Transactions are from county property records. Settlement dates are listed; deed filings may be delayed. Location may reflect address of seller rather than property sold. If your property is incorrectly listed, call 609-272-7253.

Atlantic County


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317 Pine St, Stern Lavinthal & Frankenberg LLC to Hilbert Robert; 12/27/16. $68,500

1 Mechanic St Unit 207, One Mechanic Street LLC to Young Walter J; 12/28/16 $148,500

202 Hobart Ave, Gray James to Fawcett Deborah; 12/28/16. $146,000


128 N Virginia Ave, Lin Jia to Lin Yin; 12/27/16. $20,000

2634 Arctic Ave, Bank of NY Mellon to Nguyen Tuan; 12/27/16. $25,000

2722 Atlantic Ave & 3 Iowa Ave, Pelandis Michael to Benetton Holdings LLC; 12/27/16. $2,625,000

36 N Montgomery Ave, Roman Robert M to McDevitt Patrick T; 12/27/16. $116,900

526 Pacific Ave Unit 1004, DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc to Mathai Manilal; 12/28/16. $100,000

526 Pacific Ave Unit 1807, Lucky Step LLC to Roche Michael A; 12/28/16. $180,000

526 Pacific Ave Unit 708, Polish and Slavic Federal Credit Union to Pierdomenico Antoinetta; 12/28/16. $100,000

800 N Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Al Di Mars LLC to Brown Myron L Sr; 12/28/16. $113,000

120 N Texas Ave, Bank of NY Mellon to Segich Kevin; 12/29/16. $10,500

38 N Bellevue Ave, 6 N Brighton LLC to Roy Chandan; 12/29/16. $23,500

101 S Raleigh Ave Unit 917, Gilber Allen L to Pollack John; 12/30/16. $60,000

1515 Boardwalk Unit 607, Truman Capital Advisors LP to Flagship Resort Dev Corp; 12/30/16. $59,000

2921 Fairmount Ave, Duong Tung to Nguyen Bach Hue; 12/30/16. $65,000

3101 Boardwalk 601 Tower 1, Harrell Tom to Pazzaglia James R; 12/30/16. $100,000

32 S Tennessee Ave, 32 South Tennessee Realty LLC to Pak Jacqueline Y; 12/30/16. $150,000

632 N Trenton Ave, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to 5624 Burk Ave LLC; 12/30/16. $54,337


3401 Ocean Ave Unit 14, Cahill John to Caputo John; 12/27/16. $110,000

3401 Ocean Ave Unit 16, Cohen Candice B to Hogg David IV; 12/27/16. $99,000

4816 Harbor Beach Blvd, Divinney Tina to Tyschyk Gawthrop John Jr; 12/27/16. $250,000

806 Fownes Ave, Tracy John to Ward Robert J; 12/27/16. $229,900

301 W Brigantine Ave, Pundurs Anita to Krog Robin; 12/29/16. $175,000

407 33rd St South, Wagner Daniel V to Marino Robert; 12/29/16. $655,000


1086 W Summer Ave, Cogossi Michael R to Alimenti Michael; 12/29/16. $325,000

109 S Franklin St, Freddie Mac to Pastore Mark J; 12/30/16. $52,600


202 Braddock Ave, Chicago Title Ins Co to Global Premier Asset Mgmt LLC; 12/27/16. $14,500

531 Cedar Ave, Wells Fargo to Strickland Virginia A; 12/29/16. $41,500


119 Ruby Drive, Russo Marissa M to Salsbery Jason R; 12/28/16. $278,000

273 Churchill Drive, Licata Michael P to Wexler John A Jr; 12/28/16. $275,000

129 Mark Ave, Congo Smith Roberta F to Perry Domenick J Jr; 12/29/16. $115,000

303 Knollwood Drive, Vanhettinga Arnold J to Fresella James; 12/29/16. $225,000

