Transactions are from county property records. Settlement dates are listed; deed filings may be delayed. Location may reflect address of seller rather than property sold. If your property is incorrectly listed, call 609-272-7234.

Atlantic County


Latest Video

1108 Breakers Ave, Fannie Mae to Mancuso and Danze Ptnrshp; 06/20/17. $99,900

200 Hobart Ave, Prado Ramirez Alvaro H to Rizzo Anthony C; 06/22/17. $184,500

138 W Faunce Landing Road, Siemienkowicz Pawel to Krysa Waldemar; 06/23/17. $100,000


4501 Atlantic Ave Unit B1, Raab Abraham to Ags Poperty Mgmt LLC; 06/26/17. $35,000

147 S Tennessee Ave, Cutty Associates LLC to 161 S Tennessee LLC; 06/26/17. $40,000

3501 Boardwalk Unit A209, Yap Vicente T to Davis Michael Earl Sr/Tr; 06/26/17. $51,900

19 N Morris Ave, Siddique Hasan/Atty to Vu Tiffany; 06/26/17. $115,000

4202 Stewart Ave, Das Chabon K to Kutch Esperanza D; 06/26/17. $125,000

128 N Iowa Ave, Nammour Hiam to Hxq Group LLC; 06/27/17. $20,500


1804 W Brigantine Ave, Vosbikian Anna/Exr to Nicolai Charles W; 06/20/17. $460,000

62 Kirkwood Circle, Novis David V to Cioci Jude; 06/21/17. $200,000

218 14th St N, Ariola Jacqueline T to Kreitz Group LLC; 06/21/17. $266,000

22 Vardon Road, Guzman Gloria R to Hayes Kimberly L; 06/21/17. $330,000

4500 W Brigantine Ave Unit 2208, Mudrick Henrietta to Bartron David; 06/22/17. $169,000

4500 W Brig Ave Unit 2405, Volp Susan to Maas Kurt; 06/22/17. $177,000

256 W 38th St, Desai Nirpa M to Woll Scott B Jr; 06/22/17. $330,000

20 Heald Road, Rdm Rentals LLC to Mooney Renee D; 06/22/17. $525,000

4901 Harbor Beach Blvd Unit N-7, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to Naz Shakeela; 06/23/17. $72,000

820 Bobby Jones Road, Resi Reo Sub LLC to Milhem Saad; 06/23/17. $205,119

3 11th St N, Markowitz Ellen to Shields Michael F; 06/23/17. $306,000


510-512 S. Brewster Road, Santagata Joseph R to Forest Grove Const LLC; 06/20/17. $70,000

