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Atlantic County

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1814 Lincoln Ave, Bayview Loan Serv LLC to Zhu Dewang; 02/02/17. $10,500

1520 N Arkansas Ave, Bayview Loan Serv LLC to Ruzzo Michael; 02/02/17 18,000

46 N Pennsylvania Ave, Wells Fargo to Long Marc Gilles; 02/02/17. $18,800


525 Lagoon Blvd, Stewart Mary E to Radolovic Oriano; 02/01/17. $375,000

4418 Whalerman Road, Hays Judith to Helfrich Josephine; 02/01/17. $425,000


549 Boston Ave, Bailey Dwayne to Smith John H; 02/01/17. $80,000


109 Windwood Drive, Bank of America to Salem Mohamad; 02/01/17. $158,094

6 Kings Way Road, Meissner Garry to Robinson Clyde J; 02/01/17. $240,000

114 Daphne Road, Barrera Arturo to Winter Steven; 02/01/17. $282,500

18B Oxford Village, Falkenstein Janice L to Johnston Winsor Carol C; 02/02/17. $22,000


324 Jackson Ave, Fannie Mae to McLenna Alissa; 02/01/17. $129,900


210 W New Jersey Ave, Tregear Donna Marie to Koch Jodi L; 02/01/17. $207,500


236 N Derby Ave Unit 1206, Mann Jennifer L to Rago Janice; 02/01/17. $160,000

2 N Richards Ave, Miller Lori B to Hook Matthew; 02/01/17. $268,041

25 S Fredericksburg Ave, Albright Daniels Lynn to Benson Tara B; 02/01/17. $625,000

Cape May County


279 24th St, Lynch Richard M to Brugger Joseph P Sr, Brugger Toni M; 12/12/2016. $700,000

115 42nd St, Todaro Joseph, Todaro Tracy A to Kensicki Ronald F, Kensicki Lorraine S; 12/12/2016. $997,000


1117 New Jersey Ave, Babineau-Roberts Susan J, Roberts Raymond M to East Cape Properties LLC; 12/10/2016. $1,435,000

1223 Pennsylvania Ave, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Brogan William P, Brogan Cucu Catharina; 12/12/2016. $258,536

110 Jefferson St, Youngkin Frank, Youngkin Sherrie, Schaefer Margaret to Lingg Lindy L, Lingg John F; 12/13/2016. $850,000

612 Breakwater Road, Ervin Joseph M Jr, Ervin Margaret to Sardoni John J III, Sardoni Frances H; 12/14/2016. $250,000


407 Princeton Ave, Danielewicz Andrew J, Danielewicz Patricia to Freimanis Wally, Freimanis Roberta A; 12/13/2016. $580,000

313 Alexander Ave, Stanger George H Jr, Stanger Judith F to Lipset Lance A, Lipset Megan E; 12/13/2016. $800,000


28 Elizabeth Lane, Diem Margaret, Diem Matthew C to Diem Matthew C, Diem Lynn Louise; 12/12/2016. $140,000

290 Margate Ave, Timothy Margaret A, McCrea Joan I to Halko Michael J, O’Connell Ciara A; 12/13/2016. $81,900

414 Petersburg Road, De George Dennis, De George Debbie M to Moore Timothy, Moore Kimberly; 12/13/2016. $270,000


108 W New York Ave, Krecko John E, Gilmore Dolores B, Krecko Charles W, Krecko Joseph E, Krecko John E Jr to Equity Trust Co, Howanski Joseph Ira; 12/12/2016. $55,900

