Transactions are from county property records. Settlement dates are listed; deed filings may be delayed. Location may reflect address of seller rather than property sold. If your property is incorrectly listed, call 609-272-7234.

Due to a transmission error, Cape May County listings for May will be reprinted each week as space permits.

Atlantic County

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29 N Bellevue Ave, Wells Fargo Bank to Tran Thuy Thi; 06/07/17. $28,000

2721 Boardwalk Unit 410, George Winston C to Miller Michael F; 06/08/17. $53,000

566 N Elberon Ave, Caruso Angela to US Bank; 06/08/17. $63,700

743 Wabash Ave, Bank of America to Ghaffarikia Sedigheh; 06/09/17. $23,500

3501 Boardwalk Unit A101, Puri Chander P to Wolfe Charles; 06/09/17. $61,500

24 Clipper Court, Federal National Mtg Assn to Turner Jeffrey; 06/09/17. $86,000

3101 Boardwalk Unit 2408-1, James Joann Bennett Bryant Pamela; 06/09/17. $140,000

3851 Boardwalk Apt 1111, Jwa Investments LLC to Bank Cory; 06/09/17. $170,000

712 Wabash Ave, Planet Home Lending LLC to Randall John; 06/12/17. $40,000

23 S Florida Ave, Fitzgerald Shawn to Globali LLC; 06/12/17. $40,000

112 N Virginia Ave, Behan Shoufan to Wells Fargo Bk; 06/12/17. $148,051.01


3300 W Brignatine Ave Unit 9, Mcgotty Kathy L to Faherty John F; 06/07/17. $175,000

1 Lighthouse Cove Unit A, Klewin Lori to Montanez Caridad; 06/07/17. $182,000

4821 Atlantic Brig Ave, US Bank to Mangel Jonathan; 06/07/17. $336,000

244 7th St, Bank of America to Walsh Elizabeth A; 06/08/17. $163,800

501 E Brigantine Ave Unit 301, Papa Nicole N/Tr to Baughman Lisa; 06/08/17. $225,000

22 Lighthouse Drive, Desai Nirpa M/Ind&Atty to Schatz Marini J; 06/08/17. $269,900

155 Sheridan Square Unit A, Vaganos Steve to Frederick Rosalie; 06/08/17. $409,500

4500 W Brigantine Ave 1321, Ganzelli Joseph Sr to Pouchie Naomi; 06/09/17. $125,000

22 Lighthouse Drive Unit A, Hamilton Thomas H/Atty to Schroder Deanna; 06/09/17. $242,000

10 Travers Place, Stefanski Anthony E to Luciano Dana; 06/09/17. $300,000

700 E Beach Ave, Finn Sharon Lyn/Exrx to Digregorio Robert S; 06/12/17. $186,100

323 44th St S Unit 21, Tilsner Patricia to Costello Mark E; 06/12/17. $220,000

22 45th Cove, Staunton Robert, Tr to Petracci John; 06/12/17. $235,000

115 Lincoln Drive, Davis William S to Mcmenamin Amanda M; 06/12/17. $245,000

600 W Brigantine Ave Unit 126, Bennett Christopher to Klein Kenneth; 06/12/17. $308,000


358 Heather Croft, Lind Joann to Ammari Fatna; 06/08/17. $57,000

209 Mallard Lane, Anastasiou Nitsa to Stretch Jennifer; 06/08/17. $170,000

117 Furman Drive, Doebley David to Thai Henry T; 06/08/17. $189,900

19 Bedford Drive, Fannie Mae to Castro Jose R; 06/08/17. $225,000

43 Daisy Drive, Fannie Mae to Boustani Elias; 06/08/17. $235,000

4043 Ivans Ave, Burnett Michael A to Perez Jose M; 06/09/17. $58,000

201 Blue Spruce Ave, Nnpl Trust Series 2012 1 to Akhart Chaudhary Hassan; 06/09/17. $64,000

45 Grimes Court, Howell Jane to Yakubov Ramziz; 06/09/17. $120,000

9 Newall Ave, Tallon Sandi to Vanseeters Steven D; 06/09/17. $219,900

22 Woodrow Ave, U.S. HUD to Campos Amador Jr; 06/12/17. $47,555

2 Truman Ave, Mai Zhuan A to Ma Shengping; 06/12/17. $191,000

244 Lily Road, Ware Gayle L to Starkweather Stephen J; 06/12/17. $253,000


503 Robin Lane, Nerz Melanie S to Splatt Norman E Jr; 06/07/17. $85,000

303 E Oakbourne Ave, Fannie Mae to Mountain Prime 2017 LLC; 06/07/17. $95,000

109 Brewster Drive, Treadwell Norma M/Exr to Diguglielmo Louis; 06/07/17. $205,000

1010 W White Horse Pike, 1010 Nm Prop LLC to Potomac Partners LLC; 06/08/17. $25,000

