Name: Krista Galagan, 31, of Pittsgrove

Education: Buena Regional High School

Family: In a relationship, with two children, daughter Elyssa and son Rhyan

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Company: English Sewage Disposal, of Bridgeton

Position: Head of collections department

Phone: 856-358-4771

English Sewage Disposal offers septic pumping, and replacing and repairing of septic systems at residential and commercial properties. We also do property inspections for when people are building or selling a home. And we have a branch that rents portable toilets. Many homes in rural areas are self-sustaining and aren’t hooked up to municipal sewerage systems. We do some work for people who are on city sewerage, fixing pipes and clearing blockages and such. The business has been around since 1972. Paul Behrens, of Seabrook, bought it seven years ago. I’m the head of collections, which means I get to deal with the people who don’t like to pay their bills. I’m the representation that goes to the court and files all the paperwork associated with that. On the flip side, I offer generous payment plans for people who can’t afford to pay it all at once. As long as it’s under a certain dollar amount, I’m allowed to deal with it however I see fit. For the big cases, I consult with our lawyer on handling them. I send out payment reminders and demand letters. I place a lien on their homes. Usually a lien gets their attention and they pay their bill in full. If the lien doesn’t work, I file the paperwork to sue them, go to court, get the judgment and try to collect the money. That can take two years and the money may not come at all. It keeps me on my toes.

Entry: Five years ago, I moved here from Florida. I was hired here through a temp agency, just answering phones. I worked my way up to the position I have now. Honestly, the courts aren’t on the side of business. We have to jump through hoops to even think we might be able to collect from delinquent customers. It has definitely been a learning experience, to say the least.

Career goals: I’m in school right now pursing a degree in business management. That’s where my aspirations are at the moment.

About me: I am with my children most of the time when I’m not working, taking them all over God’s country. We’re a very active family and go to the Philadelphia Arts District, which both of my children are into. I also volunteer for the SPCA.


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