Transactions are from county property records. Settlement dates are listed; deed filings may be delayed. Location may reflect address of seller rather than property sold. If your property is incorrectly listed, call 609-272-7253.

Atlantic County


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4 Sooy Lane, Fannie Mae, Powers Kirn LLC to Sandra Stanton; 11/29/16. $200,000

Cape May County


238 43rd St, Russino Joseph L, Russino Kristen E to Miersch Jean; 12/9/2016. $1,150,000

Cape May

1252 Illinois Ave, Kirk Kerry D and Kirk Judith G, trustees for KDK Living Trust, to Bennett Kirk W, Bennett Lana M; 12/9/2016. $410,000.00


51 Holly Glen Lane, Fannie Mae to Turnkey Developers LLC; 12/10/2016. $145,000

3 Brewers Lane, Fowler Bonnie R estate by Chambers Dixie L, executrix, to Furey John J, Cook Stephanie E; 12/10/2016. $294,000


25 E Bates Ave, Schwemmer Craig to Parks Donna J, Wimmer Richard S; 12/10/2016. $145,000

204 Delaware Ave, Hammond Donald R to Moore Catherine C, Moore Preston B; 12/10/2016. $300,000

126 E Austin Ave, Dechico John P, Dechico Ellen M to Zirolli Kathleen M; 12/10/2016. $340,000

721 Atlantic Ave, Cicchitti David, Cicchitti Peggy to Mimlitsch Susan, Mimlitsch Glenn; 12/10/2016. $375,000


234 Marshall Ave, Quigley Lois E to Herrera Jose A; 12/10/2016. $174,000


6 Anderson Way & 127 Indian Trail, Anderson Gerald J to Walnut Grove Builders Inc; 12/10/2016. $70,000

1301 Cherry St, US Bank, trustee of SW REO Trust 2014-1 to Genovese Marco T; 12/10/2016. $130,000

501 Roosevelt Blvd, Agnew Charles, Agnew Lorraine to Johnson Conrad J III; 12/10/2016. $155,200

615 Route 9 North, Tomlin Olinda J estate by Tomlin John A and Tomlin Steven E, executors, to Cape May County; 12/10/2016. $184,800

15 N Sixth Ave, Weyhenmeyer Raymond, Weyhenmeyer Carol to Santiago Steven, Nieves Yenitza; 12/10/2016; $210,000


2404 Seaboard Circle, Alfano Gaetan J, McCarthy Kathleen M, A Stephen III, Alfano-Wray Linda Raspanti Marc S, Raspanti Wendy D to Mullane John, Mullane Kathy; 12/9/2016. $545,000

400 E 23rd St Unit 17, Carroll Robert M, Carroll Theresa A to Waring Joseph D, Waring Theresa S; 12/9/2016. $587,500

211 E 25th Ave, Banik Mark J to Miller Joseph G, Miller Michele L; 12/10/2016. $275,000

404 W. Illinois Ave, Sowers Randall to Sessa Joseph P, Ferguson Wendy; 12/10/2016. $550,000


3860-62 Asbury Ave Unit 3860 aka Unit A, Moward Services LLC to Klugherz Bruce D, Ecker Michelle; 12/9/2016; $720,000

840 Ocean Ave, Hassinger Kenneth L, Hassinger Teresa A to Summers Daniel J, Summers Megan S; 12/10/2016. $97,500

3534 Simpson Ave, Grunstra Ronald B, Grunstra Midge C to McGough Karen M, Dow Carol J; 12/10/2016. $185,000

2544-46 West Ave, Schraishuhn Nelsie A to Lighthouse Developers LLC; 12/10/2016. $400,000

1110 Asbury Ave, Volpe Louise to M Ocean 1 Investors LLC; 12/10/2016. $425,000

5824 Asbury Ave, HSBC Bank USA, trustee for Sequoia Mortgage Trust, to Schumann Leslie, Schumann Robert; 12/10/2016. $509,250

3052-54 Asbury Ave 1st floor, William R Carnie Trust, Elaine D Carnie Trust to DeMarco Anthony, DeMarco Rosemary Ann; 12/10/2016. $537,000