16 Rushwood Drive, Giordano Frank to Degraw Michelle L; 12/30/16. $150,000

232 Ivy Road Drive, Horton Inc NJ to Geiger Sandra; 12/30/16. $260,290

332 Sunflower Drive, Johns Robert to Spuler Daniel; 12/30/16. $206,000

99 S Mount Airy Ave, Stackhouse Kenneth A to Corbo Matthew M; 12/30/16. $180,000


181 Third Ave, Murphy Tracy D to Guy Daniel; 12/28/16. $69,900


3rd Road, Folsom Borough to Capoferri Robert; 12/30/16. $15,000


118 Sheffield Court, Oldehoff Robert T to Madsen Roberta M; 12/27/16. $219,900

218 Buchanan Ave, NJHR 1 LLC to Grabowski Anthony; 12/27/16. $187,000

510 Heritage Court, Pennymac Loan Serv Inc to Stokes Steven J; 12/27/16. $300,000

28 Federal Court, Shazad Liaqat to Kapus Patricia Ann; 12/29/16. $55,100

527 Emerson Court, Marino Vincent H to Grichin William; 12/29/16. $188,750

117 Warwick Road, North Janet to Byrnes Sharon S; 12/30/16. $176,000

514 E Revere Court, Leggio Muriel A to Johnson Mandi M; 12/30/16. $162,500

631 S Sixth Ave, Reyes Henry Louis to Squaresky Adam; 12/30/16. $201,000


1309 Madden Ave, Bank of America to Bailey Nichele; 12/27/16. $26,000

425 Clarkstown Road, Sharp David to Kleinsmith Warren; 12/27/16. $245,000

194 Tryens Drive, Fromm Stephen J Jr to Keita Adama; 12/28/16. $160,000

48 Monet Drive, Chiusano Barbara to Smith Thomas N III; 12/28/16. $305,000

4859 Hawthorn Lane, Duvert Marie to Tomlinson Melissa A; 12/28/16. $96,000


311 E Orchard St, Sacco James R Jr to Tigro Alexander S; 12/29/16. $131,500

38 Leah Court, Switzer Vicky J to Knapp John T; 12/30/16. $262,500

521 French St, Stokes William E Jr to Cram Nathan M; 12/30/16. $198,500

55 N Packard St, Rodio Bernadette M to Colon Lisa A; 12/30/16. $191,500


1201 New Road Unit 5, WS New Street LLC to City of Linwood; 12/27/16. $950,000

N-6 Hancock Court, Barrett Patricia to New Parkway Realty Inc; 12/28/16. $99,900

204 W Barr Ave, HSBC Bank to New Jersey Home Buyers LLC; 12/30/16. $141,888


111 S 16th Ave, Horos Peter S to Holland Patricia; 12/28/16. $480,000


213 N Jasper Ave, Booth Michael to Juliano Margaret; 12/28/16. $420,000

211 N Granville Ave, McHugh Kevin M to Bongiovanni Steven; 12/30/16. $320,400


801 and 803 Tilton Road, Miijer LLC to Tilton Group LLC; 12/27/16. $5,950,000

106 Putting Green Ave, O’Neill Kerrin D to Lotz Amy L; 12/30/16. $145,000

306 Franklin Ave, O’Donoghue Joseph to Schwartz Wendi H; 12/30/16. $185,000


123 Walnut Ave, Fannie Mae to Bandi JFS LLC; 12/28/16. $37,500

109 W Merion Ave, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to American Restoration and Rebuilders; 12/29/16. $13,000


4800 Boardwalk Unit 1108, Capozzi Rita to AJT Realty LLC; 12/27/16. $100,000

5520 Marshall Ave, Taitleman Jerry to Karcheuskaya Alena; 12/29/16. $31,500

Cape May County


115 20th St, Dowdell Abner, Dowdell Mariam to Lunsford Richard Jr; 12/7/2016. $1,150,000

285 48th St, Friedman Stuart E, Friedman Rhoda L to Rutherford Bruce J, Rutherford Therese R; 12/7/2016. $1,388,333

