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Atlantic County


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2H Oyster Bay Road, Wells Fargo to Miranda Tolentino Teresa; 02/16/17. $36,500


1510 Belfield Ave, Friends of Jean Webster Inc to 1510 Belfield Associates LLC; 02/14/17. $55,000

109 N California Ave, Barua Paluk to Akther Rahena; 02/14/17. $80,000

526 Pacific Ave Unit 207, Strock Truong to Choi Suzie Y; 02/14/17. $110,000

116 Houston Ave, Atlantic City Housing Authority to Pescatore Jeanine; 02/14/17. $120,000

221 N Morris Ave, Fannie Mae to Tran Jim M; 02/15/17. $41,200

1822 N Michigan Ave, U.S. HUD to Dymszo Juanita B; 02/15/17. $42,512.78

127 N New Jersey Ave Unit 38A, PNC Bank to Chila Albert; 02/15/17. $47,250

314 N Massachusetts Ave, Wilmington Trust to Taylor Anthony; 02/16/17. $24,000

206 N Carolina Ave, Busler Michael to Jea LLC 02/16/17; $55,000

1200 N Michigan Ave, Scully Uraina Lyn to Gray Salem Nabila; 02/16/17. $82,000

3101 Boardwalk Unit 2108 Tower Ii, Minassian Paula M to Steinberg David; 02/16/17. $105,000

421 N New Hampshire Ave, Miral Virgilio to Neuls Jason R; 02/16/17. $155,000

3101 Boardwalk Unit 3202-2, Steinberg Adrian to Gegeckas Deborah J; 02/16/17. $176,000

1537 Boardwalk, Rehman Amjad to Umar Muhammad; 02/16/17. $245,000

4303 Ventnor Ave, Wong Gerald WY to Chon Yong; 02/17/17. $114,000


56 Delmar Drive, Freddie Mac to Patel Yogesh; 02/14/17. $77,000

208 12th St North, Dianna Victor J to Magnolia Investments LLC; 02/14/17. $390,000

1501 Ocean Ave, Elizabeth Saraceno Cr Shelter Tr to Degaray Franco; 02/14/17. $500,000

204 15th N St, Brigantine Point Prop LLC to Scharf Lawrence J; 02/15/17. $1,215,000