206 W Pacific Ave, Bank of NY Mellon to Carolla Dennis; 06/29/17. $37,919


808 Claudius St, Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp to Goddard Marva L; 06/20/17. $53,700

241 Antwerp Ave, SJ Hauck Prop LLC to Jean M East; 06/20/17. $127,900


106 Bonita Drive, Savino Edward T to Dousharm Felicia; 06/20/17. $209,000

4 Driftwood Drive, Bank of NY Mellon to Capital K Inv LLC; 06/21/17. $86,400

3012 Ivins Ave, U.S. HUD to Parish Anthony J; 06/21/17. $127,500

12 Empire Drive, Auguste David E to Weiler Conrad; 06/21/17. $150,000

207 Sandpiper Drive, Capital K Inv LLC to Darrigo Patricia M; 06/21/17. $169,900

118 Beresford Drive, Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp to Cosme Saul; 06/21/17. $184,500

10 Holden Court, Khokhar Zishan A to Tolman Douglas J; 06/21/17. $219,000

1 Ships Drive, Casey Marjorie L to Walsh Patrick; 06/22/17. $25,000

307 Ashland Ave, U.S. HUD to Leroy Christopher L; 06/22/17. $29,624

3 Eve Drive, Bayview Loan Serv LLC to Roman Thomas; 06/22/17. $185,000

214 E Kennedy Drive, Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp to Appolon Jesula Noel; 06/22/17. $190,000

35 Vella La Vella, Martin Misti D to Koons Ronald J Jr; 06/22/17. $205,000

165 Heather Croft, Toscano Maria L to Crivella Group LLC; 06/23/17. $63,500

310 Spray Ave, Powers Kirn LLC to Solution Maxx Real Estate LLC; 06/23/17. $74,000

6581 Mill Road, Nelson Cia L to Holzer Monique T; 06/23/17. $140,000

206 Oakland Ave, Bowen Bonnie J to Kranich Joseph M; 06/23/17. $180,000

63 Marshall Drive, 63 Marshall LLC to Jacobus Derrick; 06/23/17. $413,000


805 Lazy River Campground, Krasicki Gladys P to Branca Michael; 06/22/17. $20,000


844 E Moss Mill Road, Bliss Shaun E to Morford Ronald G; 06/21/17. $152,000

553 Carlisle Lane, Morgan Jacqueline F to Raymond Stephen M; 06/21/17. $185,000

6 Lostock Court, Hoch Sandra to Baldasarre Constant; 06/21/17. $239,900

11 Homestead Court, JC Custom Bldr LLC to Polsinelli Philip; 06/21/17. $346,000

818 Fisher Creek Road, Yeager Timothy M Jr to Weigle Daniel D; 06/22/17. $60,000

432 S Pitney Road, Evans Erin/Ind&Exrx to Mccarten Charles; 06/22/17. $95,000

10 Cheshire Drive Unit E Bld 33, Sanders Robert J to Dow Ryan D; 06/22/17. $97,000

110 Federal Court, Synnott James P to Arcidiacono Frank S; 06/23/17. $49,500

429 S Upas Ave, Nugent Bryan to NYC Reo LLC; 06/23/17. $113,500

108 Harwich Way, Keeler Ann H to Ricca Guy; 06/23/17. $205,000

534 8th Ave, Shellpoint Mortgage Serv to Luurtsema Robert Z; 06/23/17. $275,500

68 Federal Court Unit C2, Guillen Maria to NYC Reo LLC; 06/29/17. $124,827


2610 Nutmeg Court, Torres Padilla Carmen L/Ind&Atty to Miranda William I; 06/23/17. $65,600

4832 Hawthorne Lane, Ungermah Jeffrey to Elliott Russell P; 06/23/17. $72,000

6314 Quinn Ave, Reiter Jeanne L to Yurgel Theresa A; 06/23/17. $90,000


9211 Winchester Ave, Leuzzi Nancy to 100 N Decatur LLC; 06/20/17. $975,000

9600 Atlantic Ave Unit 1507, Brody Marc S/Tr to Choice Home Mgmt LLC; 06/22/17. $410,000

9517 Atlantic Ave Unit P6, Broder Louis to Brooks Richard; 06/23/17. $18,000

9005 Ventnor Ave, 9005 Ventnor Ave LLC to Davis Daniel H; 06/26/17. $995,000

25 S Union Ave, Esposito Stephen M to Feller Joel J; 06/26/17. $1,850,000


5168 5200 New Hampshire Ave, Tokarski Cimino to Helen Leek Ralph N; 06/20/17. $1,200,000