46 E 22nd St, Falco Family LP, Lauletta Jacqueline to Rogers Thomas A, Rogers Andrea M; 12/7/2016. $1,825,000


1460 Missouri Ave, Battista Kenneth, Battista Joanne to Hunter Leonard J Jr, Hunter Stacey Anderson; 12/7/2016. $1,275,000

1160B Washington St, Deutsche Bank, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to D2-2 Development Inc; 12/8/2016. $219,749

15 Broadway, Lopoten Ronald, Lopoten Jane, Simonson Robert to Strube William F Jr, Strube Karen B; 12/8/2016. $369,000

25 Gurney St, Schatz Jay R, Schatz Marianne to Hillegas Joseph, Turner Mary Ellen; 12/8/2016. $566,450

817 Stockton Ave, Park South Real Estate Corp to Sea Shore S Cape 2 LLC; 12/8/2016. $715,000


305 Princeton Ave, Wehrli Felix W, Wehrli Suzanne L to Kim Pamela, Kim Ronald; 12/7/2016. $820,000

306 Knox Ave, Ram-Jet Inc to Di Piazza Christopher L, Di Piazza Heather E; 12/8/2016. $517,000


150 Dennisville Road, Ratcliffe William, Ratcliffe Mary M to Walker Sandra L; 12/8/2016. $158,000

42 Lake Vista Drive, Bickham Joyce, Spille Richard F Sr to Johnson Mark W, Johnson Jaye; 12/8/2016. $219,000.00


105 E Austin Ave, Galo Felix, Galo Lisa D to Draper Matthew F, Draper Pamela V; 12/7/2016. $475,000

813-B Shawcrest Road, Maul James R Sr, Maul Rochelle to Krezwick Richard A; 12/7/2016. $520,000

227 E Rochester Ave, Corsini David, Corsini Michele to Stryjewski Glenn, Stryjewski Alison; 12/7/2016. $540,000

213 Beechwood Ave, Balto Jody to Neil John C, Neil Lisa A; 12/8/2016. $137,500

510 Shunpike Road, Stewart Jeffrey R, Stewart Lee Ann to Steich Susan M, Lauff Michael J; 12/8/2016. $235,000

103 Avalon Road, Marcovitz Melisa E to Tadduni Gregory T, Wessels Bernadette K; 12/8/2016. $300,000

2 Loblolly Lane, Feitz Patricia Butler, Sparks Susan F, Cannon Laurie F, Pitale John C, Feitz George to Marcovitz Melisa E; 12/8/2016. $305,000

961-963 Shirley Ave, Wells Fargo to Dougherty Dennis Vincent; 12/9/2016. $67,500

111A Race Track Drive, Hober Michael W, Hober Jessica L to Chamberlain Rebecca S; 12/9/2016. $235,000

501 Del-View Road, Carver Brad, Carver Marie to Salari Hamid, Esmaeli-Salari Maryann; 12/9/2016. $272,500

1403 Holmes Ave, Whitwell David W, Giometti Renee M to Whimsical Starfish; 12/9/2016. $280,000


7 Enterprise Drive, Mitchell & Mitchell LLP, Mitchell William A, Mitchell Harry A Jr to Mitchell Family Properties LLC 12/7/2016 $750,000

104 Whiting Way, Bowman Joan to Makowski Nicholas J; 12/8/2016. $83,000

59 S Route 47, Christiana Trust, Wilmington Savings Fund Society, RMS Asset Management to Goodman Randal; 12/9/2016. $76,000

45 Indian Trail, Beers Robert S, Crimi Richard, Beers Albert S, Beers Linda M to Shoreway Gardens; 12/9/2016. $345,000


128B Allen Drive, Henszey Barry A, Henszey Anne to Gherardi Kenneth; 12/9/2016. $101,000

