Name: Marie Gamble, 25, of Cape May

Family: Married to Joe Gamble

Education: Bachelor's degree in business from Richard Stockton College

Job: Team lead, member services representative

Business: Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union, Rio Grande branch

Phone: 609-646-3339, ext. 401

Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union is a local credit union for people who live, work or worship in Atlantic and Cape May counties.

We offer the same exact products a bank offers, such as credit and debit cards, accounts, mortgages and loans.

I manage the Rio Grande branch, making sure everything runs smoothly and is going well. I also open new accounts and maintain accounts. People come in or call with inquiries about their personal accounts or loans, and I help answer those questions for them.

I also take and process loan applications, and am able to close the loan for a member. So I can do a loan from start to finish. I can help them with their everyday needs in that process.

On the managing end, I do monthly reports and audits. There are five of us working in the Rio Grande branch.

I like being able to work with people. Some people prefer to sit at a desk and do paperwork, but I enjoy dealing with the public and building relationships with them.

Every day's a little bit different, which keeps the job interesting.

I'm surprised to find how many people don't understand what a credit union is, so that's something I'm constantly trying to overcome, telling people how they work and what they offer.

Entry: I previously worked at PNC Bank for two years. I saw an opening at Jersey Shore FCU and had heard about them when I was at Stockton. At the interview, I was impressed with them and they liked me, so it was a no-brainer.

Career goals: I'm in a management role now, but there are more responsibilities I can have. I like the responsibilities and feel I handle them well, so I want to stay on that career path.

I do a lot of things with the business development team, and if something opens in that, I'd like doing more of that as well.

About me: I have a really big family, and I love doing things with them. I also enjoy getting out and going to new towns, trying new restaurants. I go to the gym regularly, and do a lot of cardio, weight training and sometimes a spin class.