6 Arthur’s Court, Hundemann Denise, Jepson Kathleen to Stewart Jeffrey R, Stewart Leeann L; 12/12/2016. $340,000

204 Arbor Road, Korlaet Nicholas J, Korlaet Patricia J to Bruce Robert, Bruce Maureen K; 12/13/2016. $135,000

11 W Drumbed Road, NJHR LLC to Rodriguez Jaqueline, Brown Jeremiah; 12/13/2016. $149,900

840 S Cape Ave, Smith Norman D, Smith Pamela J to Rowan Jordan C, Rowan Gabriela M; 12/13/2016. $395,000

102 Kechemeche St, Schroder Amie N, Thomas Malcolm to Capital K Investments LLC; 12/14/2016. $50,000

38 Ohio Ave, Whitaker Julia M, Whitaker William H to Shields Robert J III; 12/14/2016. $59,000

818 Shunpike Road, F & D Properties LLC to GT Renovation LLP; 12/14/2016. $65,000

850 Shunpike Road, F & D Properties LLC to GT Renovation LLP; 12/14/2016. $65,000

501 Town Bank Road, Fannie Mae, Stern Lavinthal & Frankenberg LLC to Xenidis Demetrios; 12/14/2016. $112,900

203 Iselin Road, Casey Francis, Casey Eileen to Anthony Ronald M, Mercanti-Anthony Rosemary; 12/14/2016. $152,500

26 Ohio Ave, Lusch Brian J, Lusch Bernadette R to Dietrich Ralph; 12/14/2016. $243,000

404 Adriatic Ave, Parker George M, Parker Christine H to Klaman Robert E; 12/14/2016. $259,000


214 Hand Ave, Gilliar Michael D to Hernandez-Ramierz Jorge A Sr, Hernandez Mary A; 12/12/2016. $206,500

8 Domi Drive, Walsh Barbara A, Walsh John J to Pastore Michael A Jr, Pastore Leslie A; 12/12/2016. $302,500

105 Linden Lane, Wagner Dustin, Wagner Melissa to Prosser Kyle; 12/13/2016. $157,000

407 Tidewater Ave, Brown William C, Brown Patricia K to 407 Tidewater Avenue Personal Residence Trust; 12/13/2016. $260,000

14 Hallman Road, Selwyn Louise S, Selwyn Edward O Jr to Cordaro Paul J, Unterberger Jennifer H; 12/13/2016. $605,000

43 Route 47 North Units F20 & F24, Biancone Amelia M, Biancone Richard R to Kovick Tessa, Weidenhammer Darren, Biancone Teresa M; 12/14/2016. $75,000

18 N 11th St, Pastore Michael A Jr, Pastore Leslie to La Bov Corey W, La Bov Nicole M; 12/14/2016. $160,000

601 Pennsylvania Ave, Santiago Manuel, Santiago Luz to Pollard Kristy A; 12/14/2016. $212,000


108 E 4th Ave, Adal LLC to Lentz Allen J, Lentz Christen D; 12/10/2016. $637,000

105 E 5th Ave, Adal LLC to Manna James, Manna Nicole; 12/10/2016. $640,000

503 W 19th Ave, Parker Jeffrey S, Parker Jeanine M to McKenna Jude, McKenna Julia Ann; 12/12/2016. $275,000

2500 Atlantic Ave Unit 131, Armenti Anna S to Tschopp Kevin, Tschopp Lorine; 12/13/2016. $131,000

600 Kennedy Drive, Beltz David, Beltz Barbara to Leslie Stephen J, Leslie Susan M; 12/13/2016. $206,500

500 Kennedy Drive, Marchesani Michael N, Marchesani Christopher M, Marchesani Nick to Greenberg Richard, RJG North Wildwood Trust; 12/14/2016. $120,000


5836-38 Asbury Ave 2nd Floor, Pietropaulo Leslie, Pietlock Michelle, Meany Robert J to Levy Steve, Levy Melissa, Levy Michael; 12/10/2016. $565,000

2125-27 Asbury Ave, Sulpizio Jean to Wood William J, Wood Loretta M; 12/10/2016. $587,000

2929 Central Ave, Catherine L McKee Revocable Trust, Flood Catherine A, Moore Wendy A to Drury Dale; 12/10/2016. $952,000