104 10th St, Rudniski John R to NJHR 1 LLC; 02/16/17. $210,600

1705 W Brigantine Ave, Janson Joseph A to Gelfand Hugh; 02/16/17. $320,000


447 Wheat Road, Molter Marie A to Creaturo Daniel J; 02/15/17. $170,000


213 Don Road, Mill Nicola to Hoffman Elliot L; 02/14/17. $65,000


122 Jerome Ave, Moran Robert J to Buzzelli Roger B; 02/14/17. $179,900

205 Ivy Road, DR Horton Inc NJ to Dichiara Michael; 02/14/17. $239,950

168 Wharf Road, North End Properties LLC to Hope & Comfort; 02/15/17. $45,000

106 Fisher Ave, Fannie Mae to Davenport Gregory; 02/15/17. $135,900

125 Bevis Mill Road, Yoos Jr Frederick G to Yoos Cody A; 02/15/17. $174,000

20 Thornhill Drive, Christiana Trust to Zahid Azwar; 02/15/17. $210,000

1048 Ocean Heights Ave, Brown Blanche to Jones Christopher 02/16/17. $30,000

5069 Tremont Ave, Fannie Mae to Pacheco Ivelinda; 02/16/17. $120,000

227 E Kennedy Drive, Freddie Mac to Trinh Tuan; 02/16/17. $219,000

425 Pine Ave, Ramsey Virginia E Londahl to Michael Dowdy and Jennifer Watts Dowdy; 02/16/17. $500,000


774 E Fisher Creek Road, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to Fenwick Josh D; 02/14/17. $61,500

508A First Ave, Nowak Kenneth to Smith Brian; 02/14/17. $65,000

465 Quince Ave, NJHR 4 LLC to Maldonado Dieguito G; 02/14/17. $140,000

2 N New York Road, Towne Of Historic Smithville LLC to Quaker Commercial Prop Four LP; 02/14/17, $1,400,000

11 Cherokee Drive, U.S. HUD to McCord Kenneth M; 02/16/17. $62,500

183 Patriots Court, Rehman Amjad to Noory Amanullah; 02/16/17. $70,000

714 Cooper Ferry Court, Rehman Amjad to Noory Ruqia; 02/16/17. $102,000

126 Dover Court, Barbato Eleanor N to Darks Joseph F; 02/16/17. $140,000

441 Ebony Tree Ave, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to Rathod Balwantsinh; 02/16/17. $200,000


6203 Roberts Ave, U.S. HUD to Hileen Trust; 02/16/17. $40,600

4811 Hawthorne Lane 205, Hoon Jennifer to Ireland Kyle V; 02/16/17. $110,000

700 Calhoun Ave, Saizew Nicolay to Bates Wes; 02/16/17. $110,000

515 Park Road, Stanford Leland to Weber Jason; 02/16/17. $191,415.15


28 Alexander Drive, Fierro Carmela P to Camp Frank; 02/14/17. $238,000

107 N Packard St, Sullivan Justine to Garson Robert M; 02/14/17. $160,000

600 S White Horse Pike Unit 2, Kessler Management LLC to Muqtadir Healthmed NJ LLC; 02/15/17. $319,250

10 Samantha Drive, Cienki Edward A to KMD Construction LLC; 02/16/17. $275,000


4 W Frances Ave, Guenther Barbara to Yusko Martin J; 02/17/17. $105,000


104 S 23rd Ave, 104 S 23rd LLC to Hubert Randy; 02/13/17. $1,450,000


21 S Madison Ave Unit 8, Kleiner Arthur I to Prince John; 02/14/17. $159,000

426 N Exeter Ave, Trocki Videll Dicker Samara to Trocki Ira M; 02/15/17. $300,000


5521 White Horse Pike, BQ Partnership to Ent Properties LLC; 02/15/17. $180,000


615 Herzel Ave, Fernandez Rex C to Leahey Dennis; 02/14/17. $210,000


513 Brad St, Mystic Home Improv LLC to TP Mas 1 LLC; 02/14/17. $30,000

701 Wesley Ave, Deutsche Bank to Acevedo Dolores A; 02/15/17. $33,739

40 E Decatur Ave, Torres Giraldo Julian to Velez Martin; 02/16/17. $70,000

402 W Bayview Ave, Wells Fargo to Funez Peralta Leyda J; 02/17/17. $10,000

51 E Thompson Ave, Feliz Laura Terrero to Izvorski Kaloyan; 02/17/17. $149,000


150 W Cedar Lane Unit 2C, Phelan Hallinan Diamond & Jones PC to Carlin Michelle A; 02/15/17. $26,000

128 Gibbs Ave Unit 1, Bank of New York Mellon to Sofroney Jr James; 02/16/17. $52,500

109 E Dawes Ave, Rolfsema David to Pipitone Stephen J; 02/16/17. $128,000


705 N Oxford Ave Unit 10, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Ganeva Tanya; 02/14/17. $29,000

18 N Newark Ave, Retained Realty Inc to Nardelli Catherine M; 02/14/17. $162,500

813 N Little Rock Ave, Fiorentino Joseph to Redelheim Daniel; 02/14/17. $255,000

106 N Newport Ave, Bayview Loan Serv LLC to Mower Jr Harry; 02/16/17. $82,650

28 N Buffalo Ave, Green Barry M to Lubell Andrew H; 02/17/17. $435,000

Cape May County


4318 Fifth Ave, Beltz James W, Beltz Joanne to Gerhart James E, Gerhart Tracey N; 2/2/2017. $2,800,000

125 25th St, Doyle Michael J, Huff Dorothy, Doyle Matthew A, Doyle James Jr, Stark Donna M to Vision Enterprise; 2/3/2017. $1,300,000

459 21st St, Tracy John W Jr, Tracy Bridget R to White Francis Joseph III, Reynolds Christine; 2/3/2017. $617,500

177 63rd St, Schneider Arnold C III, Schneider Mary M to King Jeffrey L, King Cynthia M; 2/6/2017. $4,171,597

3465 First Ave, Mohr Stephen F, Mohr Carolyn N to Maginnis Anthony J, Maginnis Eileen M; 2/7/2017. $1,460,000

3778 First Ave, Pappas Nicholas, Pappas Dorothy to Abdelmalek Afif Y, Abdelmalek Mark, Abdelmalek Sandy L; 2/7/2017. $2,375,000


1015 Stockton Ave, Jeremiah Barbara S, Wilson John M to Brunnock Timothy, Brunnock Jennifer, Kunze Ralph; 2/1/2017. $1,112,000