4908 Tremont Ave, Selene Finance LP to Maione Frank; 06/22/17. $24,000


431 Davis Ave, Four Three One Davis Ave LLC to Capille Richard; 06/22/17. $220,000

1101 Dolphin Ave, Talis Hilda C to Eisenbeis Charles Jr; 06/23/17. $60,000


47 Dogwood Drive, Loftus Jule to Logue Donna W; 06/22/17. $222,000

1704 Harbour Cove S, Buckley Georgette L to Lynch Lee Ann; 06/22/17. $365,000

614 2nd St, Campbell James C to U.S. HUD; 06/23/17. $130,000

749 Bay Ave, Rutherford David B to Wiley Dennis J; 06/23/17. $470,000


1706 East Drive, Thompson Peter A to Rapp George S; 06/20/17. $252,000

723 N Somerset Unit N5, Kiejdan Ralph to Goodrow William; 06/21/17. $45,000

140 N Portland Ave, Deutsche Bank Natl Tr Co to Yo Forgetaboutit Inc; 06/21/17. $54,639

214 N Surrey Ave, Bank of NY Mellon to Gussoni Frank R; 06/21/17. $60,000

3 N Victoria Ave, Toland Joseph E/Heir to 3 North Victoria Ave LLC; 06/21/17. $110,000

6005 Marshall Ave, Berkman Gary S/Admr to Daniel Dana; 06/21/17. $142,000

2102 East Drive, Colussi John J to Jacobs Morris L; 06/21/17. $335,000

3 N Melbourne Ave, Salas Guillermo Jr to Izes Paul Michael; 06/21/17. $380,000

5300 Boardwalk Unit 104, Handler Patricia Ann to Bendesky Larry; 06/22/17. $130,000

309-311 N Lafayette Ave, Bank of NY to Pira Salih; 06/22/17. $157,500

709 N Dorset Ave, Mora Marie/Exr to White Heather; 06/23/17. $39,000

901 N Cornwall Ave, Rivas Eduardo to Zdybek Tomasz; 06/23/17. $95,000

2 S Oakland Ave, Van Oaks LLC to Ayl LLC; 06/23/17. $950,000

Cape May County


1594 Ocean Drive, Spinelli James A Jr, Spinelli Linda to Spinelli David L, Spinelli Kathleen A; 5/31/2017. $1,200,000

3856 Ocean Drive 2nd Floor, Noble David, Noble Kimberly to Colino Michael J, Colino Renee D’accardi; 5/31/2017. $580,000


1042 Illinois Ave, Wilenski Dorothy J to Humphreys Robert R, Humphreys Florence Ann; 5/30/2017. $515,500

1303 Delaware Ave, Caprio Joseph, Caprio Marie to Arlia Francesco, Arlia Dina; 5/30/2017. $420,000

1524 New York Ave, Picariello Michael A, Darocha Irene B to Kelly Marie Elizabeth; 5/30/2017. $905,000


105-107 Maryland Ave, Stokes Joseph R Jr, Stokes Edmund, Stokes James L, Stokes Paul M Est to Brown Richard E; 5/26/2017. $100,000

303 Artic Ave, Gavin Patrick J to Jenkins Stephen, Jenkins Roseanne; 5/26/2017. $219,900

9601 Atlantic Ave, Gelardi Gennaro, Gelardi Marie M to Peterson Joseph J; 5/26/2017. $465,000


114 Seaview Court, Curran John W, Surran Carol A to Brady William J, Brady Roseanne M; 5/26/2017. $252,500

120 E 22nd Ave, Martino Joseph, Martino Lenora to Nocilto Mario A Jr, Nocilto Christa; 5/26/2017. $449,000

125 E 19th Ave Unit 1, Dillman Jeffrey H, Dillman Nicole R, Rodgers Robert J III, Rodgers Rosemary E to Sulkin David L Sr; 5/26/2017. $275,000

2008 New York Ave, Perry Jane E Est By Exr, Perry Mark E Exr, Hasson Drusilla M Exr, Ratcliffe Sandra Exr to Irwin Stephen J, Irwin Sheila; 5/26/2017. $215,000