6 Spinnaker Court, Shoudt Robert B to Konark Development LLC; 12/12/2016. $153,500

311 Asbury Ave, Pullia Frank J, Pullia Loren L to Vandenberg Christopher J, Vandenberg Shannon; 12/12/2016. $359,000

3528 West Ave, Xenakis Thomas W Sr, Xenakis Kathleen M, Lignore David A, Lignore Colleen M to 3528 West Avenue LLC; 12/12/2016. $375,000

1804 Bay Ave, Dare David, Dare Jill to Magan Shelley, Van Natten Stephen; 12/12/2016. $490,000

807 8th St Unit 607, Drake Emily E to Ferrara Eileen; 12/13/2016. $55,000

5037 Haven Ave 1st Floor, Gigante-Harvey Esther Marie, Gigante Andrea to Potts Michele A, Potts Michael A; 12/13/2016. $346,000

1636 Asbury Ave, Stone William Rodney, Laverick-Stone Suzanne L to Mehler Eric C, Mehler Susan B; 12/13/2016. $472,000

3623 Asbury Ave, Chase Andrew B Jr to Murray Nancy R, Murray Thomas H Jr; 12/13/2016. $595,000

5132-34 Asbury Ave, McKenna Robert Michael to Chase Andrew B; 12/13/2016. $610,000

1733 Central Ave 1st Floor, JWR Properties to Hicks Harry R Jr, Hicks Lisa A; 12/13/2016. $815,000

3621 Central Ave, Ocean City Development Group LLC to Wilhelm Michael, Dickson Allegra; 12/13/2016. $855,000

1735 Central Ave 2nd Floor, JWR Properties to Angello Thomas A, Angello Margaret A; 12/13/2016. $860,000

2414 Central Ave, Ocean City Development Group to Powell Raymond K II, Powell Judith M, Walsh Deborah H, Hart Geraldine R; 12/13/2016. $870,000

5429-31 Central Ave, Verna Rose Ann, Verna Louis F to Moscony Michael T, Moscony Laurie A; 12/13/2016. $870,000

2 W Newcastle Road, Mills J William to Fanandakis Nicholas Charles, Fanandakis Rosemary; 12/13/2016. $3,286,198


214 90th St, Drew Melvin L Jr, Drew Barbara A to Greco Rodney, Greco Susan; 12/10/2016. $725,000

33 35th St West Unit, Ken’s Shore Thing to D’angelo Jennifer L; 12/10/2016. $870,000

218 92nd St Unit North, Branch Banking and Trust Co to Atkinson Claire L 12/12/2016 $601,000


9803 Third Ave, Kuo Joseph D, Kuo Marianne R to 9803 LLC; 12/12/2016. $1,200,000

344 89th St, 34489 Associates LLC to Magrann Scott F, Magrann Katharine B; 12/12/2016. $1,440,000

9201 First Ave, Campbell Neil P, Campbell Mary Ann D to Sealuke LLC; 12/12/2016. $1,900,000

8521 Sunset Drive, Miersch Jean W to Di Gregorio Kenneth J, Di Gregorio Gail Ingrid; 12/12/2016. $2,637,500


19 Queen Anne Court, Georgetti Investments LLC to De Angelis Julie; 12/13/2016. $133,000

7 E Sunrise Road, Silvers Samuel, Silvers Olga, Silvers Michael to Jones James, Jones Georgann; 12/13/2016. $250,000

520 Route 9 North, Robertson John Mark, Snyder Dale R to Monaghan William E, Monaghan Terri L; 12/13/2016. $265,000

25 Rivendell Road, Endicott Steven F, Endicott Tina L to Yakopcic Wesley D, Yakopcic Erin M; 12/13/2016. $300,000

11 Nordic Drive, Quirk Robert J, Quirk Lorraine M to Endicott Steven F, Endicott Tina L; 12/13/2016. $345,000

13 Mockingbird Lane, Terrels Melissa L to Conte Steven, Conte Maureen; 12/13/2016. $350,000

41 Elmwood Ave, Yakopcic Wesley, Yakopcic Erin to Buganski Tricia M; 12/14/2016. $220,000


107 Second Ave, 107 Second Ave Development LLC to D & A LLC; 12/13/2016. $730,000

Park Boulevard, Raysun Property Management Inc to Cicchitti David C, Cicchitti Margaret; 12/14/2016. $120,000


