Atlantic County


307 Atlantic Ave., Cohen Investment Llc, Cohen Barry R to Md Dad & Sons Apt Llc; 5/28/2013. $65,000

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3101 Boardwalk Tower 1 Apt 807, Steigelfest Annette, Becker Adeline to Perlman Mark; 5/28/2013. $100,000

116 N. Texas Ave., Fannie Mae, Federal National Mtg Assn to Hoang Kim; 5/29/2013. $50,000

32 Schooner Ct, Schott Joseph L to Palmer Marceline J; 5/30/2013. $134,900


242 3rd Street South, Hfd Associates Llc, Devincent Henry George to Trainor Edward P, Trainor Frances M; 5/28/2013. $845,000

17 Quay Blvd., Pham Jimmy, Le Linh T to Le Thanh Nhung, Le Da Dinh; 5/28/2013. $300,000

10 Beach Cove, Crest Construction Llc to Next Generation Ts Fbo Michael Snyder Ira 2273, Snyder Michael, Michael Snyder Ira 2273; 5/28/2013. $604,440

105 Lincoln Drive, Next Generation Ts Llc, Raskulinecz Jaime, Snyder Michael, Next Generation Ts Fbo Michael Snyder Ira 2273, Michael Snyder Ira 2273 to Reilly Charles P, Reilly Denise Marie; 5/28/2013. $620,000

242 Fourth Street South, Miller Daniel R, Miller Denise, Miller Michael, Miller Janice to Allentoff Howard, Allentoff Amy; 5/30/2013. $295,000

525 Risley Road, Gibbons John P, Gibbons Jane S, Vaganos Nicholas A, Vaganos Ellena L to Destefano James G, Destefano Kimberly A; 5/30/2013. $252,500


117 Bellwyn Ave., Federal National Mtg Assn, Servicelink, Chicago Title Ins Co to Croce Dallas; 5/31/2013. $45,000


1001 Saint Clair Bvld., Thies Nicholas J to Croker Lisa; 5/28/2013. $182,500

5110 Spruce Ave., Mckillop Sandra L, John J Mckillop Testamentary Tr, Mckillop John J to Pedersen Roger E, Pedersen Iva; 5/29/2013. $315,000

28 Windsor Ave., Wilhelm Daniel, Wilhelm Catherine G to Kehr Maria S; 5/29/2013. $207,500

1405-1409 Doughty Road, Feinstone Matthew to Solar Foundations Inc; 5/30/2013. $275,000

210 Westgate Road, Givens Govathlay to Tisdale Avian; 5/30/2013. $347,000


242 Father Keis Drive, Mckinney Nancy E, Mckinney Theos D to Wilkins David M, Garcia Siphiwe O; 5/29/2013. $180,000

405 Highland Ave., Risko Peter to Cirrincione Francesco, Cirrincione Francesca; 5/29/2013. $160,000

447 Tulip Ave., Cincotti Rita, Lieberman Barbara J, Cincotti Richard to Chatham Homes Llc; 5/31/2013. $66,000


4330 Township Ave., Griffin James C, Griffin Rhonda Y to Valois Kevin, Mcdonald Colleen; 5/28/2013. $190,000

64 Abington Court, Dixon Michael P, Palmentieri Kelle A to Keck Donald S, Keck Christina M; 5/30/2013. $279,900

6166 Robin Drive, Mitchell Marguerite C to Murdock Drew; 5/30/2013. $183,000

56 Monet Drive, 104 S Oakland Llc, One O Four S Oakland Llc, One Hundred Four S Oakland Llc to Mitchell Amanda L; 5/31/2013. $276,500

4503 Concord Place, Gaud Sonia I, Gonzalez Gaud Sonia M, Gaud Sonia M Gonzalez, Gonzalez Pedro L to Srmof Reo 2011 1 Tr; 5/31/2013. $168,097