931 Sewell Ave, Spriggs John, Spriggs Forrest E, Spriggs Araxie B to Rafter Maureen P, Rafter Timothy J; 2/2/2017. $775,000

1307 Beach Ave Unit 4, Gibson William Raymond III, Nadelstumph Maria to Phucas Megan L; 2/3/2017. $415,500

1520 New Jersey Ave Unit 112, Scanlon Kevin, Scanlon Laura to McMonagle Michele; 2/6/2017. $215,000


286 Main St, Thayer Charles R Jr, Thayer Dolores M, Secoda Donna Maria to Mattera Ashley; 2/2/2017. $180,000

100 N Ravenwood Drive, Fannie Mae, Servicelink, Chicago Title Insurance Co to Koshland Cameron; 2/3/2017. $198,000

159 Cedar Lane West, Gery Benjamin H, Gery Karen E to Vaul Lyndsy M, Newcomb Daniel T; 2/3/2017. $257,525

377 Dennisville Road, Fannie Mae, Powers Kirn LLC to Hicks Theresa; 2/3/2017. $88,000

185 Edson Drive, 185 Edson Drive LLC to Opalka Joseph, Opalka Nancy; 2/7/2017. $55,000

3 Cape May Ave, Gehringer Robert, Gehringer Christine to Preiss Robert C, O’Brien Margaret M; 2/7/2017. $77,000


131 E North Station Ave Unit 3, Halpin Christine to Pietropaolo Francesco, Pietropaolo Nancy; 2/1/2017. $223,875

502 Howland Ave, Rauscher Francis X, Rauscher Anita D to O’Connor Joseph Brian, O’Connor Denise Margaret; 2/1/2017. $180,000

504 St John’s Ave, McCall Nancy M, Clarke Harriet R to Lazar Gheorghe; 2/1/2017. $46,000

103 Cedardale Ave, Offshack Joseph S, Offshack Kelli M to Dickinson Joshua J, Tracy Kimberly; 2/2/2017. $149,900

107 Elliot Ave, Salasin Robert J to McDonald Thomas, McDonald Joan Kimberly; 2/2/2017. $239,800

115 Heidi Ave, Quinn Peggy M, Cleave John, Quinn Edward J to Cleave Rodney; 2/2/2017. $118,000

306 Wayne Ave, Tolley Cynthia, Scheff Jeremy to Rechner Kevin J, Rechner Nicole M; 2/2/2017. $180,000

95 Cape Woods Road, Wernik Robert, Wernik Bernadette to Bacon John, Bacon Joanne; 2/2/2017. $241,000

112 Cliffside Road, Schwarzwalder John P, Schwarzwalder Patricia K to Dowd Michael B, Dowd Katherine J; 2/3/2017. $254,000

311 Village Road, Gmat Legal Title Trust, US Bank to MacFarlane Victoria, Davis Richard II; 2/3/2017. $145,000

3806 Bybrook Drive, Glassman Paul M, Glassman Maureen T to Kelly George W Jr, Kelly Maureen E; 2/3/2017. $172,000

3837 Bayshore Road, Klineburger Joanne, Rantuccio Joanne to Eldon Nathaniel, Eldon Jennifer; 2/3/2017. $235,000

421 Portsmouth Road, Dynan Francis, Dynan Kathleen to Marrollo Luigi, Marrollo Marianicola; 2/3/2017. $344,000

121 Cedardale Ave, Blackmore Janet F, Hargis Helen Sandra to Cernobyl Jamie L, Cernobyl Joan A; 2/6/2017. $165,000

9907 Seapointe Blvd Unit 102, Di Sorbo Leo A, Di Sorbo Maria T to Mano4 LLC; 2/6/2017. $303,500


10 Ellen Ave, JPMorgan Chase Bank to Altobelli Louis H; 2/2/2017. $52,505.25

102 Sunray Beach Road, Barbiero Ottavio C Jr, Barbiero Linda M to Seymour John P, Seymour Michelle M; 2/2/2017. $185,000

1127 Stone Harbor Blvd, West Loren J, West Ann M to Nancy O Roach Trust; 2/2/2017. $675,000

123 Aberdeen Way, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Dowhy Edward, Dowhy Diane; 2/2/2017. $166,425

1406 Burleigh Road, Fannie Mae, Stern Lavinthal & Frankenberg to O’Connor Joseph; 2/2/2017. $102,000

15 S Main St, Car/Tom to 15 South Main St LLC; 2/2/2017. $650,000

266 Stagecoach Road, Nationstar Hecm Acquisition Trust 2016-1, Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Carrington Property Services to Hickman Lawrence Jr; 2/2/2017. $55,000

