get out of it. If someone’s bent on hurting you or worse, you just take them out quickly with no fight involved.

All of the tactical courses are two days. First, there’s a five-hour classroom session and the second day there is live training.

We build a defensive toolbox, with six tools in there, and the last will be deadly force. If people use the first five, they’re going to cut the odds of being a victim down 90 percent.

There’s a certificate of completion for all of the courses, the NRA courses and my tactical courses. They’re recognized in all 50 states.

Entry: I’ve been a shooter my whole life, and in 1992 I started training in tactical shooting with the head firearms instructor for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

I competed in a pretty high level at combat shooting, including the MidAtlantic championships twice, and have trained with world champions in combat shooting.

I’m a certified NRA instructor, with four certifications, and a chief range safety officer. I’m also a teacher at Absegami High School.

After training family and friends, I took instructor courses and then I gradually put the business together. I don’t advertise except on the NRA website.

Future plans: One more year of teaching and I’ll retire and then build this business up a little more.

I can’t stress enough that if you own or are going to buy a gun, please get trained.

I also teach folks with disabilities. They’re the easiest targets for criminals and I have courses for them.

Before I certify someone, I make sure that I feel confident they can shoot on their own and be safe. I’ll let them take the course over again if necessary, or spend the next day with them.

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