839 Fifth St, Baker Christopher I, Baker Catherine S to Lindley William J, Lindley Anouk M; 12/10/2016. $537,500


105 65th St Unit 207, Cecco Kenneth, Cecco Judith to Shannahan Thomas D III, Shannahan Cheryl H; 12/9/2016. $475,000.00


230 101st St, Noto Gerald, executor of the estate of Noto Gloria, to Plessl Gary, Mauthe Sarah E; 12/9/2016. $755,000

100 105th St, Lehr Patsy A to Ben 105 LLC; 12/9/2016. $2,200,000


8 Tyler Road, Atwood Eileen R to Miller Terence Dean; 12/10/2016. $43,000

243 Dennisville Road, Devlin Ada M to Bright Susan; 12/10/2016. $75,000


113 Townsend Road, Nationstar HECM Acquisition Trust, Wilmington Savings Fund Society, trustee, to Dierkes Thomas; 12/10/2016. $172,000


847 Broadway Unit 7, Lawrence A Pray Builders Inc to Makowicz Mitchell J Jr, Suszko-Makowicz Jacqueline A; 12/10/2016. $480,000


702 W Poplar Ave Unit 1, Florkowski Thomas J, Florkowski Joanne to Uryniuk Stephen, Uryniuk Linda; 12/10/2016. $148,000

558 W Magnolia Ave, Adal LLC to Mucchetti Domenic; 12/10/2016. $250,000


112 W Lavender Road, Shore Real Estate Developers LLC to Surovick Michael, Surovick Emily; 12/10/2016. $395,000

Cumberland County


183 Commerce St, Kernan, Carol J, Litwack, Robert C to Peterson Ad Enterprises Inc; 1/4/2017. $95,000

205 Cottage Ave, Bridgeton Property Holdings LLC to CA Villas LLC; 1/4/2017. $3,882,000

205 Cottage Ave, Bridgeton Property Holdings LLC to Bridgeton Apartments Urban Renewal LLC; 1/4/2017. $8,193,000

23 Franklin Drive, Morisky, Joan, Morisky, Steve T to Michael, John J; Pizzo-Michael, Erinn R; 1/4/2017 $239,900

295 Grove St, Pierce, Joyce M Estate, Pierce, Paul K Sr Estate by exec, Willits, Velnita D, exec, to Mendez-Cruz DiOdoro; 1/4/2017. $55,000

17 Eagle St, Tri County Community Action Agency to Hayes Jeannette; 1/10/2017. $77,500

5 Cedarbrook Ave, Coba Inc. to Garcia Angelica, Leon Osvan Vivar; 1/12/2017. $54,000

553 Chestnut Ave, Pierce Mary E, Pierce Rick to Speranza Michael, Speranza Tara L; 1/18/2017. $50,000

170 Belmont Ave, Caporale Joseph to Williams Melvin; 1/19/2017. $90,000

77 North St, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co, Home Equity Mortgage Loan Asset-Backed Certificates & Co, Home Equity Mortgage Loan Asset-Backed Trust, Specialized Asset Management LLC, Specialized Loan Servicing LLC to Lan Pro LLC; 1/19/2017. $22,000

8 S West Ave, Freddie Mac to Munyon Elber B; 1/19/2017. $68,000

234 N Pearl St, Bank of America to Zohny Badreddin M; 1/20/2017. $10,000

100 S Lawrence St, Murray Jill aka Zeller Jill to Pohlig Richard C; 1/24/2017. $85,000

7 Thompson Court, Goolsby Michele M, Goolsby Willie L to Glenn Alecia; Glenn Raymond; 1/31/2017 $106,000


6610 Magnolia Drive, Bates Jordan B, Bates Raymond C to Carvo Michael R II; 1/4/2017. $91,500

250 Milbourne Drive, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Paradigm Venture Holdings LLC; 1/5/2017. $14,836