5 Seagrove Ave, Vliet John to Obert Sharon A; 2/2/2017. $356,500

Swainton-Goshen Road, Axelsson Timothy to Cape May County; 2/2/2017. $16,000

104 Osprey Drive, Holst Joanne T, Holst Bernard E to Jewett Bruce L; 2/3/2017. $375,000

30 W Lena St, Jonassaint Elie, Jonassaint Barbara F, Jonassaint Barbara J to Cathie James C, Jonassaint-Cathie Avril; 2/6/2017. $195,000

46 Dory Drive, Tavani Gustin M Jr, Tavani Joyce B to Mechling Stephen W, Mechling Majken; 2/6/2017. $380,000


1200 Kennedy Drive Unit A15, Ricciardelli Thomas, Ricciardelli Christina to Kearney Daniel Jr, Ransley Amelia; 2/1/2017. $250,000

124 E 18th Ave, Fannie Mae, Phelan Hallinan Diamond & Jones PC to Hartman Edward, Hartman Virginia; 2/2/2017. $130,000

213 W 18th Ave, Fannie Mae, Udren Law Offices PC to McCaughern John, McCaughern Margaret; 2/2/2017. $140,000

309 W 17th Ave, Lally Joseph T, Lally Thomas A, Lally-Mc Graw Kathleen J, Lally Maureen T to Bielec John, Bielec Justin M, Bielec Susan; 2/2/2017. $185,000

419 E 13th Ave, Felizzi John, Felizzi Tina to Tull Wayne A, Tull Sharon L; 2/2/2017. $400,000

231-235 W 1st Ave Unit 2, Bongiovanni Daniel C, Bongiovanni Sandra S to Britt Michael J, Britt Maria; 2/6/2017. $175,000

801 W Ohio Ave Unit 205, Savage John Francis Sr, Savage Victoria Lynn to Wise Christine P, Boyd Robert J; 2/6/2017. $280,000

51 Anglesea Drive Unit 8B, Geraci James C to Eife David A, Eife Beverly Keyes; 2/7/2017. $281,000


3110 Wesley Ave, Hordis Patricia J, Hordis James C, Barbara H Hordis Declaration of Trust to Ocean City Development Group; 2/2/2017. $1,850,000

3408-30 Haven Ave, Porreca Paul R, Porreca Laura A to Costello Mary P; 2/2/2017. $75,000

3604-06 Central Ave, McCombe Alex, McCombe Joan M to Ruggiero Erik, Ruggiero Melissa; 2/2/2017. $565,000

1716-1718 Asbury Ave, Vierlinck Robert, Vierlinck Susan M to Donahue Dennis M, Donahue Kathleen A; 2/3/2017. $525,000

3502 Bay Ave, Harker Patrick T, Harker Emily G to Vierlinck Robert, Vierlinck Susan M; 2/3/2017. $597,500

2004 Glenwood Drive, Baldiga William R, Baldiga Nancy R to Sternberger Steven, Sternberger Charlee; 2/6/2017. $1,800,000

2947 West Ave, Campanella George R Jr, Campanella Lori S to Craig James P, Craig Elizabeth J; 2/6/2017. $380,000

3513 West Ave, Turetzky Howard R, Turetzky Karen Lee to Pinkowitz Scott A, Novak Carly J; 2/6/2017. $470,000

900 Park Place Unit 5, Costello Wayne A Jr, Costello Donna M to Boutcher Paul J, Boutcher Margaret M; 2/6/2017. $210,000

1 E Atlantic Blvd Unit A, Sullivan Brian, Sullivan Nancy to Leonard Joseph P, Leonard Sharon A; 2/7/2017. $899,000

127 Victoria Lane, Allen John J to Salcor 1; 2/7/2017. $280,000

2405 Simpson Ave, De Lisi George to Orloff Nicholas M, Orloff Vanessa, Dacey Ryan, Orloff Marlana M; 2/7/2017. $580,000

312 Gull Road, Armstrong Marc J, Armstrong Bernadette to Sullivan Brian J, Sullivan Nancy; 2/7/2017. $1,900,000

4438-40 Asbury Ave, Di Simone De Anna, Parkin De Anna to Parkin Blair R; 2/7/2017. $130,000