120 Brewster Drive, Horak Lori to Cucinotti Frank; 06/08/17. $165,000

493 Country Club Drive, Baumgardner Andrew to Perotti Denise M; 06/08/17. $244,000

44 Navajo Court, Chukwueke Kingsley to Patel Kaushik; 06/09/17. $45,000

55 Cheshire Drive, Scott Roxanne A to Hirst Ken; 06/09/17. $67,500

414 1st Ave, Fannie Mae to Mancuso and Danze Ptnrshp; 06/09/17. $80,000

517 Weston Drive, Troast Shirley G/Atty to Knight Julie; 06/09/17. $190,000

719 Fourth Ave, Danze Michele to Khuc Duy Troung; 06/09/17. $300,000

421 Spruce Ave, Dimitrov Dimitre Valtchev to Weed Raymond Jr; 06/12/17. $164,900


2629 Nutmeg Court, US Bank to Rosales Christian; 06/07/17. $45,000

4413 Yorktown Place, Banc of America Fund Corp Mtg Pass Through Certificates Series 2007 1 to Maduro Emily L; 06/07/17. $93,900

1951 Mccall Ave, Phelan Hallinan Diamond & Jones PC to Hudson Colleen D; 06/07/17. $123,000

552 Gravelly Run Road, Sternberger Steven to Carew Joseph F III; 06/07/17. $675,000

4950 Flintshire Court, Kondaur Capital Corp to Guy Jensyl; 06/08/17. $50,100

4710 Andorea Drive, Nicholson Brittney J to Bank of America; 06/08/17. $105,000

507 Alpine Court, Fannie Mae to Cef Properties LLC; 06/09/17. $49,900

122 Red Bank Drive, Li Man Kwai to Becker Chrisopher B; 06/09/17. $145,000

144 Pine Knoll Circle, Tartaglio Anthony L to Weiss Renee D; 06/09/17. $150,000

552 Gravelly Run Road, Sternberger Steven to Carew Joseph F III; 06/09/17. $675,000

2617 Canyon Court, Nash James Jr to Cruz Bertha E; 06/12/17. $110,000

64 Renaissance Drive, Starkweather Stephen to Martinez Pedro J; 06/12/17. $229,900


434 Pratt St, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Capaccio Nicole; 06/06/17. $117,150

54 Harbor Drive, Cucinotti Frank to Pino Tara A; 06/08/17. $179,900

302 11th St, Tomasello Lee Anne to Osorio Julia M; 06/09/17. $219,000

54 Kay Drive, Bagliani Anthony J to Duncan Evan M; 06/12/17. $195,000

641 N Chew Road, Salvo Anthony to Groeber Robert; 06/12/17. $244,000

525 N 1st Road, Arnold Nicholas J to Frascella Nicholas; 06/12/17. $261,000


310 Pleasant Ave, Nawaz Nusrat to Khullar Sherry; 06/07/17. $60,000

609 Cresson Ave, Soto Olivia to Ortiz Kirsey; 06/08/17. $70,000

60 E Thompson Ave, Wells Fargo Bank to Hancock Diane; 06/09/17. $18,000

706 Linden Ave, Fannie Mae to Mancuso & Danze Ptnrshp; 06/09/17. $35,500

713 W Adams Ave, Triglyph Investments LLC to Alisauskas Vykintas; 06/09/17. $75,000

100 W Thompson Ave, Federal National Mtg Assn to Cappolina Albert; 06/09/17. $76,900

109 W Ridgewood Ave, Northridge Townhomes LLC to Carmichael Karla J/Exrx; 06/09/17. $78,500

103 E Collins Ave, Alvarez Manuel V to Juarez Pelaez Agustin; 06/09/17. $144,000

29 E Greenfield Ave, Wells Fargo Bank to Ivanov Ivaylo V; 06/12/17. $27,900

408 Nevada Ave, Gordy Denise to Fortune Mary E; 06/12/17. $75,000

209 N Franklin Ave, Rama Redzebije Matute Ramirez Nury N; 06/12/17. $118,500


7307 Ventnor Ave, Gromadzyn Joseph to Klause Enterprises; 06/07/17. $205,000

5509 Monmouth Ave, Serafim Eugene to Ackroyd Daniel T; 06/08/17. $136,500

428 Canterbury Court Unit B, Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp to Lotkowski Theresa; 06/08/17. $139,900

4800 Boardwalk Unit 507, Feingold Alan/Tr to Pincus Nathan R; 06/08/17. $150,000

5200 Boardwalk Unit 16c, Harris Bodil to Paparone Kathleen; 06/08/17. $340,000

7000 Fulton Drive, Ritter Debra B to Spivack David; 06/09/17. $200,000

25 S Avolyn Ave, Morris Frank B to Schuchman Leonard; 06/09/17. $315,000

12 S Washington Ave, Pickus Loretta/Atty to Mazza Francis; 06/12/17. $385,000

Cape May County


214 32nd St, Caruolo Marlyne to Kraus Jeffrey W, Kraus Regina M; 5/17/2017. $680,000