2531 High St, Hodges Odette, LSF9 Master Participation Trust by Atty, US Bank Trust by Atty to DeJesus Elvin; 1/18/2017 $23,900

6416 Yock Wock Road, Adams Bobbi Jo P Rep, Adams Robert F Est By P Rep to Wilford Jessaca; 1/18/2017. $155,000

6112 Whittier Drive, Louis Thomas O Sr, Louis Virginia to Greuber Jonathan E; 1/19/2017 $145,000

9566 Highland St, Saduk Darlene J, Saduk Michael C to Manzelmann Mary-Ann, Manzelmann Peter J; 1/24/2017. $152,000

305 Palm Road, Brown Kristen M to Fisher Frank W; 1/25/2017. $81,000

414 Gooseberry Road, Macera Antonio Carlo, Macera Brandy A to Kuhl Joseph E; 1/26/2017. $92,500

2410 Ogden Ave, Collingwood Darlene I Est By Exec, Washart Cynthia D Exec to Smith Ashley; 1/30/2017. $119,900

2527 Bacon St, Cumberland County Sheriff, Lawson Eric S By Shrf, Lawson Kimberlie By Shrf to NJHR 2 LLC; 1/30/2017. $22,200

545 Opal Road, Crawford Darrell E, Crawford Mary A, Cumberland County Sheriff to NJHR 1 LLC; 1/30/2017. $63,800

1726 Main St, Fannie Mae to Ponticello Salvatore; 1/31/2017. $15,000


513 Garton Road, Regalbuto Caryn M, Regalbuto Samuel R III to Pilcher David Jr; 1/10/2017. $163,000

Poplar Street, Brock William J to Garcia Maria; 1/19/2017. $13,000

South Shiloh Avenue & Pine Street, Brock William J to Garcia Maria; 1/19/2017. $12,500

South Shiloh Avenue & Poplar Street, Brock William J to Garcia Maria; 1/19/2017. $12,500


558-588 Newport Neck Road, McIntyre Chester, McIntyre Doreen to First Choice Custom Harvesting LLC; 1/4/2017. $100,000

118 & 120 Bayview Road, Parker Connie S, Parker David M to New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; 1/9/2017. $97,090

607 Ackley Road, Howey Dave to Atlantic City Electic Co; 1/10/2017. $200,000

154-156 Bayview Road, Tate Pamela B, Tate Thomas A Jr to New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; 1/11/2017. $173,871

139 Fortescue Road, Roberts Robin M to Gobbi Graziano, Tafur Gladys E; 1/12/2017. $13,000

149 Fortescue Road, Roberts Robin M to Gobbi Graziano, Tafur Gladys E; 1/12/2017. $13,000

6 Cornell Ave, Cooksey John B, Cooksey Karen J to Pignatelli Joseph Jr; 1/13/2017. $40,000

138 Bayview Road, Ayers Randolph M to New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; 1/24/2017 $208,000

290 New Jersey Ave, Buck Margaret M Exec; Logue Dennis J Est By Exec to Demchuk Thomas; 1/30/2017 $32,500


Bridgeton-Buckshutem Road, BKA Real Property One LLC, McQuaid Bernice M to Parenti Vincent Sr; 1/6/2017. $17,500

Fairton- Cedarville Road, Wright James A, Wright Sandra P to Ag-Mart Produce Inc; 1/12/2017, $898,812


7 Peach Tree Lane, Nakai Kevin M Sr to Miller Shannon L; 1/12/2017. $189,900

162 Roadstown Road, PNC Bank, Select Portfolio Servicing Inc to Headrick Austin; 1/11/2017. $30,500

162 Roadstown Road, Headrick Austin to Regalbuto Builders LLC; 1/11/2017 $44,000

40 Roselawn Avenue, Freddie Mac; Wilmore Carl T Jr; 1/17/2017 $35,000


3028 Surrey Ave, Kondaur Capital Corp Trust, Matawin Ventures Trust Series 2014-2 By Trust to Mead Richard B; 1/4/2017. $130,000

Paris Road, Bay Point Rod & Gun Club to New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; 1/5/2017 $49,500