5118 Haven Ave, Koller Carol, Koller Werner to Folkes Daniel B, Folkes Rosemary; 2/7/2017. $545,000

5163 West Ave Unit B 2nd Floor, Ocean City Development Group LLC to Haines James A, Haines Deborah A; 2/7/2017. $680,000


18 44th St North Unit, 4401 Landis Avenue LLC to Dubois Jeffrey Earl, Dubois Mary Beth; 2/1/2017. $1,150,000.00

309 56th St Unit A2, Burdo Michael S, Burdo Maureen A to Baldwin Maureen; 2/2/2017. $360,000

106 29th St, Kraus C Lawrence, Kraus Maryann R to Honer Joseph, Humphreys Allison; 2/3/2017. $730,000

309 56th St, Martino Dorothy to Proud Susan M; 2/3/2017. $372,000

373 47th Place, Wince Richard J, Wince Carmela R to Twomey John M, Twomey Kimberly J; 2/3/2017. $1,200,000

5901 Central Ave Unit North, Melcher Allen R, Melcher Priscilla M to Muldowney Kathleen, Smith Walter R; 2/3/2017. $595,000

9 44th St, Box Mary Ellen, Box Paul A, Smith Anne Elizabeth to Murphy Gregory J, Murphy Sonia F; 2/3/2017. $355,500


222 W 87th St Unit A, Reilly Patrick, Reilly Hollace H to Kosteva Charles, Kosteva Donna; 2/2/2017. $1,155,000

389 95th St, De Nucci Patricia A, De Nucci Matthew A III, Blackburn Drusilla D, De Nucci Matthew A Jr to Broder Jeffrey, Broder Jane; 2/2/2017. $850,000

8912 Sunset Drive, McGuckin Family Associates to Sherry Daniel J, Sherry Judith A; 2/2/2017. $1,590,400

30 Linden Lane, Roth Margaret B to Schickling Francis T Jr; 2/2/2017. $435,000

150 96th St Unit 1, De Angelo Ralph V, De Angelo Anita to McDonald Shane D, McDonald Patricia L; 2/3/2017; $485,000

386 104th St, GW Realty Associates to Daly Emmett J, Daly Regina H; 2/3/2017. $3,650,000


2 Marshall Pond Ave, Novasitis David, Novasitis Heidi to Schuler Bryan, Schuler Rachel; 2/2/2017. $358,000

408 S Bayview Drive, Hertz Charles V III, Hertz Barbara H, Hertz Beth G to EWD R E; 2/2/2017. $690,000

451 Dennisville/Petersburg Road, Wyers James J Jr, Wyers Jenifer to Fultano Robert, Lombard-Fultano Donna M; 2/7/2017. $265,000

516 Route 9 E15, Priestley David A, Priestley Douglas A, Sceia Nancy U, Priestley Nancy R to Dever James J, Dever Carole J; 2/7/2017. $21,500


205 Fourth Ave, Wood Edwin L, Wood Christopher H to Kolodey Patricia; 2/1/2017. $650,000

402-04 Oak St, Dougherty Thomas J to Patton William, Patton Elizabeth; 2/2/2017. $380,000


109 E Taylor Ave Unit E, Lanigan Dexter, Lanigan Jaime to Dorsey Troy J, Dorsey Melanie U; 2/1/2017. $219,900

233 E Taylor Ave Unit 200, Pennymac Corp to Bzdewka Ronald, Bzdewka Ruth; 2/1/2017. $235,000

241 E Cresse Ave, Aversa Rocco, Aversa Vivien K to Kee Kevin D, Kee Nicole L; 2/1/2017. $165,000

110 E Pine Ave, Mellina Kathleen, Mellina Noel J to Thomas Steven C, Thomas Rebecca A; 2/2/2017. $205,000

404 W Hand Ave, Nationstar Mortgage LLC, US Bank, Lehman Xs Trust to Brisman Yosef, Brisman Penina; 2/3/2017. $137,550


205 W Topeka Ave, Moskowitz Jay, Moskowitz Kathleen to Bodinizzo Richard, Abraham-Bodinizzo Shija; 2/2/2017. $250,000

220 Hollywood Ave, Becker William, Geissel George, Geissel Debra to Leimbach Daniel, Leimbach Diane; 2/2/2017. $200,000

315 E Topeka Ave Unit 2, Shaner-Rauer Gloria to Gachko Joseph, Kopyta Renee; 2/2/2017. $165,000


350 Perry Road, Bank of America, Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc to Lea Anthony K; 2/2/2017. $141,000

