Transactions are from county property records. Settlement dates are listed; deed filings may be delayed. Location may reflect address of seller rather than property sold. If your property is incorrectly listed, call 609-272-7234.

Atlantic County


715 Shelburne Ave, Parker Gregory to Goff Gregory W; 06/28/2017. $205,000

24 E Bolton Ave, Mawhinney Robert E/Heir to Derogatis Linda A; 06/29/2017. $154,000

1100 Chelsea Road, Ditzel Kenny to Mollineaux Oscar D; 06/30/2017. $211,000

408 Cynwyd Drive, Falivene Gerald to Becker Andrew J; 7/5/2017. $263,000

711 Shelburne Ave, Leonetti Vincent L to Baehr William Francis; 7/6/2017. $242,000


31 N Harrisburg Ave, Diplomat Property Manager LLC to Retail Store Painting LLC; 06/28/2017. $230,000

2401 Atlantic Ave, Culmone Michael to Desai Saurabh; 06/28/2017. $330,000

101 S Plaza Place Unit 1412, Rovner Bessie/Atty to Rovner Robert A; 06/29/2017. $50,000

15 S Jackson Ave, Kioukis Helen to Whelan Joseph; 06/29/2017. $335,000

3817 Ventnor Ave, US Bank to Griff John; 06/30/2017. $28,000

2834 Atlantic Ave Unit 712, Boccuto Albert V to Finley Rosanne; 06/30/2017. $39,000

133 Ngeorgia Ave, Riveros Teodisio to Zhu Ming Rong; 06/30/2017. $48,000

2715 Boardwalk Unit 419, Luterzo Michael C to Chimento Angelo Sr; 06/30/2017. $57,000

3634 Winchester Ave, Dougherty Charles W to Gene Evans Rev Tr; 06/30/2017. $76,000

3101 Boardwalk Unit 2304 1, Moore Irene C, Tr/Tr to Cioffi Massimiliano; 06/30/2017. $100,000


4628 Atlantic Brigantine Blvd Unit B, Sayers Linda K to Grier Terrell; 06/27/2017. $358,000

4101 Atlantic Brigantine Blvd 7, Martin Robert J to Hahn Katherine; 06/27/2017. $448,000

1206 E Brigantine Ave, Haven Homes Bldrs LLC to Wood Karen L; 06/27/2017. $770,000

400 E Brigantine Ave Unit 1E, Pines David E to Heil Brian; 06/28/2017. $221,500

41 Vardon Road, Bank of NY Mellon to Gresham William; 06/30/2017. $84,000

15 Ocean Drive, Ghaly Nader N to Engel Alexander E; 06/30/2017. $620,000


219 Jonas Ave, Caprice Doris to Hameier John B; 7/5/2017. $211,000

307 Buena Vista Ave, Auberzinsky Thomas to Anderson Daniel J; 7/7/2017. $150,000


230 Wayne Ave, Grasso Beth Ann M to Grasso David M; 7/3/2017. $130,000

527 Cains Mill Road, US Bank to Island Source III LLC; 7/5/2017. $20,000


208 Main St, US Bank to Ziegler Rebecca; 7/17/2017. $29,559


228 Chicago Ave, Negron Alexander R to Laielli David; 7/5/2017. $79,500

511 Liverpool Ave, Creel Patricia to Hanselman Garth S; 7/7/2017. $36,000

145 23rd Ave, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to Chaim Joseph; 7/7/2017. $67,000