6718 Dune Drive, Sokolow Brett Adam, Sokolow Cori Maxine to Jackson Scott T, Jackson Lisa G; 5/17/2017. $3,310,000

792 Sunrise Drive, Welsh Thomas J Jr to Smith Amy, Smith Jacob; 5/17/2017. $1,075,000

173 33rd St, Stine George F, Stine Helen A to Sullivan Robert I, Sullivan Kathleen P; 5/18/2017. $477,500

171 35th St, Gardner William M, Gardner Mary Jean to Welsh Thomas J Jr; 5/19/2017. $1,250,000


101 S Lafayette St Unit 1C, O’Neill Francis X Est by Adm, O’Neill Donna Adm to Zehnder Christopher J, Zehnder Amy Z; 5/15/2017. $230,000

531 & 533 Bank St, Felton Carl F, Felton Yvonne C to Venner Michael, Venner Maureen; 5/15/2017. $400,000

1217 Washington St, Parliment Kurt K, Nist Sharon J to 1217 Washington Street LLC; 5/17/2017. $182,000

511 Bank St, Cape Real Estate Developers LLC to Patterson Matthew; 5/18/2017. $795,000


227 S Ravenwood Ave, Perry Edith L to Coach Daryl P; 5/15/2017. $275,000

247 Fidler Road, Risko Phillip W, Altieri Derek E, Raffaele Victoria A, Raffaele Karen A, Locuson Philip J; 5/15/2017. $265,000

171 School House Road, Fercon Companies LLC to Sylvester Frederick; 5/18/2017. $158,000

3 Golden Spike Road, Longacre William R by Atty, Neal Marlene L Atty, Longacre Delores K Est to Herman Daniel J Sr, Herman Christine, Herman Nicole M; 5/22/2017. $55,800

556 Sea Isle Blvd Units D & E, 556 Sea Isle Boulevard LLC to 21 Holdings LLC; 5/23/2017. $132,000

65 Sunny Lane, Rinck Thomas to Haas Christopher B; 5/23/2017. $179,999

248 Main St, Brown Eileen C Est by Exr to Ward Mary M; 5/25/2017. $250,000

110 Holly Drive, Stevenson David L Sr, Stevenson Mary Diane to Trautz Michael R, Cullinan Jenny; 5/30/2017. $66,600

1475 Route 83, Weed Virginia A to Weed Amanda, Seeburg Kyle; 5/31/2017. $250,000

18 Maple St, Bank of New York Mellon Trus By Atty, Caliber Real Estate Services LLC Atty to Carlson Bridget M, Carlson Lance A; 5/31/2017. $156,125


100 Woodland Ave, Stango Doris K by Guard, Unger Todd Brian Guard, Stango Robert A Est to Finnegan Gerald, Williams Christal; 5/15/2017. $225,000

111 Idaho Ave, HSBC Bank USA Trus by Atty, Wells Fargo Bank Atty to Hemingway Sheri; 5/17/2017. $56,880

30 Frances Ave, Di Stefano Michael J to Leith Patricia A; 5/17/2017. $205,000

4 Fairway Drive, Andriello John A, Andriello Carol to Patterson Noah N L, Patterson Lynsie F; 5/17/2017. $500,000

111 Old Mill Road, Biffoni Maria to Dick Joseph M, Dick Carina A; 5/19/2017. $250,000

400 Leaming Ave, Kuchon Theresa J Trus, Edna Nowicki Trust by Trus to Scott Sarah; 5/19/2017. $20,000

7 Race Track Drive, Cape Real Estate Developers LLC to Uhler Michael G, Uhler Ashley E; 5/19/2017. $699,000


514 N Wildwood Blvd, Harbor Furniture Outlet Inc, Nichols Billy L Sr by Atty, Turnbull Toni Atty to Newdeck John, Newdeck Kathleen; 5/15/2017. $750,000

53 Acorn Lane, Sellers Robert E Jr, Sellers Barbara W Est to Christensen Carolyn; 5/17/2017. $260,000


1812 Central Ave, King James, King Donna, Burnam Kendra Marie to Rankin Robert S, Rankin Margaret M; 5/12/2017. $412,000

219 W 22nd Ave, Parson Joseph M, Parson William R, Parson Christopher M, Parson Anthony J, Parson Thomas P, Parson Linda D Exr&C to Bryne Patrick J, Byrne Maryalice; 5/12/2017. $265,000