502 19th St, Bolanos Luis to Thiele Elizabeth C; 2/2/2017. $885,000

Cumberland County


136 New St, BLB Resources Inc, David Kelly, U.S. HUD to Sanchez-Garcia Abraham, Valencia-Villanueva Olga E; 2/21/17. $38,250

96 American Ave, JFC Investing Inc to RMPG LLC; 2/23/17. $66,000

330-332 Atlantic St, Wells Fargo to BestProperty1Inc; 2/24/17. $30,055

30 Glen View Terrace, McCormick 106 LLC to Orellana Jose A; 2/24/17. $154,900


963 Bridgeton Road, Wells Fargo to Mazzeo Antonia Jr; 2/23/17. $25,000


7 Twin Oak Road, Dupnock Andrew, Dupnock Beatrice, Dupnock Theodore L to Haubrich Michael J; 2/23/17. $45,000

Route 47, Balzano Frank, Balzano Joseph A to Pantelidis Jerry; 2/24/17. $65,000

14 Oak Hill Road, Wells Fargo to Upper Cape Holdings 1 LLC; 2/24/17. $37,500


56-69 Reese Road, Corson Barbara, Corson Richard, Showdown Ent LLC to LJR Real Estate LLC; 2/22/17. $167,000

405 Peach Drive, KSJ Investments LLC to Iannacone John J; 2/23/17. $156,000

517 N 7th St, Laury Charles M to Patrick William W Sr; 2/24/17. $50,000

505 N 5th St, Rivera Elizabeth, Rivera Rafael to NYC Reo LLC; 2/24/17. $166,011.55

205 Vine Road, U.S. Veterans Affairs to Sunny Dayz Investments LLC; 2/24/17. $52,750

408 W Foundry St, AKR Realty LLC, Waterman Ruth to Barber Gina, Barber Steven; 2/24/17. $40,000


885 Columbia Highway, Cumberland County Sheriff, State of New Jersey, Soone Maria R to Shore Management Co of Delaware Valley Inc; 2/21/17. $40,800


19 & 23 Parvins Mill Road, DiOrio Joseph J, DiOrio Joseph Lance, DiOrio Darlene F to White & Blue LLC; 2/23/17. $150,000

61 Cornwell Drive, 61CornwellDr LLC to AB Realty LLC; 2/24/17. $300,000

274 Landis Ave, DiOrio Joseph Lance to JManagement LLC; 2/24/17. $25,000

21 Dawson St, Freddie Mac, Fein Such Kahn & Shepard PC, Kapnick Eric S to Aspen Property Group LLC; 2/24/17. $65,100

1602 3rd Ave, Deutsche Alt-A Securities Mortgage Loan Trust, PNC Bank, U.S. Bank to Nakai Kevin Sr; 2/24/17. $40,001


2273 Palermo Ave, Cawley William, Ferraz Claudia P to Guadalupe Christian, Guadalupe Jamie; 2/21/17. $229,900

2596 Friendship St, Freddie Mac, Fein Such Kahn & Shepard PC, Kapnick Eric S to Cruz Elizabeth; 2/22/17. $60,000

458 N Brewster Road, Adams Daniel R, Adams Marilyn C to Cardona Maricella, Ramos Jose; 2/22/17. $180,000

445 Sheridan Ave, Ruiz Enrique N, Ruiz Judith to Cantoran-Corona Rufino; 2/23/17. $237,500

601 N Mill Road, WF Reo CS 2015-01 LLC to Medio Frank A, Medio Joseph F; 2/23/17. $46,900

1964 E Oak Road Unit D5, Carolla Robert to Wright Robert, Wright Yolanda; 2/23/17. $100,000

1115 E Park Ave, Buzzelli Ida, Buzzelli Roger to Bratton Thomas D; 2/23/17. $194,900

443 E Sherman Ave, MCM Capital Partners LLC, Ventures Trust 2013-I-H-R to Castillo Rossi; 2/24/17. $170,000

401 Kristian Drive, Reugger Matthew J, Reugger Dana M to Nelson John Michael; 2/24/17. $216,000

1772 Garwood Lane, Deckard David J, Deckard Denise M to Fernandez Stephen, Salomon-Fernandez Yves; 2/24/17. $232,000

2990 Union Road, Greenpoint Mortgage Funding, Nationstar Mortgage, U.S. Bank to Nye Andrew M, Nye Maryellen M; 2/24/17. $61,950

