Business: Equity Plus Land Transfer

Location: Linwood Commons, New Road, Linwood

Owner: David Weiner, 51, of Brigantine

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Employees: 5

Phone: 609-927-8330

Equity Plus Land Transfer is a title insurance agency. We recently changed our name and moved across the parking lot.

We're a medium-sized title company, locally focusing on Realtors and mortgage loan officers in addition to attorneys and government entities.

Title insurance rates are the same everywhere you go, or they should be. So the only competitive advantage you have in this business is customer service, since the rates are regulated by the state. A calculator for estimating our rates is at

We try to do unique things. I'm a former casino marketing manager, so we try to bring a high level of service to an industry that's not always known for it.

That would include after-hours and off-site settlements, including on weekends, anywhere in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

One thing going on now is we're seeing some encouraging increases in home purchases the past few months. Unfortunately the majority of them are bank-owned and short-sale properties, which require a higher level of attention to get those to the closing table.

We dig our heels right in and get involved in the short sale end of the transaction when necessary. Others may farm it out to an attorney or service, which can cost extra.

Sometimes people don't need title insurance and they just want to use us for settlement services on the seller's side of the transaction.

We also have a lot of folks who want to sell a home on their own and don't quite know what to do. They can give us a ring and we'll step in and hold their hand through the process.

Entry: Formerly we were Equity Plus Title Agency, which was founded in 2003 in Ventnor. We recently changed the name to Equity Plus Land Transfer.

I was a manager at the Showboat casino hotel into the late '90s. I joined an old friend who was starting a title insurance agency.

The future: We're expanding into Pennsylvania and we have a license pending in Florida.

Business editor Kevin Post

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