711 Ocean Ave Unit 305, Traboulsi Teodor, Traboulsi Agnieszka to Gulle Jean Paul; 12/9/2016. $237,000

110 W Marina Court Unit 12B, Chubik Catherine M to Kenyon Harvey J, Kenyon Lorraine Ann; 12/9/2016. $239,000


89 W 17th St, Bowen Jack E Sr, Bowen Jack E Jr to CJCKOC LLC; 12/7/2016. $450,000

4827 Asbury Ave Unit B, Fitchett Andrew J, Fitchett Elizabeth J to Asselta Richard, Asselta Lauren; 12/7/2016. $680,000

2904 Central Ave, Magrann Scott F, Magrann Katharine B to Warrender William F Jr, Warrender Mary Ellen; 12/7/2016. $725,000

10 Ninth St, 9th Street Associates LLC to Hartzell Holdings LLC; 12/7/2016. $1,100,000

831-35 Atlantic Ave, Lenzi Anthony A Lenzi, Diane E to McFadden Dean T; 12/8/2016. $180,500

438 Asbury Ave, McCoy Ralph N III, McCoy Janet B to De Cesare Brian F, De Cesare Melinda D; 12/8/2016. $228,000

500 Bay Ave Unit 409S, Rossano Marianne to Wertan Dennis, Wertan Deborah; 12/8/2016. $260,000

8 Dolphin Court, Heffernan Richard J, Heffernan Lydia F to Straiton Victor J, Straiton Barbara C; 12/8/2016. $325,000

334 Asbury Ave, Brennan John W, Brennan Janice M, Sally Jacquelyn to Ocean City Development Group LLC; 12/8/2016. $335,000

408 4th St, Morrison Christopher H, Morrison Susan S to Kagen Jonathan, Kagen Tricia; 12/8/2016. $390,000

4813-15 Asbury Ave, Papa Louis A, Papa Margaret to Papa Christopher M, O’Neill-Papa Kara, Molter Michael, Papa-Molter Andrea E; 12/8/2016. $400,000

235 Asbury Ave, Magan Shelleymarie, Van Natten Stephen to Damm Michael T, Damm D Marie; 12/8/2016. $415,000

1155 Asbury Ave Unit C, Dromgoole Arthur P Jr to Guerrera Kristy; 12/8/2016. $475,000

4060-62 Asbury Ave, Tarka Elizabeth A, Miller Richard P Jr, Klugherz Bruce D, Ecker Michelle L to Wright Jerold T Jr, Wright Patricia R; 12/8/2016. $575,000

200 31st St, Nowakowski Roger M to Gunn Norman, Gunn Patricia; 12/8/2016. $600,000

2300-02 Asbury Ave, Panaccion Theodore B Jr, Panaccion Anita M to Cooney Michael P, Cooney Timothy S; 12/8/2016. $875,000

807 Eighth St Unit 603, Cunningham Lynne A to Conway Diane; 12/9/2016. $50,000

1008 Wesley Ave Unit 209, Feden Preston D, Feden Carol J to Smyth Brian P, Smyth Elizabeth A; 12/9/2016. $190,000

1717-19 Haven Ave Unit B, MacIntyre Richard P, MacIntyre Jacqueline R to Tanhauser Joseph D, Tanhauser Joanne C; 12/9/2016. $385,000


3700 Boardwalk Unit 310S, Bevilacqua Shayne, Bevilacqua Dawn M to Porter Gary G, Porter Claire R; 12/7/2016. $400,000

7114 Pleasure Ave, Welsh Thomas J Jr, Sanchirico David Jr, Sanchirico Patricia A to Tarsi Julius D; 12/7/2016. $1,240,000

121 49th St E Unit, Minissale James J, Minissale Roslyn M, Minissale Henry R to Lennon James F, Lennon Mary Kathleen, Guindon David E, Guindon Jayne K; 12/8/2016. $685,000

105 78th St, Griggs Ralph T, Griggs Janet A to Welsh Thomas J Jr; 12/8/2016. $875,000

335 46th Place, Maurelli Angelo Jr to Sea Structures LLC; 12/8/2016. $950,000

233 86th St, Santilli Thomas M, Santilli Lisa A to Christie Edward J, Christie Christina M; 12/8/2016. $1,250,000


