Robert Salvato of AC Auctions is hosting another mass property auction this winter, but this is different from the ones the city held last year. It includes land outside the city, in Galloway, EHT and more, plus they're selling a restaurant/bar and liquor license -- which is where the auction will be held on March 9th. Jan. 20, 2017 (Craig Matthews / Staff Photographer)

Craig Matthews / Staff Photographer

ATLANTIC CITY — About 200 properties in and around the city are scheduled to go up for auction Thursday in a sale to be held right in one of the available properties.

Robert Salvato’s company, AC Auctions, put the sale together. He said Tuesday the number of properties up for auction has grown in the months since he started arranging it.

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“It started at about 120, then it went over 150,” said Salvato. “And it turned out to be over 200 properties.”

He added that as of Tuesday, almost 50 people had registered as potential bidders.

“I think we’ll probably have close to 150 people” at the auction, which is scheduled to be held in a former union hall on North Albany Avenue, across the street from Sandcastle Stadium. He knows some of them will be spectators but added “I bet close to 100 are bidders.”

Most of the properties are in Atlantic City, including several in prominent locations. The auction includes three lots on Pacific Avenue next to Kelsey’s restaurant, which puts them just a short walk from the city’s planned Polercoaster, a thrill ride set to go on the vacant site of the late Sands casino complex.

The old Knights of Columbus Hotel, which also fronts on high-traffic Pacific Avenue, is up for auction after decades of being empty. That beach-block hotel was once posted prominently on an official list of Atlantic City eyesores, but the owner has since done extensive work, including replacing the roof and windows.

The sale description says the building comes with pre-approvals for 99 hotel rooms or 63 condo units.

The auction features several collections of properties closer to the ocean, including a group of 14 adjoining parcels on the beach blocks of St. James Place and New York Avenue.

Another group is on the beach blocks of Vermont and Rhode Island avenues, near the giant casino complex formerly known as Revel, since renamed TEN.

But not all the land up for grabs is in Atlantic City, which makes this sale different from a mass auction the city put together last June. That sale drew 100-plus people to the Atlantic City Convention Center, many of them bidders, brought in about $1.7 million in revenue and put 120 or so properties back on the tax rolls.

The biggest single parcel listed on Thursday’s sales description is 11.7 acres of commercially zoned land on the White Horse Pike in Galloway Township.

But Salvato’s auctioneers hope to sell other packages in Egg Harbor Township and Pleasantville. And properties have been added to the sale so recently that he was still sending out updates Tuesday.

The sale includes two Atlantic City bar/restaurants, both recently renovated. One is on the beach block of New York Avenue and has a liquor license available. The other, on North Albany Avenue, is being sold complete with a liquor license, and any potential buyer should have time for a good look at the place before buying it. It’s also the location of Thursday’s auction.


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