1500 Franklin Blvd., Wixted Jeanette, Wixted William to Austin Luke S, Austin Amy F; 5/28/2013. $700,000

1631 Woode Lynne Blvd., Pepe Matthew David, Pepe Carolyn to Miller W Todd, Miller Jill; 5/28/2013. $525,000

1122 Oak Ave., Buzby David, Mullins John E, Graham Everett W to Roberts Joseph Allen, Roberts Patricia Ann; 5/28/2013. $110,000

105 East Berkshire Ave., Austin Luke Stanford, Austin Amy Fromal, Fromal Austin Amy to Skinner Matthew Garrett, Skinner Andrea Ellen; 5/28/2013. $530,000


22 North 32nd Ave., Pacentrilli Dennis P, Pacentrilli Marguerite, Pacentrilli Hugo to Jtwd Holdings Llc; 5/30/2013. $551,000


2601-2605 Fifth Ave., Cheryl A Summonte Second Amended And Restated Rev Tr, Summonte Cheryl A to Aucott Andrew A; 5/28/2013. $198,500


511 Walnut Ave., Hayes Annette B to Schempp Carol; 5/29/2013. $88,500

1701 New Road, Broome Patricia, 1701 New Road Llc, One Seven O One New Road Llc, Seventeen O One New Road Llc to 1701 Marvic Llc, One Seven O One Marvic Llc, Seventeen O Ine Marvic Llc; 5/30/2013. $210,000

9 Haviv Drive, Pedersen Roger E, Pedersen Iva to Brown Arthur M; 5/31/2013. $445,000


8 Newtowne Square Building 2 Apt. 8, Smith Paula, Boggs Clarence, Boggs Clarence to Mra Property Mgmt Llc; 5/28/2013. $27,500

514 West Washington Avenue, Kgm Properties Llc, Griffin Michael J to Famularo Joanne; 5/28/2013. $105,000

1160 North New Road, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mtg Assn to Redding Homes Llc; 5/29/2013. $63,100

105 Ryon Avenue, Worthy Joseph to Peniel Group Llc; 5/30/2013. $56,000


121 W. Connecticut Ave., Dedan Francine G, Bator Francine G, Bator John to Dassler Richard; 5/29/2013. $160,000

9 Hamilton Drive, Verno Kevin J, Verno Michele C to Palmentieri Austin L; 5/29/2013. $220,000

651 Second Street, Patterson Mary L, Molineaux Smith Mary Lucy, Smith Mary Lucy Molineaux, Patterson Edward B to Carbonar Lori D, Carbonar George A; 5/29/2013. $255,000

Cape May County


7900 Dune Drive, Unit 117, Alexander Koproski to Lisa Unger A; 5/30/2013. $172,000


623 Jonathan Hoffman Road, Rebecca Chamberlain to Mark Chamberlain ; 5/31/2013. $89,001


175 Main Street, Edward Williams Richard, Rose Williams Marie, Edward Williams N to Juanita Krause , Rose Williams Marie; 5/28/2013. $175,000

20 Red Cedar Drive, Gary Cotton Allen to Shirley Schwamb W, Charles Schwamb C; 5/29/2013. $275,000

363 Hagan Road, Lawrence Brown D, Suzanne Brown M to Mark Brown F; 5/30/2013. $250,000

69 Avalon Ave., Holly Lake Cmpgr, Robert Rominiecki L to Robert Groom John, Robin Groom L; 5/30/2013. $90,000

2204 Route 9 North, Lois Meyer A to go Blue 3 Llc ; 5/30/2013. $245,000

27 Brewers Lane, cedar Landing Llc to Donald Marple R, Karin Marple L; 5/31/2013. $120,000

56 Magnolia Drive, Joseph Veilleux J, Barbara Veilleux A to William Murphy J, Heidi Murphy N; 5/31/2013. $60,000


810 Cold Springs Ave., Nancy Shearer Mayer, Jean Johnson Ann, Catherine Mayer J, Edwin Mayer L to David Flickinger S, Karen Flickinger ; 5/28/2013. $299,000

901 Holmes Ave., Thomas Clark , Linda Clark to Daniel Zingaro S, Ruthann Zingaro , Michael Zingaro D, Jennifer Zingaro ; 5/28/2013. $222,000

