Sean Logue

Sean Logue is a marketing and sales rep for ServPro of Atlantic City.

Name: Sean Logue, 23, of Glassboro

Family: Single

Education: Senior at Rowan University

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Job: Sales and marketing representative

Business: ServPro of Atlantic City

Phone: 609-965-0885

ServPro is a fire and water damage restoration company, and we also specialize in mold remediation and biohazard cleanup.

We do a lot of kinds of work on residences and commercial spaces.

We’re a 24-7 emergency response company, so a team member answers no matter when you call.

Water damage could be anything from a pipe breaking, a washing machine line or a hurricane. We are still doing a lot of restoration work from Hurricane Sandy.

That includes extracting standing water, drying out building materials and getting everything in condition where it’s ready to put building materials back into it, which we also do sometimes.

With fire, we clean up after anything from a little kitchen fire to a commercial building. We did that at the FAA Tech Center over the summer. We determine what can be restored and then restore it. We clean up smoke damage, too.

Biohazard might include blood cleanup at an accident or crime scene. We’ll take care of disinfecting and cleaning or removing any building materials that were affected.

I do a lot of the sales, go on a sales route, communicate with insurance adjusters, people in real estate or the casinos. I do a lot of networking and social media for our business. And I also write and put out the newsletters for the business.

I like it because it’s flexible. My dad and my uncle are both owners of the business, and I've worked here off and on for years. My major is advertising and it gets me a lot of exposure to the things I’m studying, which will help me when I graduate.

I was about 14 or 15 when I started part-time. I worked full time for a couple of years after high school, and then went back part-time while I was in college. I’m still part time now, and I intern in Philadelphia on Thursdays and Fridays at a branding firm.

Career goals: I’d like to eventually work with an advertising agency and just work my way up.

About me: I enjoy surfing and playing roller hockey. Unfortunately, I’m a Philadelphia sports fan, so I like the Eagles and the Flyers.

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