Matthew Corbo

Name: Matthew M. Corbo, 30, of Ventnor

Family: Single

Education: Bachelor's deg-ree from Rowan University; doctorate in chiropractic from University of Bridgeport

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Job: Associate chiropractor

Business: Mainland Wellness & Rehabilitation Center

Phone: 609-926-37772

Mainland Wellness is a chiropractic office that offers services such as spinal and extremity manipulations.

We also offer exercise rehabilitation, massage therapy, healthy weight-loss programs and nutritional counseling. We try to incorporate all aspects of health and wellness.

Another thing we offer is complimentary consultations and checks on insurance benefits. Many people are unsure what's available and what their insurance covers, so we can address any concerns before we begin our services.

There are a lot of stereotypes about chiropractic care, so we try to provide the understanding people need. One unfounded fear is that if they start chiropractic care, they'll need it forever. We don't expect people to keep coming for the same thing over and over again.

I do spinal adjustments and extremity adjustments, creating a normal biomechanical pattern. I do exams and a lot of exercise rehabilitation. I can often tell people where they're doing their exercise wrong, or how to perform work in the yard or exercise without hurting themselves.

We do a lot of health screenings and community outreach.

Entry: When I was in Mainland Regional High School, I really liked my anatomy class, learning how the body works and how muscles function biomechanically. From my experience at a chiropractic office when I was young, I realized I'd like to do chiropractic work, helping patients and giving them the power to maintain their health.

I'm a certified chiropractic extremity practitioner, which requires a 105-hour course. I learned to evaluate injuries and conditions involving all the joints in the extremities.

Career goals: Treating and improving people is my goal.

About me: I like to exercise and play basketball and volleyball, and surf and snowboard. I'm active in Northfield/Linwood Kiwanis and work on community projects.

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