200 Harbor Drive, Walsh Patrick S/Exr to Maldonado Rafael; 06/27/2017. $297,000

229 Ivy Road Drive, Horton Inc NJ to Feather Augustus S III; 06/28/2017. $253,365

312 London Court, Ward Aja to Staleva Evgeniya; 06/29/2017. $42,500

105 Seagull Drive, Wise Matthew A to Robinson David; 06/29/2017. $133,000

8003 English Creek Ave, Wheatley Geoffrey to Willson Joshua; 06/29/2017. $225,000

221 Lily Road, Plotka Marvin/Exr to Todd Glenn A; 06/29/2017. $232,800

164 Jeffers Landing Road, Kellis Albert/Admr to Ritz Properties; 06/30/2017. $47,500

57 Burnside Drive, US Bank to Roque Daniela; 06/30/2017. $180,000

120 Offshore Road, Blum Robert Thomas III to Greer Catherine; 06/30/2017. $235,000


170 Route 50, Ara Partners LLC to 170 Estell Manor LLC; 7/6/2017. $1,200,000

113 Tenth Ave, Campbell Mark H to Molnar Matthew M; 7/7/2017. $342,500

106 Route 50, Coe Kenneth H to Dworkin Edward; 7/10/2017. $310,000

229 Cumberland Ave, Chatten Martha Rebecca to Reale Kevin; 7/11/2017. $180,000


1114 Black Horse Pike, Trescas Farms LLC to Doing It Right Corp; 7/5/2017. $125,000


107 Kensington Drive, Sweeney Gail L to Plaud Mitchell; 06/27/2017. $275,000

487 Country Club Drive, Leek Donna to Walsh Michael J; 06/27/2017. $285,000

500 Pelham Drive, Reighard Scott to Stokes Leroy; 06/28/2017. $400,000

306 Yam Ave, Trans Global Land Co LLC to Randy Homes LLC; 06/29/2017. $35,000

304a Yam Ave, Hammerschlag Lennard to Randy Homes LLC; 06/29/2017. $35,000

715 West Oak St, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to Ufb Holdings LLC; 06/29/2017. $52,000

125 W Liebig Ave, Smith Stephen J to Koch Jacquelyn G; 06/29/2017. $285,000

243 Ivystone Court, Hart Gail to Abdel Baaith Celestine; 06/29/2017. $325,000

115 Giulia Lane, So Oi Ling to Patel Kamini; 06/29/2017. $325,000

260 W Louis Ave, U.S. HUD to Penchev Valeri, 06/30/2017. $103,700

34 Brampton St, Rongo Robert to Heath Kevin; 06/30/2017. $245,000


801 Sugarbush Court, Yenchick Stephens Andrea to Nwy Real Estate LLC; 06/29/2017. $45,000

1521 Benjamin Franklin Court, Hann Matthew to Shelly Nora; 06/29/2017. $105,000

1536 Thomas Jefferson Court, Dillard Monica A to Hunko Juliette; 06/29/2017. $108,000

1426 Brooklyn Ave, Ashley Daniel to Ashley Sandra L/Ind&Admr; 06/29/2017. $115,300

6142 Goldfinch Drive, Fannie Mae to Hamilton Susan Lois; 06/29/2017. $172,400

4684 Ocean Heights Ave, Njhr 4 LLC to Alvarez Roger; 06/29/2017. $219,900

4848 Spruce St, Liepe Lisa to Whelan James; 06/30/2017. $50,000

2006 Blue Fox Lane, U.S. HUD to Yoder Bradford C; 06/30/2017. $53,480

2617 Grange Court, Fannie Mae to Nilsen Melinda S; 06/30/2017. $96,0000


508 Peach St, Mauriello Kelly A to Destasio Joyce G; 06/28/2017. $180,000

61 Harbor Drive, Disylvestro Gail A to Rodio Jessica; 06/29/2017. $165,000

430 13th St, Iapalucci Lisa A to Slashinski Stephen B; 06/29/2017. $255,000

214 Passmore Ave, Cpt Reo LLC to Blast Liquidators Inc; 06/30/2017. $55,000


314 W Haines Ave, Young Jeffrey A to Guinta Michele; 06/29/2017. $178,000

511 Pierce Ave, Callahan Nancy to Bunting Josiah; 06/29/2017. $195,000