976 Ash Ave, Daley Michael J, Labate Carol A to Burrell Edward G, Burrell Joan B; 5/12/2017. $525,000

405 E 20th Ave Unit 101, Duffy Gerald D, Duffy Barbara J to Nolte George P, Nolte Jennifer L; 5/16/2017. $465,000

108a Allen Drive, O’brien James, O’brien Anne to Di Pinziano Nina; 5/17/2017. $87,000

2216 Sirf Avenue Unit 103, Houghton Richard D, Houghton Kathleen M to Rossiter James, Rossiter Sarah; 5/17/2017. $405,000

431 E 19th Ave, Bianculli Joseph M, Bianculli Joann S to Hurwitz Harold, Hurwitz Brunilda; 5/17/2017. $91,000

510 E 8th Ave, Di Nunzio Italo, Di Nunzio Kim to Strocen Frank L, Strocen Susan M; 5/17/2017. $138,000

905 New York Ave, Andress Annmarie to Scooter Boot LLC; 5/17/2017. $250,000

431 E 19th Av Unit 114, Rowley Donald L Jr, Rowley Regina A to Hurwitz Harold, Hurwitz Brunilda; 5/18/2017. $92,500

230 E 17th Ave, Chrest David P, Chrest Andrea G to Concannon Thomas M, Concannon Annamarie G; 5/19/2017. $350,000

507 E 14th Ave, Brignola Paul, Brignola Madeline to Milligan Adam J, Milligan Lori D; 5/19/2017. $495,000


114 E 21st St Unit B, 112 East 21st Street LLC to Hays Sean, Hays Heather; 5/9/2017. $330,000

1408 Pleasure Ave, Mistele Thomas M Trus, Mistele Carla J Trus, Mistele Family 1998 Living Trust to Wiegand Scott, Wiegand Terri; 5/9/2017. $1,520,000

200 Bay Ave Unit C210, Federal National Mortgage Assn By Atty, Powers Kirn LLC Atty to Smith John S; 5/9/2017. $180,000

2559 Asbury Ave, Rothe Christopher A, Rothe Laine C to Micciolo John, Micciolo Nancy A; 5/9/2017. $479,900

2615 Asbury Ave Unit B, Stavitsky Bruce J, Stavitsky Cynthia D to Lamberti Gerard, Lamberti Frances; 5/9/2017. $680,000

2625 Wesley Ave, Botte Eileen M to Dougherty Edward, Dougherty Anne; 5/9/2017. $3,900,000

2925 Asbury Ave, Pilotti Mary Ann to Rowland Petra G, Mc Peak Yvonne M; 5/9/2017. $730,000

3033-35 Central Ave, Brothers Of The Christian Schools to 3point14 LLC; 5/9/2017. $2,400,000

5201 Central Ave, Emca Inc to Ludwick Vacation Properties LLC; 5/9/2017. $1,761,800

1726 Asbury Ave Unit B, Litwak Alfred Anthony Trus, Seppy Jacqueline Lea Trus, Mc Kenzie Maryannlisa Tru to Moran James A, Moran Eileen; 5/10/2017. $470,000

1846 Asbury Ave, Fox Joann E Exr D’angelo-Wrenn Dorothy E; 5/10/2017. $120,000

3013 Bayland Drive, Pular Linda S, Pular Stanton A Est to Creative Marketing LLC; 5/10/2017. $300,000

5745 West Ave, May Edna Est By Exr, May Eugene W Jr Exr, May Donald L Exr to Jwr Properties LLC; 5/10/2017. $501,500

6 Spinnaker Court, Konark Development LLC to Pelouze Custom Homes LLC; 5/10/2017. $200,000

807 St Charles Place Unit B, Antonovich Michael E, Stirling Susan A to Lucy’s Legacy LLC; 5/10/2017. $643,000

1212 Haven Ave, Costeria Cottages LLC to Giordano Theresa; 5/11/2017. $579,900

1722-24 Central Ave, Hollander Charles D Sr, Hollander Joan W to Hollander Stephen, Hollander Renee; 5/11/2017. $290,000

633-47 Wayne Ave, Reger Erick C, Spector-Reger Holly to Schmid Nicholas, Schmid Deborah; 5/11/2017. $220,000

812-20 Ocean Ave, Rodowicz Christopher, Rodowicz Suzanne, Rodowicz Norman, Rodowicz Kevin, Hasson Aimee, Rodowicz Brian, Rodowicz Robert to Li Anita H; 5/11/2017. $207,000

831 Pennlyn Place, Nickey Robert S Jr, Nickey Rajean B to Millon John F, Millon Diane C; 5/11/2017. $476,300

851a Second St, Pilgrim Lorraine D to Di Maio Michael, Di Maio Suzanne; 5/11/2017. $587,500