10007 First Ave Unit E, Madison Gail A to Schmucker Paul, Schmucker Gerdith; 12/9/2016. $278,000


6 Congress St, Faith Thomas E, Faith Deirdre Fennell to Wiswall Stacey, Wiswall Charles; 12/8/2016. $355,000


612 W Pine Ave, Ferraro Carol, Ferraro Eugene G to Crowley Nichole K; 12/8/2016. $75,000


216 E 26th Ave, Miller Melissa A to Papa Frank M; 12/8/2016. $111,000

424 W Hildreth Ave, Kapp Monica A, Batz Cameron B to Rymsza Douglas T; 12/8/2016. $185,000

5304 Hudson Ave Unit C, Cyhan Marie to German Frank, German Shellylin; 12/9/2016. $125,000


8900 Seaview Ave, Kay Joanne D, Kay Stewart F to Burgio Michael T, Burgio Piera; 12/7/2016. $565,000

106 E Hollywood Ave, Walt Charles E IV, Walt Arden to Di Piero Richard S, Di Piero Mary Jo; 12/9/2016. $380,000

Cumberland County


319 & 321 N Pearl St, Cardenas Mark to Arenas Julio Cesar Jr; 12/27/2016. $135,000


200 Old Kenyon Road, Klein Kenton J, Klein Korin A to Bard Justin; 12/27/2016. $191,000


265 New Jersey Ave, Davison Arthur B, Davison Doris A to Schwieters Lynn, Schwieters Ronald A; 12/27/2016. $115,000

144 Bayview Road, Vandvelt Helen A, Vandvelt Jeanne to NJDEP; 12/30/2016. $174,673.73

931 Campbell St, Lore Ruth, Taylor George Elwood, Taylor June L to Weldon Jamie L; 12/30/2016. $130,000


Cohansey River, Watson Penelope Sally, Watson Robert S, Watson Sara Carlisle to NJDEP; 12/27/2016. $20,000


201 N 7th St, Martin Andrew, Martin Christine to Noblett Donald H, Noblett Jessica L; 12/23/2016. $116,875

24 Bird Place, Cox Michael J, Cox Renate to Baglio Sandra; 12/30/2016. $55,000


288 Willis Road, Cohen Michael G, Durham Charles H, New Vistas Corp to Hitchner Dennis, Hitchner Margo; 12/27/2016. $200,000


3281 Wilderness Drive, Fannie Mae, Marks Dana to Cordero Eduardo R, Diaz Dariana D; 12/23/2016. $109,800

593 E Grant Ave, Donofrio Sandra G, Galetto Paul W, Galetto Peter L Jr, Galetto Peter S Sr, Stanker & Galetto, Stanker Leon E, Stanker Norma, Stanker Robert P to OPM Grant Avenue LLC; 12/23/2016. $105,000

1243 Sherwood Drive, Pignolo Joseph A, Pignolo Mary to Mendibles Robert J; 12/27/2016. $181,000

808 Cambridge Place, Citibank, Master Alternative Loan Trust, US Bank, Wells Fargo to Nassiri Vahideh; 12/27/2016. $40,000

2052 N Delsea Drive, Smith Eric, Smith Glenn to HP Homestead Plumbing & Heating Inc; 12/27/2016. $175,000

229 W Almond St, U.S. HUD to Judd Shannon, Goyco Rafael; 12/27/2016. $58,000

45 Virginia Ave, Jacobson Kenneth to Fichetola Brittany, Nunziato Jillian; 12/27/2016. $119,900

502 N West Ave, Milete Carmen to Hirsh Alice, Peacher Alice; 12/27/2016. $120,000

971 E Wheat Road, Hope Josephine, Hope Oliver W to T-Ray Investments LLC; 12/29/2016. $40,000

Ocean County


1402 Central Avenue, Driesse Daniel, Driesse Bonnie to Peluso Michael, Peluso Susann; 12/27/2016. $1,119,500

109 Addlestone Lane, Pulte Homes Of NJ LP, Pulte Home Corporation Of The Delaware Valley to Polimeni Domenico; 12/30/2016. $312,275