229 E Pine Ave Unit 200, Harris Mark, Harris Laura to Meyer Steven E; 12/12/2016. $214,000

225 E Wildwood Ave, Roberts Steven J, Roberts Cheryl to Nitka Kathleen, Nitka Steven Jr, Schernecke Jacqueline; 12/13/2016. $62,500

237 E Baker Ave Unit B, Bomis Anthony V to Luu Yeung Poon; 12/13/2016. $214,000

3810 Hudson Ave, Erb James D Erb, Carole J to Mercer James N, Mercer Eileen P; 12/14/2016. $250,000


405 E Atlanta Ave, Salvo Paul Jr, Salvo Victoria, Osborne Stephen to Gargani David M, Gargani Laura E; 12/13/2016. $350,000

401 E Farragut Road Unit 101, Yates Christopher, Yates Luciana to Gormley Edward T, Gormley Diane B; 12/13/2016. $350,000

417 E Monterey Ave, A Aaron Inc to McEldrew James J II; 12/13/2016. $557,500

150 W Cresse Ave, Citi Bank to Burns Thomas; 12/14/2016. $141,000


705-7096 De Hirsch Ave, Resi Reo Sub LLC, Altisource Residential LP, Altisource Solutions Inc to Hagaman Robert; 12/13/2016. $26,424

Cumberland County


66 Old Deerfield Pike, Figueroa Juan C to Bard Eugene III; 1/5/2017. $126,000

4 Seville Drive, Molitor Kenneth W, Molitor Sandra J to Thorne Patricia E, Thorne Robert J; 1/6/2017. $230,000

5 Shady Dell Lane, Falzone Alexander J Jr, Falzone Debra L to Paulino Wilton M; 1/6/2017. $170,000


801 Florence Ave, Fannie Mae, Sherman Jonathan, Stern Lavinthal & Frankenberg LLC to Baccile Anna, Baccile Carmen; 1/5/2017. $33,000

1457 N Maple Drive, Kopec William M to Borrero Kohanna R; 1/6/2017. $133,500

1629 S East Ave, Hammerstedt James D, HFH Investments LLC, Iag Family Investments LLC, Turner Denise to Fleming James Jr; Fleming Natasha R; 1/6/2017. $206,500

1734 Almond Road, Moelius Cynthia R to Cushing Carona, Cushing David; 1/6/2017. $174,900

308 Union Lake Road, Fannie Mae, Marks Dana, Phelan Diamond & Jones to Nieves Dezenia I, Nieves Juan Jr; 1/6/2017. $149,900

3477 N West Ave, Wroniuk Kimberly, Wroniuk Paul B to Gonzalez Abraham Jr; 1/6/2017. $185,000

Ocean County


24 Spruce Circle South, Knapp Gregory to Dawe Kenneth M; 1/6/2017. $240,000

67 Gunning River Road, Virgin Mary and St Paul Coptic Orthodox Church to Rosa Realty LLC; 1/5/2017. $25,000

17 Sparrow Lane, Van Hook David to Carney John F; 1/4/2017. $210,000

99 Gunning River Road, Ruiz Thomas to Fleck Nathan E, Fleck Michelline L; 1/4/2017. $172,000

9 Bell Wood Court, JPMorgan Chase Bank to Kastanis John; 1/5/2017. $133,650

216 Paramount Escapes Drive, Paramount Homes at Wall LLC, Paramount Homes at Forest Hills LLC, Castellar Properties Inc, BHL (US) Inc, Fernbach Jeffrey, Bleeman Eli to Blanchard Robert C, Blanchard Pamela A; 1/5/2017. $389,837