900 Wesley Ave, Merz Allen E, Merz Justine, Caputo Michael C Trus&C, Caputo Carol F Est to Ward Cheryl D; 5/11/2017. $105,000

928-30 Central Ave Unit 1, Mariano Marcelo C, Mariano Estelita M to Hunter Larry W, Hunter Julia B; 5/11/2017. $485,000

221-223 Asbury Ave, Hq Investments LLC to Coyne Francis J, Coyne Carolyn A; 5/12/2017. $456,500

3121-23 Simpson Ave, Amadie Ralph E to Duncan Real Estate Investments LLC, Devon Douglas & Dolan LLC; 5/12/2017. $475,000

3325-27 Asbury Ave Unit B, Cohen Rice Partnership Trdg to Keller James R, Keller Pamela J; 5/12/2017. $530,000

5047 Asbury Ave, Magee George E, Magee Rochelle to Manning Edward C, Manning Carolyn D; 5/12/2017. $620,000

5203 Central Ave, Lewis Marjorie Trus to Morano James, Morano Susan; 5/12/2017. $2,300,000

5516-18 West Ave Unit B 2nd Fl, Gosik Mark W, Gosik Donna J to Williams Charles, Satterlee-Williams Pamela; 5/12/2017. $555,000

710 Pennlyn Place, Fassnacht Corrine P to Duncan Real Estate Investments LLC, Devon Douglas and Dolan LLC; 5/12/2017. $660,000

8 West Ave, Custer John to Ocean City Development Group LLC; 5/12/2017. $475,000

247 W Inlet Road, Nehring Rudolph J, Nehring Janet A to Mc Neil John R, Mc Neil Anne E; 5/15/2017. $742,000

3012 Bayland Drive, Huhn Beatrice, Pemper Helen, Wise Carolyn Keenan, Miller mary Beth to Sosky Steven, Sosky Nancy; 5/15/2017. $350,000

506-508 9th St, Repici Marie A, Berkle Paul by Atty, Berkle Joan A by Atty, Repici Aimee Atty to Sfwu Realty LLC; 5/15/2017. $475,000

801 E 10th St, Leardi Maureen to Markovski Toni, Scarborough Sarah Ann; 5/15/2017. $176,000

1 E 18th St, Marinaccio Ann, Pessolano Rosemary Est, Pessolano Nicholas L Est to 1 East 18th St LLC; 5/16/2017. $360,000


348 47th Place Unit East, Kwh Partners LLC to Farrell David P, Farrell Christina M; 5/10/2017. $1,050,000

135 40th St Unit A, Schroyer Matthew F to Ward Jennifer L; 5/11/2017. $605,000

121 45th St Unit West, Jf Builders Inc to Urian Steven P, Urian Anita G; 5/12/2017. $860,000

125 77th St Unit B, Dudas Todd A, Dudas Theresa R to Kasitz Stephen R, Kasitz Sarah A; 5/12/2017. $470,000

17 73rd St Unit B, Bock Ernest T, Bock Jean M Est to Ritter Steven M, Ritter Andrea M; 5/12/2017. $995,000

12 68th St E Unit Sic, Rafter Joseph R, Rafter Jeanne M to Dennett Edward P, Dennett Mafalda; 5/16/2017. $832,500

25 45th St E, Mehallick Jeffrey G, Mehallick Kathleen F to Marsden William M, Marsden Marlene; 5/16/2017. $835,000


9511 Sunset Drive Unit 201, George E Berman and Rosemary Y Berman Revocable Living Trust By Trus to Russikoff Ronald, Russikoff Danalyn; 5/12/2017. $247,500

10307 Second Ave, Rodriguez Rennie, Himes Frances C Est to Av103 LLC; 5/18/2017. $1,525,000

8931 Second Ave, Sollimo Peter J to Park Michael J, Park Melissa M; 5/19/2017. $529,000

312 114th St, Frost Stephen to Winfield Developers LLC; 5/22/2017. $2,400,000

328 83rd St, Kubiak David, Kubiak Mary Ellen to Phillips Dennis M, Phillips Linda Lee; 5/22/2017. $1,150,000

137 105th St, Kielinski Ann W to Jale Investors LLC; 5/23/2017. $3,100,000

395 93rd St, U.S. Bank Trus by Atty, Lsf9 Master Participation Trust by Tru, Caliber Real Estate Services LLC to Richards Joseph M, Richards Monica M; 5/24/2017. $1,575,000

10629 Corinthian Place, Tucker Jacqueline H, Tucker Susan Louise to Breen Edward D, Breen Lynn M; 5/26/2017. $1,400,000

351 96th St Unit 301, Herb-Seiger Sheri L, Seiger Rick A, Seiger Frederkick A to Campagna Sean, Campagna Lori; 5/31/2017. $550,000

Weber Court D26, Sheppard Richard A, Worthington Sandra B to Muldoon Catherine A; 5/31/2017. $545,000