5 Carriage Lane, Glenn Brunner A to Paul Melli ; 5/30/2013. $225,000

1100-1102 Route 109, Nelson Werntz D, Robert Emerson Bruce, Raymond Emerson , Mildred Hough E to William Kennedy D, Cape May Trust ; 5/30/2013. $325,000

1001 Shunpike Road, Eugene Dudley to Nathaniel Eldon , Jennifer Eldon ; 5/30/2013. $170,000

5 Earl Drive, Edward Dougherty , Edward Dougherty R, Delia Dougherty A, E Dougherty to Valerie Sporl F; 5/30/2013. $340,000

208 Pontaxit Ave., Robert Crane C, Susan Crane L, Susan Hoban L to Nicole Morrison ; 5/31/2013. $350,000


7 Michaels Court, ckjr Llc to Margaret O'Donnell M; 5/28/2013. $100,000

1 East Pacific Ave., Allison Van Horn A, Allison Sokorai A, Matthew Sokorai J, A Van Horn , M Sokorai to Samuel Hoffman A; 5/28/2013. $164,500

410 South Main Street, Tenner & Tenner L L C to Ility Co Chase Holdings Cm Limited Liab ; 5/28/2013. $246,000

121 Lee Lane, John Walters M, Patricia Walters to Edward Bandies J, Janet Bandies L; 5/28/2013. $139,000

53 W. Secluded Lane, Steven Kindle R, S Kindle R to Jennifer Peabody L; 5/28/2013. $210,000

21 Lafayette Ave., gate Enterprises Llc to Matthew Krusko J, Tammy Krusko St Hilaire; 5/29/2013. $183,000

110 Sound Lane, Edward Peterson L, Mary Peterson M to Patricia Rossner A; 5/30/2013. $65,000

Honeysuckle Lane, Curtis Williams S, Elizabeth Williams A, Elizabeth Williams to Howard Deitz J; 5/30/2013. $65,000


442 E. 21st Ave., Unit 105, Dennis Morton, Kathleen Morton to John Lukasik ; 5/28/2013. $80,000

3709 Susquehanna Ave., Unit 3709, slm Financial Corp, Slm to James Murphy R, Justine Murphy C; 5/29/2013. $249,000

2500 Atlantic Ave., Unit 128, Brian Layden, Joanie Layden to Charles Avetian , Silva Avetian ; 5/29/2013. $157,000

304 Surf Ave., Unit B, Bernadette Howe, Bernadette Schafer to Victor Derrick A, Kathleen Derrick B; 5/30/2013. $122,500

302 Atlantic Ave., Unit 2, Thomas Smith M, Eileen Smith M to Daniel Mc Carthy J, Kathleen Mc Carthy M; 5/30/2013. $130,000

1000 Kennedy Drive, Unit 303, Roman Holiday Lp, to Donald Di Benedetto J, Joseph Casano J, Hugo Almeida E; 5/31/2013. $138,000


713 Periwinkle Drive, Joseph Vela P, June Vela Marie to Thomas Mc Crossin K, Katherine Mc Crossin E; 5/28/2013. $349,000

500 Bay Condo, Unit 605, Dolores Sweeney to Helen Mitchell T; 5/28/2013. $280,000

137 & 137 1/2 Central Ave., Dennis Faust , Gail Faust to Michael Belzer D, Susan Belzer L; 5/29/2013. $225,000