442 E 21st Ave, Mac Adams Stoney to Kelchner David W, Kelchner Deborah L; 5/26/2017. $178,500


15 Asbury Ave, Madalone Toni to White Charles D, White Mary C; 5/26/2017. $645,000

3533 Asbury Ave, Peck’s Beach Partners LLC to Falco Elizableth L; 5/26/2017. $760,000

5660 Asbury Ave, Rapone David S, Lucca-Rapone Debbie to Kennett Ryan C, Kennett Brittany; 5/26/2017. $627,650

719 E 11th St, Hauck Christopher Howard, Hauck Donna Marie to Miller Matthew, Miller Amanda, Miller George J Jr; 5/26/2017. $185,000


21 63rd St Unit West, Trella Joseph E, Trella Marcia A to Stewart Jason P, Stewart Tracy K; 5/25/2017. $765,000

33 81st St, Miller James, Miller Marianne to Rohr Shannon, Rohr James; 5/25/2017. $860,000

4401 Landis Ave Unit 5, Morrison Matthew V, Morrison ALyssa R, Preis ALyssa R to Fitzgerald Bernard J Jr, Fitzgerald Maureen V; 5/25/2017. $385,000

4901 Landis Ave, Casella Joann, Natale Wayne to Lambert Richard T; 5/26/2017. $497,000

9305 Landis Ave Unit 4, Padula Brothers LLC to Wang Qi; 5/30/2017. $100,000


392 Myrtle Ave, Reinhold Jeffrey A Exr, Reinhold Earl R Est by Exr, Reinhold Barbara J Est to Bedesem Thomas F, Bedesem Nancy R; 5/25/2017. $325,000

634 West Drive, Cucunato Daniel, Cucunato Janet to Angelo Carolyn, Yingst James T; 5/26/2017. $615,000


3719 Pacific Ave, Bank of New York Mellon, Metropolitan Asset Funding Inc II by Trus to Ramchandran Rajagopal; 5/30/2017. $53,594

405 W Juniper Ave, Erickson Pearl B, Erickson Harry E to Phelps Douglas, Phelps Daniele; 5/30/2017. $190,000


202 E Newark St, De Weese Carole A to Chiolo Kathleen R; 5/30/2017. $560,000

450 E Nashville Ave Unit 405, Devo Real Estate LLC to Zak William N; 5/30/2017. $550,000

451 E Louisville Ave, 451 East Louisville LLC to Seven Shes Louisville LLC; 5/30/2017. $1,950,000

Cumberland County


886 N Pearl St, Commerical Loan Investment IX LLC By Atty, Midwest Servicing 2 Inc Atty to Everly Michael; 6/21/2017. $30,000

9 Woodcrest Ave, Eddy Randall, Eddy Rebekah to Jeffries Paul B, West Trinidad B; 6/21/2017. $136,600

56 Beebe Run Road, Cumberland County Sheriff; Mast Asset Backed Securities &C By Atty; Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC Atty; US Bank Trust By Atty; Aspen Property Group LLC; 6/23/2017. $69,000


2389 Memorial Ave, Veterans Affairs to Bacon Walda, Melhuish Vicki L; 6/22/2017. $16,000


11 Osborn Lane, Spencer Margie K to Dejesus Molly, Dejesus Nicholas L; 6/21/2017. $100,000

1061 Shiloh Pike, U.S. HUD to Perez Eleazar A Miguel; 6/22/2017. $32,450


2 Oriole Lane, Jacob Frederick A, Union View LLC, Sherwood Forest Homes LLC; 6/21/2017. $35,000

303 Corsair Drive, Njmp Development Associates LLC to Pharos Racing LLC; 6/22/2017. $203,000

305 Corsair Drive, Njmp Development Associates LLC to Brown Bobby; 6/22/2017. $168,000

307 Corsair Drive, Njmp Development Associates LLC to Finnan Michael; 6/22/2017. $193,479

311 Corsair Drive, Brahin Lee, Njmp Development Associates LLC to Woodland Stanley; 6/22/2017. $168,000

313 Corsair Drive, Njmp Development Associates LLC to Menkowitz Bruce, Menkowitz Shelley; 6/22/2017. $140,000

320 Carlton Ave, Rpj Properties LLC to Ozdemir Kahraman; 6/22/2017. $177,500

18 Apple Place, Rmac Trust &C By Trust By Atty, Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC Atty, US Bank Trust By Atty, Detullio Daniel Jr, Myers William; 6/23/2017. $20,000