9400 Atlantic Ave Unit 708, Eisenbeis Geraldine/Atty to Younes Joseph; 06/29/2017. $140,000

7 S Frontenac Ave Apt 2, Tropp David to Weinstein Adam; 06/29/2017. $238,000

111 N Madison Condo Unit 2, Newman Matthew to McDonald Joseph; 06/29/2017. $415,000

102 N Haverford Ave, Rabin Karen to Sammartino Robert A; 06/29/2017. $440,000

27 N Exeter Ave, Disabatino Linda to Soldyn Elaine; 06/29/2017. $460,000

5 Bayside Court, Wiesenfeld Nancy to Auble Laura; 06/29/2017. $470,000


4010 E Adams Circle, First American Asset Closing Serv to R&I Constructions LLC; 06/30/2017. $26,000

2631 Thurston Ave, Wimberg Norman to Kraus William T; 06/30/2017. $120,000

901 Fifth Ave, Keating Elizabeth to Subbotin Nicholas; 06/30/2017. $280,000


701 Burton Ave, Goshen Mortgage Reo LLC to Camp Taggart Christine; 06/30/2017. $145,000

2138 Sutton Ave, Cadiou Danielle to Reale Victor; 06/30/2017. $170,000

2 Joseph Court, Hughes Sean to Goldsmith James D Jr; 06/30/2017. $265,000


319 Brighton Ave, RJ Home Inv LLC to Feliciano Ruben Diaz; 7/3/2017. $135,000

745 W Delilah Road, Donna Realty LLC to Roberts NJ Land Pleasantville LLC; 7/3/2017. $630,000

508 Martin Terrace, Bayview Loan Serv LLC to Aristizabal David A; 7/5/2017. $40,000

9 E Leeds Ave, Gdl Creative Designs LLC to Almanza Felipe; 7/5/2017. $72,200

304 W Adams Ave, U.S. HUD to Osorto Roger; 7/5/2017. $31,100

881 W. Black Horse Pike, 881 Black Horse LLC to 881 Black Horse Pleasantville LLCl; 7/5/2017. $2,110,769

805 Cresson Ave, Bank of NY Mellon to Davila Intriago Danny M; 7/5/2017. $28,785


601 Chestnut Neck Road, Wessler Mary C to Collier Hope S; 06/29/17. 85,000

159 Main St, Cavileer Howard G Jr/Exr to Marienski Glenn D; 7/3/2017. $50,000

487 Chestnut Neck Road, Bill Kurtz Bldr LLC to Chambeau Lance G III; 7/12/2017. $221,000


31 Somers Ave, Martin Kim Bader to Romano Michael A; 7/3/2017. $247,000

655 Third St, Denan Elaine/Exr to Cook Michelle K; 7/3/2017. $175,000

42 Gibbs Ave, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to Lawler Elizabeth; 7/5/2017. $118,500

415 Bay Ave, Logue Michael J to Demarco William J; 7/6/2017. $360,000

1020 W Grovland Ave, Bayview Loan Serv LLC to Parkshore Management Assoc LLC; 7/6/2017. $87,500


5804 Boardwalk, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to Elias Robert H; 06/29/2017. $1,050,000

236 N Derby Ave Unit 707, Wenz William to Waltman Alan J; 06/30/2017. $75,000

904 N Cambridge Ave, Dibacco Anthony to Knight Steven; 06/30/2017. $150,000

Cape May County


228 Suzanne Ave, Procaccino Karin S to Legg Dale R, Legg Cheryl; 5/30/2017. $189,813

27 Cape Woods Road, Craig Wayne W to Fisher Bernard J, Fisher Marie T; 5/30/2017. $262,000

305 Cedardale Ave, Fannie Mae By Atty, Fein Such Kahn & Shepard PC to Porter Paul, Porter Christine; 5/31/2017. $130,500

902 Ocean Drive Unit 1606, Linke Edward W, Linke Mary Anne E to Ferrara Robert P, Ferrara Alice; 5/31/2017. $440,000


1804 S Route 9, Wells Fargo Bank Trus by Atty, Option One Mortgage Loan Trust by Trus, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Patel Samarth; 5/31/2017. $39,799

