VINELAND — A branch of a company that makes a popular over-the-counter cold remedy will open a manufacturing plant on West Elmer Road, city officials said.

Phusion Labs Manufacturing Inc. will make a variation of Cold-EEZE when it starts production, which could happen in about 60 days, said Sandra Forosisky, city economic development director.

The facility will hire about 25 workers, she said. The jobs range from highly skilled laboratory work to packaging positions.

To help the company with its plans, City Council is scheduled to approve $2.6 million in second-generation Urban Enterprise Zone loans when it meets Tuesday. UEZ money comes from state sales tax revenue.

According to city documents, Phusion Labs will get $2 million to buy the property at 351 W. Elmer Road. The other $600,000 is designated for “equipment and working capital,” the documents show.

Phusion Labs will move into a 30,700-square-foot building formerly used by a German-based company to produce a vitamin C product, city officials said. The city took control of the building when the company pulled out earlier this year.

Phusion Labs found out about the property as the city was starting to sell off its contents, Forosisky said. The property, which is already approved for a 32,000-square-foot expansion, is designed to meet some of the needs of Phusion Labs.

Forosisky said she is excited about the company moving to the city, and what it could do to lure other, similar businesses here.

Forosisky said that when she tries to attract biotech companies, those companies want to know if there are already some similar industries in the city. Those companies can now be told “yes.”

“It just puts Vineland on the map as having a true, (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)-approved manufacturer,” she said.

Forosisky said Phusion Labs is a wholly owned subsidiary of ProPhase Labs, a company based in Doylestown, Pa.

Cold-EEZE, the company’s flagship brand, is a zinc gluconate lozenge that the company says will limit the duration and symptoms of colds.

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