956 Main St, Patten Janice L to Furtek Nedra, White Hope E; 6/16/2017. $65,900


47 Rosenhayn Ave, Oesterling Barry, Sterling Renovations LLC, Dredden Tonya M; 6/15/2017. $167,500

251 Finley Road, Dolson Charles, Dolson Charles By Atty, Melnicove Howard D Esq Atty, Brown Susan M; 6/15/2017, $210,000

1 Oak Hill Drive, Smith Julie, Smith Stephen to Kuhnle Thomas; 6/20/2017. $330,000

37 Lebabon Road, Caselli Louis, Triple Cs Properties LLC to Lincks Tracy L; 6/20/2017. $220,000

100 Sentry Drive, Sheppard Brian Est, Sheppard Susan to Bodine Richard Paul; 6/21/2017. $204,000

25 Shadow Brooke Drive, Boss Diana, Boss Justin to Howerton Karl J, Howerton Laura C; 6/22/2017. $169,000


1039 Chimes Terrace, US Bank Trust by Atty, Wells Fargo Bank Atty to Strategic Realty Fund LLC; 6/23/2017. $50,000

1754 W Chestnut Ave, Boxler Tina aka, Ervin Tina aka, Feitelson Helene, Jalowitz John Est, Jalowitz Wasyl Est, Simpson Eugene T II; 6/23/2017. $165,000

4409 Mays Landing Road, Kowalski Susan E to Flores Jessica; 6/23/2017. $123,400

5767 Independence Road, Hannan Elaine B to Manning Arthur L III; 6/23/2017. $83,000

Ocean County


146 Nautilus Drive, Walker Douglas, Walker Kimberly, Gibson Kimberly to Walters Development Co LLC; 6/19/2017. $27,500

81 Schooner Ave, Devivo Lisa, Fleming Clare A, Comune Theresa, Fleming Theresa, Fleming Tina to Pluto Properties LLC; 6/19/2017. $87,500

11 Timberlake Place, Fazio Marcella to Neal Louise; 6/20/2017. $215,000

Burr St (vacant land), Fischer Michael, Fischer Dawn to Desalvatore William, Desalvatore Robin; 6/21/2017. $65,000

109 Alexander Drive, Steen Sheryl L, Steen James G to Yudman Kenneth, Yudman Jill; 6/21/2017. $417,500

79 Rockland St, Heritage Point, Heritage Point Inc to Weinstein Gary, Weinstein Jane; 6/21/2017. $352,500

207 Paramount Escapes Drive, Paramount Homes at Wall LLC, Paramount Homes at Forest Hills LLC, Castellar Properties Inc, BHL Inc to Devlin Hugh J, Devlin Mary Ann; 6/21/2017. $464,584

11 Lilac Lane, Power Kirn LLC, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association to Hughes Adam, Pacheco Monique; 6/21/2017. $245,000

210 Rahway Road, Staszeski Carlos, Staszeski Linda H to Sprague Tracey; 6/21/2017. $248,000


Twelfth Street Slip 12-34, Febinger Edward J, Febinger Diane to Sears John F, Sears Anne H; 6/15/2017. $17,500

1006 N Beach Ave, Patrick Monteleone Revocable Trust, Behr Marianne, Monteleone Patrick Revocable Trust to Eastern States Property Management LLC; 6/21/2017. $875,000


407 Dock Road, Cullerton Debra, Poudrier Darlene to Bowker Brian B; 6/16/2017. $116,000

386 Dock Road, HSBC Bank USA, Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Ellington Loan Acquisition Trust 2007-1 to Crawford Bradford W; 6/21/2017. $62,500

