Business: The Leaky Cup Pottery

Owners: Anna and Rick Prosser, of Winslow Township

Location: Village Greene at Historic Smithville, Galloway Township

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Started: March 2013

Employees: Owner operated

Phone: 609-314-0463

The Leaky Cup Pottery has a lot of pottery I make by hand.

We have a lot of gifts, such as baskets, utensil holders, bakeware, decorative bowls and centerpieces.

We do a lot of stoneware. It’s high fired with glazes suitable for use with food.

We have melted wine bottles and boutique bottles made into cheese platters. We decorate them and include a cheese spreader with them, so they’re suitable for cheese and crackers.

We make our own greeting cards. They have a scrapbooking look.

We make Christmas ornaments, hand-decorated and cut-out stoneware on which I paint flowers and other designs.

We also have stone oil candles. They look like a stone that’s on fire — pretty neat — and people like them.

We have shabby-chic paintings, stressed wood that’s been sanded to get different colors and then pictures are put on them. My daughter, Denise, and her friend, Andi, do that.

We have Ikebana vases, which are a little bit different, part of the Japanese art of arranging flowers.

Our pet fish in the store is named Alex. He’s a beta fish. He’s got a bowl and toys and he’s spoiled.

The pottery I make in here I throw on the wheel early in the morning.

Everything I make on the wheel is actually made in the store.

The slab work pottery, which is rolled out and turned into things, is made at home.

The most popular are the free-form decorative centerpiece bowls, which can be used for chips and dips, and the woven baskets made from clay instead of wicker. You can warm your bread in those or use them for fruit, yarn or whatever.

We also sell a lot of utensil holders and cups.

We have odds and ends, such as sugar bowls, spoon holders, napkin holders, sponge holders, lotion dispensers and much more.

Entry: We started doing pottery about four years ago, selling at craft shows.

Sales were going good, so when we got an opportunity to open a store, we jumped on it.

Future plans: I would like to add jewelry made from copper.

There’s a clay that has metal inside of it — copper, silver or brass — and when torch fired the clay binding burns off and fuses the metal together.

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