Ashley Priest

Name: Ashley Priest, 25, of Brigantine

Family: Single, with family in Green Bank, Washington Township

Education: Rutgers University, bachelor’s degree with double major: journalism/media studies and sociology

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Job: Public relations manager

Business: Lisa Johnson Communications in Linwood

Phone: 609-788-8548

Lisa Johnson Communications generates and maintains positive media coverage for our clients, and assists with event planning, community relations, social media and public relations initiatives and goals.

Lisa is very good with assisting, if necessary, with crisis communications. She also provides strategic counseling and gives executives media training.

We also offer Web design, logo design, market research, photography and media database development. And Lisa has done voice-over work and video services.

As a public relations manager, I personally oversee clients such as Revel, the Cape Resorts Group, the Chelsea and others.

We organize media events, press conferences and events with community groups such CASA, the Boys and Girls Club, Gilda’s Club, and the Richard Stockton College gala and golf tournament.

One of my favorite things I’ve done so far is organize a day at the beach with Gilda’s Club kids with a local professional surfer, with the help of our client, the Beach Shack in Cape May. The kids got surfing lessons.

Another highlight was one of my first events, the opening of Revel. Not many professionals have a chance to do that in their career.

My favorite thing about this job is that I feel like I’m part of the client’s team, which is very rewarding.

Entry: I interned with Atlantic City Weekly and also with Fox News in New York in their documentaries and investigative unit for about six months. The opportunity presented itself to work with Lisa and I took it. I like the faster pace, the deadlines, and that every day is different.

Career goals: I really like the field of PR. I started here as an assistant, became a PR coordinator and then a PR manager. Having advanced in the past with this firm, I see the potential moving forward. Maybe someday I can have my own agency.

About me: I enjoy the beach and that’s why I enjoy living in Brigantine. I like the warm weather, and spending time with my friends and family. I love keeping up with current events, and as soon as I wake up I check every news app I have on my phone.


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