1668 S Delsea Drive, D’Amico Diane, D’Amico Peter to A&N Real Estate LLC; 2/24/17. $350,000

Ocean County


3 Center St, Plazma Properties LLC, Weinfeld Joseph to 3 Center LLC; 2/16/2017. $78,000

26 Avalon Ave, Cheeseman Kevin J, Cheeseman Kristin to Walters Development Co LLC; 2/16/2017. $24,500

12 Ravenwood Blvd, Smiljanic Peter J, Kirchner Toni Lynn, Kirchner Toni L, Smiljanic Antonia P to Kirchner Toni Lynn; 2/17/2017. $100,000

5 Chapel Hill Court, Heritage Point LP, Heritage Point Inc to Bertoni Michele, Bertoni Ronald; 2/17/2017. $359,000

8 Chesapeake Court, Behrens Thomas A, Gadino David A to Behrens Thomas A; 2/17/2017. $42,645


327 Dock Road, Bartlett Joyce B to Favorito Gino A; 2/16/2017. $55,000


7 Hamptonshire Way, Toll Land Corp No 10 to Arnold W Marx Jr Jr, Marx Barbara M; 2/16/2017. $395,353

1728 Whitcomb Road, Weinfeld Joseph to Jersey Elite Plus LLC; 2/17/2017. $117,000


67 Pin Oak Lane, DB Land Investments Inc to Krzyzanowski Gregg; 2/16/2017. $84,050

428 Stage Road, Bank of America, Manufacturers and Traders Trust Co, M&T Bank, Hudson City Savings Bank to Schultz Timothy Jr, Schultz Chun Yin; 2/16/2017. $129,900

4 Spar Court, Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing, Mtglq Investors LP to Lorenzo Roberto, Lorenzo Mari Gem; 2/17/2017. $69,000

1 Spar Court, Healey James to Agosta Salvatore; 2/17/2017. $225,000

109 Zelus St, U.S. HUD to Plazma Properties LLC; 2/17/2017. $68,100

102 Zelus St, Weinfeld Joseph, Zimco Holdings LLC to Tov Realty LLC; 2/17/2017. $128,000

14 Plantation Drive, Bank of America to Sutter James F; 2/17/2017. $17,000

148 S Longboat Drive, Mazurkiewicz George P, Mazurkiewicz Christine B to Hart Charles L; 2/17/2017. $49,900


12 E 41st St, Nogradi G Terry, Nogradi M Lorraine, Nogradi George to Capraro Renzo, Rosa-Capraro Daniela, Capraro Salvatore, Capraro Maria; 2/16/2017. $570,000

36 Arnold Blvd, Martin and Theresa Brown Family Trust to Fernandez Eileen, Fernandez Daniel; 2/17/2017. $1,125,000

12106 Sunset Terrace, Incao Vincent C, Incao Carol A to Ukrainian American Soccer Association Inc; 2/17/2017. $1,550,000


23 Lighthouse Drive, Kellstrom Wayne V to Winsted Reo LLC; 2/17/2017. $109,728

96 Oregon Ave, Dahill John F to Mackie Thomas Edward, Mackie Monica Jean; 2/16/2017. $150,000


204 Bulkhead Ave, Ward John to Cohen Michael W, Cohen Dawn A; 2/16/2017. $200,000

243 Topside Road, Kunze William Jr, Kunze Donna to Odonnell Daniel, Wuesthoff Mallory; 2/17/2017. $197,500

192 Torpedo Road, Cardinali Michael P, Cardinali Damaris to Leyva Corrinne; 2/17/2017. $207,000

2B Magnolia Road, Brown Arthur Sr, Brown Arthur, Morello Carol A, Morello Carol Ann, Brown Arthur J Sr to Hoffman Suzanne C; 2/16/2017. $72,000


266 N 7th St, Snyder George, Snyder Carol to Barrett Wesley N, Barrett Karen; 2/17/2017. $809,000

Property transactions run Sundays as space is available. None will be skipped.

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