2600 Commonwealth Ave, Redmond Patricia A by Atty to Redmond Joseph W Jr, Winslow-Redmond Elaine; 5/15/2017. $330,000

15 White Oak Drive, Wilson Erin M, Wilson Joseph to Hartsock Steven, Hartsock Heidi; 5/16/2017. $239,000

1731 S Shore Road Unit 140, Gradwell Jane A by Atty, Lord Sallee S Atty to Amadie Ralph E; 5/17/2017. $265,000

19 Hilltop Drive, Pierson Glenn R, Pierson Christine B to Kull Michael D, Kull Elizabeth; 5/17/2017. $305,000

2800 S Bayview Drive, Mc Namara Susan G Exr&C, Goebel Claire B Est by Exr, Goebel Raymont M Est, Malcolm Nicole R, Malcolm Thomas D Jr, Swanson Marge P, Swanson John W; 5/23/2017. $490,000

3 Klains Lane, Clayton Development Associates LLC to Mc Afee James, Mc Afee Sandra M; 5/23/2017. $127,000

431 Upper Bridge Road, Wells Fargo Bank to Cunningham Robert J, Diano Kathleen M; 5/23/2017. $130,000

6 Edward Terrace, Rosenberger H Glen Jr, Rosenberger Louise S to Rosenberger Brett W; 5/24/2017. $287,000

9 E Seaview Ave, Cowan William E, Cowan Marie A to Piazza Daniel J; 5/24/2017. $1,250,000

391 Mohawk Trail, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Bogushefsky Anthony J; 5/25/2017. $100,100

603 Second Ave, Bank of America to Atlantic-Cape Builders LLC; 5/30/2017. $170,000

10 Ocean Ave, Mitchell Thmothy A Jr, Mitchell Danielle N, Musso Danielle N to Clarke Corey A; 5/31/2017. $260,000

201 W Tecumseh Ave, Reader Thomas W III, Reader Karen to Mc Nulty James Patrick, Mc Nulty Kathleen Garrity; 5/31/2017. $625,000


533 W Glenwood Ave, Rue Frances E to Farinaccio Carol L, Farinaccio Paul F; 5/18/2017. $130,000

562-564 W Magnolia Avenue Unit 564, Adal LLC to Mag 564 LLC; 5/22/2017. $250,000

1 Bay Ave, Pearl Steven L, Pearl Susan C to Jbs Leasing Solutions LLC; 5/25/2017. $257,000

3 Bay Ave, Karpovich Michele E, Karpovich Anthony to Jbs Leasing Solutions LLC; 5/25/2017. $485,000

550 W Glenwood Ave, Gardiner Robert J Jr, Gardiner Dorothy to Rellstab John, Rellstab Diana; 5/30/2017. $42,500


116 E Maple Ave, Fleming Daniel J, Fleming Geraldine T to Paolini Thomas J, Paolini Laura; 5/17/2017. $212,000

121-123 E Youngs Ave, Se Tax Llc A&T Property Investments LLC; 5/17/2017. $64,000

122 E Hidreth Ave, Lebo Reed L II Trus to Steinberg David, Steinberg Gina; 5/17/2017. $225,000

309 W Garfield Ave, Tramontana Josephine Trus, Tramontana Luigi A Jr Trus, Tramontana Anthony Trus, Tramontana Luigi A Sr Est to Spaeth Paul; 5/17/2017. $39,900

312 E Glenwood Ave, Weeks Mark K, Weeks Jean M, Lona Timothy J, Lona Debra, Smith G Kenneth, Smith Cheryl C to Marin Sergiu, Rus Camelia; 5/17/2017. $275,000

429 W Montgomery Ave Unit 201, O’brien Joseph Warren, O’brien Antoinette to Chiarello Vito, Chiarello Debra A; 5/18/2017. $247,000

308 W Garfield Ave Unit 100, Brooks Frederick C, Brooks Geraldine m to Riordan William J; 5/19/2017. $189,000

3601-3611 Pacific Ave, Waterfall Olympic Reo 2014-01 LLC to Gfy LLC; 5/19/2017. $265,000

213 E Taylor Ave Unit 100, Centinaro William A, Centinaro Mary B to Bradley Richard, Bradley Catherine; 5/22/2017. $247,500

540 W Montgomery Ave, Earight John J, Earight Mary M to Fidler Paul, Fidler Kristine; 5/22/2017. $380,000

Cumberland County


201 Baltimore Ave, Wells Fargo Bank to Leifer Jacob; 6/12/2017. $17,350

109 Lake St, Headrick David L, Headrick Mary F to Iannucci-Ball Margaret L; 6/13/2017. $85,000

205 Bank St, Headrick Austin E, Timmons Ashley to Bodine Mariann; 6/13/2017. $35,000

286 Fayette St, Pollum Cleo D to Marroquin Alondra; 6/13/2017. $60,000

706 Irving Ave, Fannie Mae Aka Federal National Mortgage Assoc Aka By Atty; Powers Kirn LLC Atty; Powers Sarah E Esq Atty to Watts Ethan; 6/13/2017. $81,900