8 W 21st St, Dustman Arthur, Dustman Charmaine to Lacroix Michael, Lacroix Christine P; 12/30/2016. $858,000


56 Rockland St, Heritage Point Inc to Giordano Allen F, Giordano Ellen D; 12/23/2016. $346,315

20 Freeboard Ave, Fabiano Rocco, Fabiano Roseann to Walters Development Co LLC; 12/23/2016. $50,000

22 Westport Drive, Tursi Cecelle T, Tursi Vincent J to Hanlon Mark, Hanlon Jacqueline; 12/23/2016. $250,000

8 Surf Court, Pajak Arthur S, Pajak Janet L to Tullock Jason, Tullock Krista; 12/27/2016. $232,000

3 Center St, Federal National Mortgage Assoc, Fannie Mae to Plazma Properites LLC; 12/28/2016. $25,000

15 Ravenwood Blvd, Secretary Of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Affairs to Knabe Mary; 12/28/2016. $117,500

15 Hingham Lane, Gelfars Andrea to Miele John A, Miele Dorothy Urgo; 12/28/2016. $265,000

4 Norwalk Lane, Heritage Point Lp, Heritage Point Inc to Scudera Andrew S Sr, Scudera Joann; 12/29/2016. $339,000

12 Highland Dr, Barnegat Township to Martin Salaj Mason Construction; 12/29/2016. $42,000

298 Hawthorne Lane, Frank Lucila, Frank Eugene to Mccormack Janice; 12/29/2016. $215,000

55 Quail Road, O’Rourke Carmela, Boland Kathleen, Brian J O’Rourke And Carmela O’Rourke Irrevocable Personal Resid, O’Rourke Brian J And O’Rourke Carmela Irrevocable Personal Resid to Acriche Joanne H, Acriche Robert N; 12/30/2016. $237,000

45 Rockland St, Heritage Point Inc to Cirignano Ronald J, Cirignano Donna M; 12/30/2016. $401,995

64 Mutineer Ave, NVR Inc, Ryan Homes to Mace Jackie; 12/30/2016. $386,817

530 N Main St, Broad Cove LLC to Narrow Cove LLC; 12/30/2016. $700,000


207 Fourth St, Lane Mary Elizabeth, Fox Sondra L to Webb Amy R, Webb Stephen B; 12/28/2016. $70,000

221 Jeffries Ave, Squire Karen L, Johansen Glenn M to Fairlie Suzanne, Fairlie Russell; 12/30/2016. $620,000


1203 Bullard Ave, Gonzales Carlo, Gonzales Marianna to Gibson Jennifer N; 12/29/2016. $215,000

1222 Pensacola Road, Pennymac Loan Services LLC, Pennymac Corp to Reinig Brianna, Reinig J James; 12/30/2016. $160,000

10 Cedar Dr, Gunn David E, Gunn Alexis to Central Shore Funding LLC; 12/30/2016. $121,000

1304 Fairfield Place, Muscelli Leonard W, Muscelli Joan K to Coulter James Stephen, Donnelly Colleen Patricia; 12/27/2016. $615,000

908 W Panama Court, Gronczewski Rory, Elley Danielle to Meehan Caitlin; 12/27/2016. $234,500

5 Cork Place, Mench Allen J, Mench Allen to Walter Thomas; 12/27/2016. $179,000

710 Laurel Blvd, Silber Abraham, Silber Kasriel to Fields Kathleen; 12/27/2016. $234,000

1353 M St, Reid Joseph, Cook Caitlyn to Matthews Richard A Jr, Costa-Matthews Mary Kate; 12/28/2016. $245,000

10 Cameron Court, Toll Land Xi Limited Partnership, Toll Land Corp No 10 to Cohen Michael, Cohen Erna; 12/28/2016. $415,237