209 West St, Price Thurmond to Mcgrath Brian, Mcgrath Ashley; 6/27/2017. $100,000


1253 Spruce St, Winkle Kimberly, Kennelly William Dennis to Midwest Equities LLC; 6/16/2017. $78,000

2002 Whitcomb Road, US Bank, Bank of America, Lasalle National Association to Lange Robert; 6/16/2017. $140,700

742 Windsor Place, Freitag Solomon, Freitag David to Chillscyzn Jennifer; 6/16/2017. $212,000

931 Pelican Drive, Mielach Stephen, Yuhl Charles to Trevena Eric, Trevena Erin Cleary; 6/16/2017. $177,500

20 Dunberry Drive, Toll Land Xi LP to Degeorge Frank A, Degeorge Margaret; 6/16/2017. $381,364

1204 Pensacola Road, Brooks Joan M to Tomalo Craig Jr; 6/19/2017. $115,000

1 Hastings Court, Mcgotty Phyllis, Burlew Patricia to Ciallella John G, Ciallella Pamela S; 6/19/2017. $130,000

1106 Orlando Drive, US Bank, Ows Reo Trust 2015-1, Green River Capital LLC to Hughes Manuel, Hughes Elizabeth; 6/19/2017. $245,000

184 Arborridge Drive, Toll Land Corp No 10, Toll Land Xi LP to Feldmann Walter, Feldmann Toni; 6/19/2017. $460,668

2260 Lakeside Drive S, Wells Fargo Bank to Plazma Properties LLC; 6/19/2017. $90,000

236 Falkenburgh Ave, Molinia Emma to Martin Way Jr; 6/20/2017. $130,000

1124 Cape May Drive, Bialuk Leo John to Umbrella Investors LLC; 6/21/2017. $72,175

1304 Kingston Place, Pohler Helen M, Pohler Norman G to Arrigo Vincent, Arrigo Anna; 6/21/2017. $382,737

6 Osprey Court, Fv-I Inc, Morgan Stanley Mortgage Capital Holdings LLC, Specialized Loan Servicing LLC to Amz Holdings LLC; 6/21/2017. $111,150

302 Foxwood Lane, Moriarty James M, Yax Joanne, Moriarty Joanne to Stocklas Bryan J; 6/21/2017. $220,000

1991 Glen Oak Drive, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, Christiana Trust, Selene Finance, Bcat 2015-13btt to Papa Christopher; 6/21/2017. $235,000


264 Newport Way, Phillips Ronald A to Lewandowski Howard J, Lewandowski Kathy; 6/15/2017. $315,000

27 W Mullica Road, Angelica Robert to Kortman Charles W Jr, Vogt Janet, Chucks Auto Repair LLC; 6/15/2017. $182,000

3 Marigold Lane, Linnett Paul, Linnett Dolores, Linnett Paul L, Linnett Dolores T to Ashworth Jay, Ashworth Mary; 6/15/2017. $209,000

4 Colonial Drive, Reed Judith H, Reed Ann Martha, Reed Ann M, Reed Ralph C to Dipane John, Dipane Carol; 6/15/2017. $130,000

224 Mohican Lane, Bonner James F, Mont Karen M, Bonner Marie D to Carroll Michael J; 6/15/2017. $110,000

34 Galley Way, Hovnanian K at Little Egg Harbor Township II LLC, K Hovnanian at Little Egg Harbor Township II LLC to Starink Frank L, Starink Lucille M; 6/20/2017. $326,634

12 Hannah Place, Fifth Third Mortgage Co to Anderson Gordon, Anderson Shannon; 6/20/2017. $255,000

36 Galley Way, Hovnanian K at Little Egg Harbor Township II LLC, K Hovnanian at Little Egg Harbor Township II LLC to Leming John C, Leming Eileen R; 6/20/2017. $322,604