803 Bridgeton Ave, Shumate Janice L, Shumate Myron K, Shumate Tyler S; 6/8/2017. $175,000

785 Cedar St, Fannie Mae Aka by Atty; Federal National Mortgage Assoc by Atty; Smith Thomas; Udren Law Offices PC Atty; Walker Nakisha; 6/20/2017. $46,000


13 George St, Harrington Joshua L to Criss Amy L; 6/8/2017. $161,000

16 Cedar Lane, West David J Est, West Dorothy T to Clark John M Jr, Heritage Krista; 6/13/2017. $126,000

Cemetery Road, Thomas Kevin to Minor Larry L, Minor Lauretta J; 6/13/2017. $15,000

6 Copin Drive, Nelson Antoinette Fka, Thompson Antoinette L, Thompson Ronald B to Bryant Cheryl D, Bryant Matthew U; 6/15/2017. $156,000

Bridgeton-Fairton Road, Milmer Corp to Cohanzick Entertainment LLC; 6/19/2017. $194,115.20


596 Barretts Run Road, Mathis Deborah M, Mathis Joseph A Sr to Still Cornelius; 6/8/2017. $45,000

114 Loatman Road, Devol Lorrie Exec, Perry Helen Haenn Est By Exec, Perry Kenneth L Exec, Perry Ray L Est to Watson Benjamin L; 6/12/2017. $135,000


430 Main St, Tisa John M, Tisa Tamara Est to Hemingway Elmer; 6/13/2017. $210,000

2945 Monroe St, Culcasi Rosemary Esq Atty, Fannie Mae Aka by Atty, Federal National Mortgage Assoc Aka By Atty, Stern Lavinthal & Frankenberg LLC Atty to Depalma Jessica; 6/20/2017. $155,213

951 Ramah Road, Martinez Ricardo L to Rigoli Joseph Paul; 6/20/2017. $150,500


148 Hands Mill Road, Chance David M Adm Cta, Chance Patricia Ann Est by Adm, Chance Kimberly A, Chance Paul Christopher; 6/6/2017. $127,880

50 Cannon Range Road, Fannie Mae Aka by Atty, Federal National Mortgage Assoc Aka by Atty, Powers Kirn LLC Atty, Powers Sarah E Esq Atty to Landis Avenue Realty Co II LLC; 6/13/2017. $47,500

646 Port Elizabeth-Cumberland, Alexander Bethany, Fannie Mae Aka by Atty, Federal National Mortgage Assoc Aka by Atty, Udren Law Offices Atty to Whitehead Susan; 6/21/2017. $31,000


72 Marlboro Road, Home Guardian Trust By Trust, US Bank Trust Trust to Russo Brittany N; 6/6/2017. $191,000

500 Marlboro Road, Regalbuto Builders LLC, Regalbuto Samuel R to Fleming Timothy J; 6/14/2017. $184,900

22 Serata Drive, Culcasi Rosemary Esq Atty, Fannie Mae Aka By Atty, Federal National Mortgage Assoc Aka By Atty, Stern Lavinthal & Frankenberg LLC Atty to Ryman Andrew; 6/15/2017. $72,000

Ocean County


10 Bilge Ave, Clayton Jeffrey B to Ordonez Michael C Jr, Ordonez Jennifer L; 6/1/2017. $160,000

21 Newport St, Elmo Marsha, Elmo Rosario to Massimo Rosalie; 6/1/2017. $260,000

25 Mutineer Ave, Deutsche Bank, Ixis Real Estate Capital Trust, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Hendrickson Katherine A, Hendrickson Brittany C; 6/1/2017. $266,774

1068 W Bay Ave, Dinapoli Richard, Dinapoli Jessica to Salvanto Vito, Harker Dallas; 6/5/2017. $170,000

53 Lexington Blvd, Lippo Santo to Yousef Mazen, Yousef Ziad; 6/5/2017. $50,000

80 Lexington Court, Lippo Santo to Yousef Mazen, Yousef Ziad; 6/5/2017. $50,000

154 Nautilus Drive, Nvr Inc, Ryan Homes to Gulino Michael H, Evan Ashley E; 6/5/2017. $340,000

Property transactions run Sundays as space is available. None will be skipped.