19 Eagles Way, Atkinson Peter W by Atty, Ferry Andrew Atty to Caufield John R, Cooney Nancy T; 5/31/2017. $100,000

205 Roosevelt Blvd, Brown Thomas M to Peter Michael Jr; 5/31/2017. $146,500

3 Maryland Cove, Hunter Coralee M to Donaghy George N III, Linz Brittany A; 5/31/2017. $193,000

5 Eldredge Ave, Turzanski John D Atty&C, Purzanski Patricia E by Atty to Gt Renovation LLP; 5/31/2017. $55,000


5433-35 Central Ave, Pisa John F to Magistrelli Beach House LLC; 5/30/2017. $1,265,000

822-24 2nd St Unit 1, Andersen Scott A M, Andersen Kimberly R to Tamasitis Cheryl A; 5/30/2017. $575,000

965 Asbury Ave, Young Arnold Exr, Daoud-Young Julia Est by Exr to Paramita LLC; 5/30/2017. $665,000

3 Central Road, Lawless Zaborowski LLC to Porretta Theresa R; 5/31/2017. $565,000

921 Wesley Ave Unit G1, Baer Patricia R to Carafa Marcello, Carafa Patti; 5/31/2017. $91,000

Cumberland County


52 Logan St, ABFC Trust by Attym Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC Atty, Wells Fargo Bank Trust by Atty to Lopez Laura Cruz; 7/3/2017. $36,874

402 E Broad St., Flying Eagle Enterprises LLC to Yang Moo S; 7/6/2017. $184,000

34 Harrison St, Cumberland County Board of Social Services by Shrf, Cumberland County Sheriff, Kennedy Ivy by Shrf, Kennedy Nkrumah by Shrf; New Jersey State by Shrf, U.S. HUD by Shrf, Ward Maria by Shrf, Trent Bridge Asset Holding Trust; 7/7/2017. $100

12 York St, Gandy Harry IV, Gandy Kathleen to Cruz Rigoberto, Hernandez Candelaria; 7/7/2017. $66,000

637 N Pearl St, Gandy Harry IV, Gandy Kathleen to Liberato Veronica, Morales Delfino Liberato, Velazquez Elia Solis; 7/7/2017. $60,000

212-214 Atlantic St, Peterson Ad Enterprises Inc to Best Property 1 Inc; 7/7/2017. $95,000


2553 Milbourne Drive, Fannie Mae Aka by Atty, Fein Such Kahn & Shepard Atty, Kapnick Eric S Atty to Smith Valerie M; 7/3/2017. $3,500

6258 Doris Drive, Capital Finance Co of Delaware Valley Inc to Priest John P Sr; 7/3/2017. $101,000

350 Ridge Road, Reeves Fredrick Jay to Manduke Matthew John; $1. 7/5/2017


Gould Ave, Bordley Beatrice to Davis Shawn; 7/6/2017. $34,000

389 Fairton-Gouldtown Road, Morrissey Carlos J, Morrissey David E, Morrissey David Jr, Morrissey Sandra; 7/11/2017. $21,610


56 Lakeside Drive, Latona John, Latona Rebecca to Ohono Kristin; 7/3/2017. $171,000

162 Roadstown Road, Regalbuto Builders LLC to Fazekas Rebecca L; 7/5/2017. $137,000

11 Oak Drive, Boss Luann S, Boss Robert W to Welden III Thomas; 7/7/2017. $177,900


786 Main St, Elder W Kent Aka Elder William to Reichenstein Lisa, Ecret Samuel III; 7/11/2017. $110,000

10 Alpha Lane, Fannie Mae by Atty, Nationstar Mortgage LLC Atty, Nrz Reo VI Corp; 7/11/2017. $10

10 Alpha Lane, Meridian Asset Services Inc Atty, Nrz Reo VI Corp by Atty, Reed Grayson J; 7/11/2017. $57,000


61 Bay Ave, Feenan Dg LLC to Feenan David G Trust; 7/3/2017. $1

3097 Route 47, Cumberland County Sheriff, Perez Henry by Shrf to Njhr 13 LLC; 7/7/2017. $200

14 Ward Ave, Gmat Legal Title Trust by Atty, RMS Asset Management LLC Atty, US Bank Trust by Atty to Martinez Beth; 7/11/2017. $15,000