703 Fairview Lane, Hess Frederick, Hess Francine to Lawrence William S, Lawrence Elise C; 12/28/2016. $550,000

423 Lakeside Drive North, Guardino Theresa M to Ridgway Briana; 12/28/2016. $155,000

873 Arlington Ave, Capri Holdings LLC, Weinfeld Joseph to Englehardt Christopher R; 12/29/2016. $230,000

416 Center St, Pcii Reo LLC to Three Brothers Demolition And Debris Removal LLC; 12/30/2016. $101,000

1a Hollywood Blvd South, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association, Powers Kirn LLC to Jgg Properties LLC; 12/30/2016. $312,000

2121 Pineview Road, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Assoc, Fein Such Kahn Shepard Pc to Cordivari William; 12/30/2016. $102,250

526 Brentwood Road, Arruda Thomas, Arruda Shannon to Marrone Anthony C, Scorsone Andrea C; 12/30/2016. $350,000

826 Hazelton Ave, Araneo Michael A to Higgins Mary E; 12/30/2016. $165,000

1016 Orlando Drive, Coba Inc to Quinones Adolfo; 12/30/2016. $315,000

13 Bobwhite Court, Hutler Elizabeth M to Hutler Stephen A; 12/30/2016. $175,000

1226 Andover Road, Vecchio Robert T, Vecchio Frances A to Hick Glenn Jr, Poulos Danielle; 12/30/2016. $455,000

105 Brookwood Lane, Triano Richard, Ferraro Maureen, Udis Maureen B, Udis Frank J to Sheik Patrick, Sheik Patricia; 12/23/2016. $245,000


16 W Delaware Drive, Ilnem Okyay to Powell Mark; 12/23/2016. $181,000

4 W Boat Drive, Anderson Annmarie to Rao Peter, Rao Lorie; 12/23/2016. $65,000

61 Stone Gate Drive, Giblin Kevin, Giblin Kevin M, Giblin Lisa, Giblin Lisa A to Coruccini Anthony J; 12/23/2016. $247,500

135 East Dory Drive, Matarazzo James, Matarazzo Frank to Vu Man Tri; 12/30/2016. $120,000

108 National Union Blvd, Favara Michael to Piegaro Adrienne; 12/27/2016. $156,000

17 Schooner Court, Bcat 2015-13btt, Christiana Trust, Selene Finance LP, Wilmington Savigns Fund Society Fsb to Eckert Jamie; 12/27/2016. $114,000

117 Spinnaker Dr, Ramos Anthony, Ramos Veneranda to Hetzler Cynthia Marie, Hetzler John Anthony; 12/27/2016. $50,000

224 S Pulaski Blvd, Kobryn Eugene, Kobryn Barbara to Jones Dale M; 12/29/2016. $111,000

10 Cypress Court, Pritsch Catherine to Curatilo Michael C, Curatilo Deborah M; 12/29/2016. $317,500

304 Hancock Drive, Martini Barbara, Martini Leo A, Martini Greg, Martini Barbara E to Stauffer Joan; 12/29/2016. $119,900

3 Baltusrol Court, Verge Jason F to Brocklebank Drew; 12/30/2016. $210,000

39 South Burgee Drive, Wolf Walter H, Wolf Anita C to Millward Adrian; 12/30/2016. $156,000

116 Forecastle Drive, Sorrentino Janet, Mccabe Mia, Sorrentino Palma, Sorrentino Marc A to Grzeszczak Robert; 12/30/2016. $206,000


1077C Long Beach Blvd, Gorczynski Brian, Misazomor LLC to Mehmel Barbara; 12/30/2016. $2,600,000

1077D Long Beach Blvd, Misazomor LLC to Mehmel Barbara; 12/30/2016. $1,700,000

111 W Beardsley Ave, Richardson Sean, Richardson Renee to Szabo Thomas R, Szabo Anne; 12/30/2016. $500,000

112 E 15th St, Klingele Michael, Rosemarie Klingele Trust, Klingele Rosemarie, Klingele Edward, Klingele Rosemarie C to Juliano Brian G, Juliano Kelly; 12/27/2016. $1,240,000