16 Midship Drive, Sardella Michael J to Sardella Lorena L; 1/5/2017. $258,000

105 Freedom Hills Drive, Nelson Michael P, Nelson Janet A to Coles Ann Marie; 1/6/2017. $350,000


310 West Ave Unit B3 And Boat Slip 14, Topping Richard S, Topping Anne L to Kunich Fredric K, Kunich Susan L; 1/4/2017. $355,000

514B Engleside Ave, Ruffenach Paul to Salay Stephen, Salay Darla; 1/4/2017. $265,000

311 Jeffries Ave, Preller Nora H, Preller Frederick, Preller Cynthia Joyce to Clancy Senan, Clancy Maureen; 1/4/2017. $410,000

501-03 Dock Road, Damiani Michelle to Moreno William J, Davis Sharon Marie; 1/5/2017. $299,500

208 S Bay Ave, Midland Ira Inc, Advanta Ira Trust LLC, Nilson Kenneth to Dodge Steven, Dodge Mary; 1/5/2017. $360,000


334 Dock Road, Capobianco Frank V, Mccullough William C III to D’Alessandro Joseph; 12/29/2016. $120,000

122 Forge Road, Talamantes Andres Cauthemoc, Talamantes Judith Ann to Scholey Blake E, Scholey Caroline M; 1/5/2017. $81,000


136 S Main St, Cicco Vittorio, Cicco Angela to 136 South Main Street LLC; 1/5/2017. $1,350,000

412 Woodland Drive, Neumann Edward, Neumann Kristen Wilson to Brewster Peter T, Brewster Melanie; 1/4/2017. $150,000

744 Boat Road, Rapsas Vincent E, Rapsas Dawn M Rotondi to Dutsar James R, Dutsar Helen M; 1/4/2017. $142,900

913 Montauk Drive, Massaro Belinda, Urban Marie J, Sebastian E Schriek Living Trust, Schriek Sebastian E Living Trust to Massaro Belinda, Massaro James; 1/4/2017. $114,000

842 Spar Drive, Launer Thomas E, Launer Irrevocable Personal Residence Trust to Panariello John M, Panariello Karen; 1/4/2017. $335,000

412 Sycamore Drive, Lebansky Deborah A, Lebansky Robert P to Jersey Shore Restored LLC; 1/4/2017. $140,000

609 Drew Ave, Zumbo Joseph, Zumbo Cindy, Cho C to Stone Christopher J, Stone Nikole L; 1/5/2017. $175,000

22 Penn Place, Bevan Jack to Broome Gregory; 1/6/2017. $370,000

2360 Holly Road, Delucia Salvatore, Delucia Mary K to Delucia Joseph, Delucia Jessica; 1/6/2017. $280,000


38 W Sail Drive, Frazier Georgiana to Roeseler Michael P; 1/4/2017. $60,000

16 Hogan Court, Humphrey Sioban A, Starr Malachy Desmond, Starr Desmond M to Sweet Jacquelyn A, Sweet James D III; 1/4/2017. $195,000

67 Ivy Creek Drive, Plavchak Rose, Plavchak Rose P, Debiasi Doris A, Debiasi Doris to Pritsch Catherine; 1/4/2017. $207,500