183 Main St., Tozer Marvin R by Atty, Tozer Mary E by Atty, Turino Cynthia S Atty, Tozer Marvin R; 7/11/2017. $1


725 Whitaker Ave, Fenton Daniel G Est, Fenton Katherine E Est by Exec, Wagner Kathleen Fenton Exec, Fenton Daniel G, Wagner Kathleen F; 7/3/2017. $1

714 S Second St, Reinhard Philip J III to Moran Jessica; 7/3/2017. $95,000

1720 Coventry Way, Adr Properties12 LLP, Ribinsky Anthony III Ptr, Ribinsky Dawn Ptr to Cubi Maria E; 7/3/2017. $86,000


168 Richards Road, Hartman Amy E, Hartman Robert M to Haer Dan, Haer Delena Everland; 7/3/2017. $390,000

146 Northville Road, Briggs Melissa, Briggs Nicholas A to Briggs Melissa; 7/3/2017. $1

Irving Ave, Hoehe Kyle M, Hoehe Tyler, Miletta Tyler Fka, Hoehe Kyle M, Hoehe Tyler; 7/5/2017. $1


83 Melrose St, Flores Ivelise, Flores Owen to Delgado Wilsi R Duran; 7/3/2017. $135,000

717 S Myrtle St, Guiliani Brian Exec, Mistretta Fernanda Est by Exec, Guiliani Brian; 7/3/2017. $1

717 S Myrtle St, Guiliani Brian to Quiringongo Gershua O Martinez, Quiringongo Jannia; 7/3/2017. $119,000

108 S East Ave, Gonzalez-Ruiz Lisset Aka, Ruiz Hector, Ruiz Lisset Aka to Andujar Carlos Jr; 7/3/2017. $150,000

4746 Piacenzia Ave, Ernst Cynthia, Ernst Richard to Ruggiero Heather L, Ruggiero Steven M; 7/3/2017. $335,000

Ocean County


11 Vineyard Way, Wahler Fred R Sr, Wahler Roylene A to Cummings John J, Cummings Rose; 6/23/2017. $240,000

23 Avalon Ave, Ryan Homes to Delagarza Peter P III, Delagarza Kirsten L; 6/23/2017. $361,517

105 Sinclair Lane, Nvr Inc, Ryan Homes to Karas Alexander L, Karas Linda C; 6/26/2017. $447,890

28 Beacon Drive, Fischbach William F Jr, Fischbach Chrisostomi to Rodriguez Nicholas III; 6/26/2017. $229,500

62 Bowline St, Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Tokhai Davan, Kassie-Tokhai Angela; 6/27/2017. $127,000

22 Compass Lane, Grabel Jeffry N, Grace C Kay Revocable Trust, Kay Grace C Revocable Trust to Central Shore T6 LLC; 6/28/2017. $184,802

7 Morgan Drive, Battista Anthony, Battista Mary A to Leach Joel W Jr, Leach Jennifer L, Leach Jennifer Lynn; 6/28/2017. $290,000