5610 Long Beach Blvd, Krochmal Rita to Secci Filippo, Secci Matilda; 12/27/2016. $390,000

12304 Old Whaling Lane, Weiss Ronald, Weiss Josephine to Palko Peter, Palko Laurie; 12/30/2016. $1,200,000

24 West Joshua Ave, Neal Louise D to Rhodes Kristine, Rhodes Joshua; 12/30/2016. $942,000

6 E Colorado Ave, Hoefers Linda, Gott Claire A to Nardi’s LLC; 12/30/2016. $600,000

1109B Argyll Circle, Baar Maria to Roberts Hanna M; 12/30/2016. $100,000

5701 Ocean Blvd, Aynilian Elizabeth A, Aynilian Nicholas J to 5701 Ocean Blvd LLC; 12/30/2016. $1,400,000


120 E 28th St, 28th Street Partners LLC, Nautilus Construction LLC, Pagnotta Michael to Dowdell Sean; 12/23/2016. $1,275,000

351 W Fourth St, Snyder Kenneth L, Snyder Kathryn A to 351 W 4th Street LLC; 12/28/2016. $525,000


13B Acorn Road #25B, Bcat 2015-13att, Selene Finance LP, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, Christiana Trust to Decrescenzo Nicolina, Capaccio Phillis, Kinder David J, Kinder Elizabeth; 12/23/2016. $59,900

44 Ruth Ann Drive, Affordable Building Systems LLC to Billig Joseph, Vasquez Shirley; 12/23/2016. $419,900

38 Fir Road, Shinn Robert G, Taber Lorraine C to Behrens Thomas A, Behrens Michelle; 12/23/2016. $125,000

123 Sailing Road, Sabale Vicente, Sabale Azucena to Leann Enterprise LLC; 12/30/2016. $72,000

155 E Bay Ave, BRK LLC, Kraushaar Adam to Ltd Realty Investment XI LLC; 12/27/2016. $258,168

1108 Rudder Ave, Omni And Brook Holdings Inc, Grunfeld Menashe, Kranz Akiva, 1108 Rudder LLC to Cox Kinberly; 12/30/2016. $219,000

1141 Hawser Ave, Hahl Kevin M, Hahl Tiffany to Matynka Anthony C Jr; 12/30/2016. $229,900

616 and 620 N Main St, Atkins William Chet, Jersey Outdoor Media LLC to Wainwright Property Group LLC; 12/30/2016. $51,500

215 Riptide Ave, Wood Melville W, Wood Diana to Hensel Kyle Buckley, Hensel Kristen; 12/30/2016. $255,000

63 Beverly Lane, Mccreadie Robert J, Mccreadie Marybeth to Affordable Building Systems LLC; 12/30/2016. $165,000

149 Bowline Road, Brick Michael S, Bittle Donna, Harbor Properties LLC to Wilcox Jeffrey M; 12/30/2016. $360,000


243 N 7th St, Walker Carol J, Haskett Viola, Haskett John M to Kuehnrich Walter; 12/23/2016. $455,000

420 N 4th St, McGuigan Kevin, McGuigan John V to Dietz Don P, Dietz Elizabeth M, McGuigan Chris, McGuigan Cindy; 12/23/2016. $323,365

1013 N Ocean Ave, Cuny Clinton E, Cuny Deborah to Grossman Robin, Brancati Francis; 12/27/2016. $1,550,000

917 Ocean Ave, Clark Glen J, Derose Carolyn to Biele Carla R, Altamuro James F; 12/28/2016. $1,430,000


143 Flamingo Road, Delmonte Marian J, Delmonte Cherie to Mackin Niall P, Mackin Terrina; 12/29/2016. $360,000

330 Landing Court, Trainor Thomas T, Trainor Lila Joyce to Trainor Kenneth M; 12/29/2016. $165,000.

Property transactions run Sundays as space is available. None will be skipped.

Contact: 609-272-7234

Twitter @danielpgrote



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