1324 Asbury Ave., Condo unit A, Harry Holmes Joseph to Harry Holmes A; 5/29/2013. $74,500

745 West Ave., 744 Associates Llc to Mark Johnston D B; 5/29/2013. $252,500

705 Ocean Ave., Marie Ricketti to Alfonso Torino , Silvia Torino E; 5/30/2013. $320,000


3 Williams Way, Kenneth Williams E, Krista Williams to Paul Mc Allister R, Terri Mc Allister R; 5/29/2013. $252,000

211 Mackey Ave., Robert Young J, Dolores Young C, Kimberly Young A, John Young R to Donna Mason J; 5/29/2013. $110,000

516 Route 9, Unit C-2, Charles Dragicevich R, Lisa Dragicevich J to Joanne Grover M; 5/29/2013. $60,000

17 Laurel Ridge Road, Robert Henzy C, Cindy Henzy M to Nicholas Goodman , Cassandra Goodman ; 5/31/2013. $350,000


215 E. Spencer Ave., Unit 201, Adrian Besu , Simona Besu to liccardo Family Trust Of 2000 ; 5/29/2013. $265,000

235 E. Spicer Ave., Unit 235a, Rodney Martin D, Jennifer Martin L to Robert Beckelman , Jennifer Beckelman Zoschak; 5/30/2013. $200,000

205 W. Baker Ave., cariola Land Development Llc to Han Lee , Xiu Huang Zhu; 5/31/2013. $118,000

320 E. Baker Ave., Unit 12, Ernst Masur J, Barbara Kulp K to John Reardon ; 5/31/2013. $105,000


200 East Palm Road, Unit 203, Ralph Elton , Ruth Elton to Peter Wynters T, Judy Franchi-Wynters ; 5/30/2013. $300,000

402b East Charleston Ave., douglass Candies Inc to Frank Mincieli , Carol Mincieli ; 5/30/2013. $225,000

Cumberland County


1305 Spring Garden, Werden, Jay P to Riggins, Frank; 05/31/2013. $159,500


87 Woodside, Shirley B Exec to Brooks, Jeffrey C; 05/31/2013. $48,000


322 Broad Street, Hough, Alexander J to Federal National Mortgage, Assoc; 05/29/2013. $102,410

1803 W. Main Street, Simpkins, Clifford C to Lioyd, Brandi; 05/31/2013. $65,000


156 Woodruff Road, Raines, Jack R to Vazquez, Eliezer Jr; 05/28/2013. $148,000

21 Hildreth Ave., Johnson, Donald M Iii Ind Exec to Hernandez-Ruiz, Faustino; 05/29/2013. $104,900

31 Husted Station Road 607, Dusenko, Arwin to Asencio-Cruz, Teresa; 05/31/2013. $156,500


1667 N. Valley Ave., Mccullough, Joseph P to Reim, Linda; 05/29/2013. $90,000

1777 Hubbard Lane, Parra, Rita M to Romano, Marisol; 05/29/2013. $145,000

500 Grandview Ave., 2413, Frank, Mary B to Pettek, William J; 05/30/2013. $145,000

1169 Sharp Road, Putiri, Nancy C By Atty to Crawford, Marion; 05/31/2013. $94,900

2940 Hance Bridge Road, 6901, Platt, Linda Fka to Nguyen, Ann; 05/31/2013. $85,000

1620 Linden Court, Cade, William Jr to Vazquez, Jasmine M; 05/31/2013. $181,000

1204 Solona Ave., Bear, Darcie S to Beaulieu, Guy; 05/31/2013. $221,500

1890 Greenwillows Drive, 5106, Hill, Jason to Galafa, David E; 05/31/2013. $182,000

555 N. East Ave., Lopergolo, Francis Joseph to Miranda, Yarilee J; 05/31/2013. $42,500

Ocean County


2009 Central Ave., Paulosky Elizabeth, Lynch Judith, Paulosky Rita S to 7900 Long Beach Llc; 5/31/2013. $405,000


5 Snow Bell Court, Maloney William, Maloney Kathleen to Cielecki Walter; 5/31/2013. $135,000

764 West Bay Ave., Seeland Mary Ann, Seeland T Arthur, Seeland A David, Seeland Dorothea to Bockin Michelle, Bockin James; 5/28/2013. $85,000