1 Passage Lane, Galish Daniel A, Galish Joan M, Joan M Galish Revocable Trust Agreement, Galish Joan M Revocable Trust Agreement, Behr Linda M to Fitzgerald Dennis, Fitzgerald Georgette; 6/5/2017. $305,000

8 Windy Reef Court, Hesterman Stephen E, Hesterman Jane E, Hesterman Stephen, Hesterman Jane to Moore Barbara; 6/5/2017. $250,000

62 Highland Court, Simms Norman E, Simms Joyce A to Suydam Robert, Suydam Stacey; 6/7/2017. $335,000

34 Hanna Lee Road, Rasmussen Matthew, Rasmussen Michelle to Jones Tracee M, Dantoni Thomas J Jr; 6/7/2017. $335,000

46 Plymouth Way, Brady James, Brady Mary Jane to Stief Francis J, Stief Karen V; 6/7/2017. $240,000

401-19b Bayshore Drive, Riehle Anthony to Murphy Daniel C, Murphy Irene A; 6/8/2017. $275,000

125 Emerson Lane, Regan Timothy, Walters Development Co LLC to Nvr Inc; 6/8/2017. $113,262

20 Tina Way, Regan Timothy, Walters Development Co LLC to Nvr Inc; 6/8/2017. $96,000

10 Cape Cod Ave, Regan Timothy, Walters Development Co LLC to Nvr Inc; 6/8/2017. $67,500

1968 Breakers Wayp, Walters Development Co LLC, Walters Development Company LLC, Regan Timothy to Nvr Inc; 6/8/2017. $91,000

389-10 Bay Shore Drive, Gabrieli Richard, Gabrieli Lisa to Skidmore William, Skidmore Kathleen; 6/9/2017. $287,500

44 Gunning River Road, US Bank to Plazma Properties LLC; 6/9/2017. $35,000

50 Tulsa Drive South, Monico Amy C, Monico John P to Ogle Barbara A; 6/9/2017. $170,500


411 S Pennsylvania Ave, Rykate LLC, Moakley John, Moakley Lynn to Fragapane Jason; 6/2/2017. $873,000

223 Glendola Ave, Karzhevsky Gregory, Karzhevsky Evan to Stanbury John, Stanbury Whitney; 6/7/2017. $675,000

218 Centre St, Damiani Patrick, Damiani Margaret L to Rook Glenn A, Rook Jayme N; 6/7/2017. $840,000


407 Dock Road, Cullerton Debra, Poudrier Darlene to Bowker Brian B; 6/16/2017. $116,000

386 Dock Road, HSBC Bank USA, Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Ellington Loan Acquisition Trust 2007-1 to Crawford Bradford W; 6/21/2017. $62,500

209 West St, Price Thurmond to Mcgrath Brian, Mcgrath Ashley; 6/27/2017. $100,000


414 Sycamore Drive, Kirshenbaum Aharon, 13 Colorado LLC to Thompson Christopher, Thompson Julie; 6/1/2017. $215,000

234 Hemlock Lane, Central Endeavors LLC, Alino Gregory to Leann Enterprose LLC, Allerow Ava; 6/1/2017. $82,000

503 Nautilus Blvd, Demarco Robert F to Neno Alexander V; 6/1/2017. $163,000

706 Chelsea St, Midwest Equities LLC, Kagan Daniel to Mayer David, Mayer Kelly; 6/1/2017. $229,000

130 Fox Hollow Drive, Coulter Linda O to Tobia Anthony Jr; 6/2/2017. $247,500

1212 Andover Road, Allen Harvey R, Allen Amelia A to Neumann Kristen M Wilson, Neumann Edward J; 6/2/2017. $365,000

1501 Clearview St, Budnik Bonnie, Budnik Richard to Monto Frank P, Monto Lorraine; 6/2/2017. $161,000

5 Wales Court, Burke Martha to Lee Billy, Lee Kathy; 6/2/2017. $200,000

605 Predmore Ave, Zeleznok Russell J, Ocean County Sheriff, U.S. HUD, New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency to Secretary Of Housing And Urban Development, Housing And Urban Development; 6/2/2017. $151,000

21 Arborridge Drive, Fortunato Mario, Fortunato Janice M to Dunn Leonard, Dunn Lesley; 6/2/2017. $380,000


5 Oakland Bay Court, Brashier Jesse Gene, Brashier Claire Tania to Argenziano Richard N; 5/31/2017. $134,000

37 Vacari Way, Winding Run Estates By Kara LLC, Kara LLC, Peshkopia Hektor to Gangloff Christopher, Gangloff Marla; 6/2/2017. $404,250

37 Vicari Way, Gangloff Christopher, Gangloff Marla to Waldman Diane C; 6/2/2017. $310,000

18 Ocean Blvd, Sciurba Frank to Getman Christopher, Schofield Stephanie; 6/2/2017. $169,000

44 Vincent Court, Wright Robert, Wright Dawn, Francesco Dawn to Tomlinson Richard; 6/9/2017. $144,000

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