20 S Boston Drive, Lott Mary A to Rhodes Alfred, Rhodes Annette L; 6/20/2017. $216,500

305 Lake Champlain Drive, Leonor Ines D to Terebelo Brian; 6/20/2017. $74,353

591 Thomas Ave, Hadley Lorraine, Hadley Jeanne, Hadley Jeanne K to Rice Bruce; 6/21/2017. $200,000

28 Ocean Blvd, Bank of America, Hudson City Savings Bank FSB, Manufacturers And Traders Trust Company, MT Bank, Hudson City Savings Bank to Tabaczynski Terence; 6/21/2017. $134,500


28 Benjamin Blvd, Nuciglio Michael, Nuciglio Elaine to Geigges Kenneth, Barbara Adrianne; 5/31/2017. $310,000

1739 Breakers Drive, Yodice Mary to Mueller Charles, Mueller Ashley; 5/31/2017. $269,000

89 Oak Ave, Jorgensen Linea E to Roth Charles R Iv, Roth Melissa A; 5/31/2017. $175,000

76 Lighthouse Drive, Holman Jason, Holman Kristen to Wilkinson Diana L; 5/31/2017. $175,000

107 Morton Drive, Skaggs Dennis D Revocable Living Trust, Skaggs Dennis D to Oliveira Manuel, Oliveira Haidy; 5/31/2017. $195,000

44 Ronnie Drive, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, Phelan Hallinan Diamond PC, Phelan Hallinan Diamond Jones PC to Woodrow Michael, Woodrow Mary; 6/1/2017. $185,100

189 Leigh Ave, Cohan William, Cohan Mary Ann to Dilliplane Shaun, Dilliplane Sherry; 6/1/2017. $335,000

101 Southard Drive, Porter Michael, Porter Michelle to Rex Ronald A, Malin Stephanie A; 6/1/2017. $385,000

105 Crew Lane, Gundersen Diane, Gundersen Neil to Conway Shannon E; 6/1/2017. $247,000

149 Beachview Ave, Mcnicholas John A, Mcnicholas Donna to Ferrara Gregory A, Ferrara Joann A; 6/1/2017. $445,000

161 Atlantis Ave, Georgiev Marin, Burdinov Ivaylo to Startek Luke J; 6/2/2017. $216,500

50 Cornell Drive, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association, Udren Law Offices PC to Desch Christopher, Smith Courtney; 6/2/2017. $161,500

104 Sailing Road, Gresham William to Mcdowell Deana; 6/5/2017. $340,000

1303 E Mallard Drive, Leonard Gail E Pstrak, Leonard Edward W Jr, Pstrak Leonard Gail E to Dimauro Michael T, Dimauro Alexandra, Dimauro Conservation Trust; 6/5/2017. $365,000

1061 Helm Ave, Mc Donald Neal J, Mc Donald Joanne M to Henry John R, Farenga Amanda N; 6/5/2017. $205,000

48 Marguerite Lane, Eshelman Barbara to Mizzi Joseph M; 6/6/2017. $290,000

122 Melanie Way, Silverman Howard, Silverman Audrey to Schlaline Glenda J; 6/6/2017. $183,000

128 Anita Drive, Finelli Donald D, Finelli Karen to Fagan Steven J, Fagan Hedy A; 6/6/2017. $599,900

164 Park Side Lane, Nelson George, Nelson Geraldine to Caboy Jeanmarie, Stefanacci Cathy; 6/7/2017. $347,900

138 Mermaid Drive, Villanella Jack Joseph, Villanella Joseph J to Shimak Joseph O, Shimak Melanie; 6/7/2017. $240,000

201 Sextant Road, Barclay Margaret to Corbett Richard, Corbett Nicole; 6/7/2017. $350,000

137 Arthur Drive, O’Connor Kevin, O’Connor Kelly to Parks Larry, Parks Sandy; 6/7/2017. $330,000

Property transactions run Sundays as space is available. None will be skipped.

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