1 Westport Drive, Wooster Jean P, Wooster William J to Poeltler Dorothy; 5/30/2013. $285,000

135 Beverly Drive, F D B Management Llc, Biddar Franklin D to Minnier Maryann; 5/31/2013. $161,550


100 S. West Ave., Unit 3, Holden Janet L, Holden Howard Larry to Little Stephen, Little Christine; 5/29/2013. $620,000

111 Ocean Street, Melvin Thomas O, Delaney Thomas F, Winegar Deborah, Farmland Ltd, Kelso Company to Pearly Kevin, Pearly Deana; 5/30/2013. $775,325


1008 Surf Ave., Gigante Dominick to Mclean Thomas; 5/29/2013. $175,000

63 Oak Street, Arico Anthony Jr to Shelly Kyle; 5/30/2013. $197,000


9 East 74th Street, Carmody Peter M, Carmody Elizabeth M, Carmody Liam to Depietro Suzanne, Depietro James P; 5/28/2013. $870,000


5 Sussex Place, Tomasso Gene, Tomasso Dorothy to Way Martin E Sr; 5/28/2013. $146,000

212 Plumsted Court, Ridgemont Homes Inc to Schmitt Renee A, Schmitt Michael A; 5/28/2013. $450,000

8 Davenport Landing, Fischer Edna B, Fischer Robert to Sente Susan Marie; 5/29/2013. $300,000

16 Gladstone Street, Toll Land Corp No 10, Toll Land Xi Lp to Waterman Jane A, Waterman Thomas J; 5/29/2013. $351,051

530 Tappan Street, Coleman Sallie, Coleman Frederick to Coleman Frederick; 5/30/2013. $65,000

608 Beach Blvd., Franceschi Luis, Top Gun Real Estate Investors Llc, Christ James J Jr to Coelho Sara; 5/30/2013. $165,000

338 Constitution Drive, Roselli Nicole, Roselli-Martinez Nicole to Tuohy Martin R; 5/30/2013. $155,000

418 Center Street, Brandis Gregory Joseph, Brandis Steffie M to Vidal Christine, Brandis Gregory Joseph; 5/31/2013. $170,000

29 Canterbury Drive, Huddy Rita J, Huddy Joseph, Truppa Judith to Hrynyk Willie, Hrynyk Elizabeth A; 5/31/2013. $145,000

1310 Kaual Drive, Shapiro Robert, Kozlowski Victoria V, Kozlowski Walter A to Logan Kevin J, Logan Carrin A; 5/31/2013. $100,000

53 Manchester Ave., Woodland Manor At Lacey Llc, Pereira Jose C Jr to Nvr Inc, Ryan Homes; 5/31/2013. $115,000


110 E. Hobart Ave., 8 Rogers Ii Llc, Rogers Steven to Platt Timothy J, Platt Cathleen M; 5/29/2013. $1,121,000

83c Long Beach Blvd., Avery Ann S, Avery Capital Holdings Llc to Ziman Development Inc; 5/29/2013. $1,200,000

21 W. Hobart Ave., Brazill Dennis M, Brazill Cathy to Faughnan Francis J, Faughnan Bernadetto O; 5/28/2013. $700,000

15 East 21s Street, Lurie Hannah to Rdf Properties Llc; 5/28/2013. $397,500

9 W. 44th Street, Martin Nancy to Cavallo James Sr, Cavallo Patricia; 5/31/2013. $172,500


39 Vincent Court, Bragg Richard L Jr to Beety Audrey A; 5/28/2013. $90,000

31 South Portland Drive, Connolly Karen R, Connolly Joseph A Jr to Hoffman Catherine M, Connolly Cynthia A; 5/30/2013. $99,000

67 Oak Lane, 84 Financial Lp, Hardy Credit Co to Lamb Nicole; 5/29/2013. $30,000

29 Peterson Drive, Wannemacher Paul H Jr, Wannemacher Rita, Wannemacher Paul H to Leary William, Leary Kristi; 5/29/2013. $10,000

33 Vicari Way, Manolis Theodora, Manolis Evangelos to Terpak Teresa, Terpak Mark; 5/31/2013. $360,000

26 West Mullica Road, Mathis Patricia K, Mathis Clarence E Sr, Mathis Christopher to Gattuso Paul; 5/31/2013. $77,500


439 Seventh Street, Phelan Hallinan & Diamond Pc, Phelan Hallinan &Amp; Schmeig Pc, Federal National Mortgage Association to Hoffman Frank; 5/29/2013. $157,900