15 Lilac Lane, Miller David A, Miller Melissa, Miller David Allen to Adams Martin W, Adams Linda G; 6/28/2017. $294,900

493 E Bay Ave, Syzygy Information Systems Inc, Jones Patricia, Jones Ronald to Web 187 LLC; 6/28/2017. $300,000

424 E Bay Ave, Altisource Residential LP, Resi Reo Sub LLC to Jannetti Roseann; 6/29/2017. $58,819

6 Avalon Ave, Regan Timothy, Walters Development Co LLC to Dr Horton Inc; 6/29/2017. $85,000

48 Savannah Drive, Regan Timothy, Walters Development Co LLC to Dr Horton Inc; 6/29/2017. $85,000

56 Nautilus Drive, Regan Timothy, Walters Development Co LLC to Dr Horton Inc; 6/29/2017. $85,000

54 Nautilus Drive, Regan Timothy, Walters Development Co LLC to Dr Horton Inc; 6/29/2017. $85,000

38 Savannah Drive, Regan Timothy, Walters Development Co LLC to Dr Horton Inc; 6/29/2017. $85,000

10 Hidden Lake Circle, Ackaway Joseph, Ackaway Georgetta M to Gottfried Joseph, Gottfried Elisa; 6/30/2017. $230,000

9 Cove St, James Michael, James Nadine to Waters Gary J; 6/30/2017. $170,773


1853 Serpentine Drive, Paterson Patricia Ann, Paterson Charles David to Italiano Gary; 6/26/2017. $85,000

412 Carr St, Fannie Mae, Powers Kirn LLC to Trezza Michael, Whitlock Stephanie; 6/26/2017. $246,750

804 Devon St, Jersey Shore Home Maintanence LLC, Jersey Shore Home Maintenance LLC, Cologna Anthony to Klages Cynthia, Turrisi Elizabeth; 6/26/2017. $285,000

533 Vaughn Ave, US Bank, Ows Reo Trust 2013-1, Ocean County Sheriff, Resnik Elizabeth J, Resnik Jarret M, Baranski Susan B, Slomins Inc to US Bank, Ows Reo Trust 2013-1; 6/26/2017. $50,000

204 Hemlock Drive, Peters Grace Ann, Peters Edward H to Mulrane Christian P, Mulrane Catherine M; 6/26/2017. $234,000

1009 Trenton Ave, Earle Robert John, Earle Diane J to Maggio Todd; 6/27/2017. $252,900

427-B Lake Barnegat Drive N, Molinari John, Joma Home Buyers LLC to Cirello Marc, Cirello Susan; 6/27/2017. $332,500

2260 Lakeside Drive S, Plazma Properties LLC, Weinfeld Joseph to King Solomon Equities LLC; 6/27/2017. $118,000

2202 Lacey Road, Bruce Ben, Cassaro Samantha to Hasbrouck John, Hasbrouck Tasha; 6/28/2017. $447,500

1134 Skuff Way, Battis Kathleen E, Battis Jeffrey H to Crane Norman W, Crane Susan E; 6/28/2017. $270,000

500 N Main Street, Scutch Corp to Merlo Investments Lanoka Harbor LLC; 6/28/2017. $705,000

842 Hyson Road, Szeszko Thomas, Szeszko Jaqueline to Murphy Sean, Murphy Kyrie; 6/28/2017. $300,000

1728 Whitcomb Road, Jersey Elite Plus LLC, Rosenblum Shea to Figueroa Victor Jr, Johnson Christine V; 6/29/2017. $210,500

155 Arborridge Drive, Toll Land Corp No 10, Toll Land Xi LP to Canonico Michael A, Canonico Susan C; 6/29/2017. $468,955

606 Beach Blvd, Mitchell William, Mitchell Christine to Applegate Christina M; 6/29/2017. $146,500

617 Conifer Drive, Ocean County Sheriff, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, Varga Dennis, Varga Jennifer, Midland Funding LLC, Sunrise Beach Club, Bank of America to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC; 6/29/2017. $121,000

316 Bayside East Parkway, Atlas Property Group LLC, Thompson Robert to Evans Bruce, Delvento Aimee; 6/29/2017. $309,000

579 Brentwood Road, Clark Donald, Clark Vanessa to Reed Alan F, Reed Roseann; 6/30/2017. $300,000

1030 Orlando Drive, Ciallella John, Ciallella Pamela S to Hood Dennis; 6/30/2017. $309,100


106 5th Ave, HSBC Bank USA, Ocean County Sheriff, Fremont Home Loan Trust 2006-D, John Brock Jr, Brock John, John H Brock Jr, New Jersey State, Nemeth Carly to Fremont Home Loan Trust 2006-D, HSBC Bank USA; 6/23/2017. $81,000

60 Strathmere St, Murn George Michael, Murn Pamela to Chapman Thomas, Chapman Katherine; 6/26/2017. $350,000

446 7th St, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Savine Construction LLC; 6/27/2017. $157,000

Property transactions run Sundays as space is available. None will be skipped.

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