71 Vincent Court, Fay Servicing LLC, GFT Property Holdings II LLC to Dietrick Joann; 1/4/2017. $108,000

38 Ship Drive, McMahon Michael P, McMahon Maria S to Sinistore William, Sinistore Willa; 1/5/2017. $115,000

864 Center St, Platti Michael A, MDJ Enterprise LLC to Bourgeois Steve; 1/5/2017. $60,000

119 E Sail Drive, Fishman Michael, Fishman Lisa to Abraham Abraham; 1/5/2017. $365,000


11 E 40th St, Quaglietta Michael, Quaglietta Jill to Peterman John, Peterman Holly; 1/4/2017. $444,000

7207 Ocean Blvd, Ziman Development Inc to Cancelliere John, Cancelliere Deborah; 1/4/2017. $2,900,000

128 W Newport Drive, Falk Barbara, Falk Don to Nehr Fred A, Nehr Jennifer M; 1/4/2017. $950,000

101 E 24th St, Saunders Richard G to Brundage Stephen T, Brundage Susan A; 1/5/2017. $870,000

102 W 17th St, Fannie Mae, Servicelink, Chicago Title Insurance Co to Zapco Realty South LLC; 1/6/2017. $68,250


3 Walnut St, Picone Jake T to Bay Properties LLC; 12/28/2016. $103,000

559 Harding Ave, Kenna Jeannette to Bay Properties LLC; 12/29/2016. $90,000

95 Atlantic Ave, Tarcza Robert L, Dilouie Ruth to Dollberg Douglas H, Dollberg Marianne P; 12/29/2016. $390,000

62 Illinois Ave, Astegher Kurt, Astegher Nicole to Koegel Laura A; 12/30/2016. $184,000

7 Letts Landing Road, US Bank, Rmac Trust to Gabale Moussa; 1/5/2017. $120,000

41 Lighthouse Drive, Dahl David, Dahl Victoria to Spruce Valley LLC; 1/4/2017. $70,000

324 Tuscarora Ave, Fannie Mae, Phelan Hallinan Diamond & Jones to Santos Egberto; 1/5/2017. $205,900


29 Island Breeze Court, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, Christiana Trust, Selene Finance LP, Retium Mortgage Acquisition Trust to Gagliardi Joseph, Gagliardi Lori; 1/6/2017. $286,000

16B Acorn Road, Freddie Mac, Phelan Hallinan Diamond & Jones PC to Conrey Nichole, Keller Deborah; 1/5/2017. $49,900

51 David Drive, Rusciano Thomas, Rusciano Michael Jr, French Mary, Rusciano Catherine, Rusciano Catherine A to Rusciano David J; 1/4/2017. $140,000

328 Compass Court, Leann Enterprise LLC, Rybska Anna to Funicelli Michael David, Funicelli Sivagamie; 1/4/2017. $399,000

112 Temple Ave, Miller Donald L, Scali-Miller Deborah T to Greco George; 1/5/2017. $277,000

134 Mermaid Drive, Titus Kristin, Titus Michael to Cusack Shannon B; 1/5/2017. $222,000

315 Compass Court, Kruysman Matthew J, Kruysman Jessica to Paluszak Adam; 1/5/2017. $277,000

204 Compass Road, Schmid Christopher, Schmid Charles, Schmid Doris, Folinus Susan to Schmid Joseph; 1/5/2017. $188,000

964 Barnacle Drive, Killeen John J, Killeen Margaret M to Titus Michael M, Titus Kristin M; 1/6/2017. $300,000

57 Lynn Ann Lane, Zawacki Eileen M, Zawacki Robert B to Roy Thomas, Roy Denise, Roy David P, Roy Allison; 1/6/2017. $375,000


353 S 3rd St, Mueller Raymond J O, Mueller Joan, Mueller Karen L, Richardson Joan S, Richardson Paul to Hollander Deborah A, Hollander Warren J; 1/6/2017. $575,000

223 N 11th St, Savianeso Richard, Savianeso Mary Claire to Spinello Kim A, Spinello James; 1/6/2017. $341,000


133 E Main St, 133 E Main LLC, Kessner Ronald, Kessner Faith A to Kontogiannis Konstantinos; 1/4/2017. $120,000

410 S Green St, U.S. HUD to Goleniak Janine; 1/5/2017. $100,100

213 Center St, Stern Lavinthal & Frankenberg LLC, Fannie Mae to Fabian Peter; 1/5/2017. $80,000

291 Heron Road, Burns James, Burns Phyllis M to Calderone Debra, Calderone Patrick; 1/6/2017. $112,500

Property transactions run Sundays as space is available. None will be skipped.

Contact: 609-272-7234

Twitter @danielpgrote



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