37 Bayville Way, U S Home Corporation, Lennar to Wathen Dennis B, Gingola Betty Ann; 5/31/2013. $359,950


20 Judy Drive, Piscitelli, Sharon, Piscitelli, Patrick to Keane, Kenneth J.; 5/21/2013. $465,000

109 Bryce Lane, Passarelli, Theresa, Passarelli, John to Palombini, Angelo J.; 5/23/2013. $255,000

8 Grace Drive, Liberchuk, Roman, Liberchuk, Anna to Bongard, Toni, Bongard, Lawrence; 5/23/2013. $298,000

10 Timber Lane, Welsh, Eileen M., O'Connell, James J., O'Connell, Eileen M. to Carney, Angela, Carney, Christopher; 5/24/2013. $425,229

140 Equinox Road, Gresham, William to Da Silva-Knott, Jessica, Knott, Michael; 5/24/2013. $307,500

1891 Breakers Drive, Creek Hayet A to Striffolino Robert, Striffolino Carole; 5/31/2013. $318,000

238 Topside Road, Beety Audrey A to Bragg Richard L Jr; 5/28/2013. $135,000

68 Willard Drive, O'Connor Edward R, O'Connor Helen S to Murray-Breslow Deborah; 5/30/2013. $215,000

283 Tackle Ave., Hans Jason M, Hans Heather to Finelli Kathleen, Finelli Mary; 5/28/2013. $219,000

1446 Forecastle Ave., Lesiak Barbara, Lesiak Robert to Frechette Gregory, Frechette Keena; 5/29/2013. $237,000

74 Joshua Drive, Mccarthy Anne Marie, Mccarthy Joseph P, Mccarthy John J Jr to Collins Daniel, Collins Jennifer; 5/29/2013. $175,100

32 Sylvia Lane, Kobelski William W to Pratarelli Shanna M, Pratarelli Anthony M; 5/29/2013. $90,000

314 Mermaid Drive, Amaniera Robert, Amaniera Marilyn A to Halucha Andrew J, Halucha Tara L; 5/30/2013. $290,000

Woodburn Road, Romano Claire F to Desanto Marguerite; 5/30/2013. $205,000

65 Harry Drive, Ciccarelli Linda to Banka Elizabeth A, Banka John T; 5/30/2013. $165,000

23 Jack Lane, Gallagher John J Jr, Gallagher Kathleen to Killion Joseph; 5/30/2013. $136,000

1010 Treasure Ave., Fein Such Kahn & Shepard Pc, Federal National Mortgage Association to Brislin Anne L, Brislin Leonard B; 5/31/2013. $257,000

216 Neptune Drive, Elia Ralph A, Elia Marietta to Truong Mai; 5/31/2013. $155,000

40 Amy Drive, Lyszczarz John L, Lyszczarz Patricia A to Montuore Patrick P, Montuore Jennifer A; 5/31/2013. $260,000

1070 Treasure Ave., Whitehead Pamela K to Bbs Real Estate Investments Llc; 5/31/2013. $155,750

455 Mill Creek Road, Scheffer Jacqueline A, Scheffer William J to Diaco Christopher, Diaco Kristin; 5/31/2013. $285,000


509 Drexel Ave., Felczak, Nancy A., Felczak, John A. to Cunningham, Luke, Cunningham, Dona; 5/22/2013. $599,100

316 N. 4th Street, Liguori Jeanette, Liguori Alfonso to Conte Anna, Conte Silverio; 5/28/2013. $375,000

116 N. 4th Street, Aquilino Anthony S, Aquilino Susan to Beccaria Donna, Snyder Daniel; 5/31/2013. $580,000


123 Locust St., Kruger, Crystal, Kruger, Brett to Tarr, Benjamin J., Tarr, Stephanie S.; 5/23/2013. $271,500


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