2514 Cedarville Road, Cedarville Holdings LLC, Inland Trust U/A Dated 8/3/2009 & C By Trust; Procacci Joseph M to Ag-Mart Produce Inc; 1/6/2017. $180,000

11 North Ave, Fannie Mae to KSJ Investments LLC; 1/9/2017. $31,000

285 Factory Road, Sandra, Camp Wayne to Beebe Peggy A, Beebe Vance; 1/12/2017. $249,900

897 Lummistown Road, Arcidiacono Joseph A, Eastlack Marion to Hall Deborah A; 1/13/2017. $227,000

42 Paris Road, Delia Joseph to New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; 1/24/2017. $151,424

438 Lummistown Road, BNC Mortgage Loan Trust & Co; Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC; Wells Fargo Bank Trust to Kelly Christina L, Pew Thomas T Jr; 1/24/2017. $78,000

52 Maple Ave, Brown Alfred E to Carvo Kyle; 1/26/2017. $135,000


15 Broadway, Falzone Michael A, Garrison Kathleen to Gebhardt Dolores; 1/4/2017. $127,129

103 Taylor Ave, Delany Maureen C Ind Exec; Delany Robert J Est By Exec to Riland Morris; Riland Tracy; 1/5/2017. $140,000

52-54 MacDonald Ave, Lassen Joseph, Rioprop Holdings LLC to Wharton Robert; 1/6/2017. $90,000

63 Main St, Buchanan Anna M, Garrison James W to Cox & Sons Farm LLC; 1/12/2017. $82,500

Main Street, Camp Kenneth Est By Exec By Trust, Camp Nancy Aka Ind Trust, Camp Richard J Ind Trust, Camp Ruth Est, Camp Suzanne Ind Exec Trust, Marker Nancy Aka Ind Trust to Cox & Sons Farm LLC; 1/12/2017. $115,001

203 Gum Tree Corner Road, Marx David E to O’Malley Edward C; O’Malley Noreen D; 1/17/2017. $200,000

698 Port Elizabeth Cumberland Road, Wells Fargo Bank to Stabile Matthew; 1/20/2017. $30,000

27 Broadway St, Glassford Jaclyn to Woodward Krista T; 1/25/2017. $55,000

65-67 E Point Road, Royal Bank America, Royal Tax Lien Services LLC, WRCC LLC to Pintye Allison; 1/30/2017. $40,000


14 Chestnut Street, Fannie Mae, Betancourt Edwin M; Negron-Echevarria Diane; 1/3/2017 $35,001

2042 Wheaton Avenue, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC; Renaissance Home Equity Loan Asset & Co; Wells Fargo Bank Trust; Barnett Eric; 1/3/2017 $80,764

2044 Easy Street, Freddie Mac; Fox Robert E; 1/3/2017 $186,910

11 Dumont Dr, Sherwood Forest Homes LLC; Hall Kywana E; 1/4/2017 $214,900

328 E Mulberry St, Bank of America; Lasalle Bank Trust; Morgan Stanley Mortgage Loan Trust & Co; Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC; US Bank Trust; Bremikent LLC; 1/4/2017 $24,334

33 Tomasello Drive, Narla Haritha; Narla Mani P; Narla Revathi R; Gonzales George; Gonzales Jeanne; 1/4/2017 $215,000

609 Orange St, Carpino Frank; Heritage Hill Estates Llc; Tri State Ez Dock; 1/4/2017 $100,000

2717 Cedar St, Buch Kimberly S; Fish Frank W Jr; Reppert Deborah A; Reppert George M Jr; Pettit Jeffrey; Rafine Kelsey; 1/5/2017 $24,000

212 Smith St, North Warren; Borschcik Liubov; Borschcik Mikhall; 1/6/2017 $31,000

2307 E Main St, Fisher Franklin B; Colon Yeira S; 1/6/2017 $131,000

2701 E Main St, Hogan Alyssa M; Hogan Benjamin A; Hearon Dale; Hearon Harold; Mcphearson Diane; 1/6/2017 $116,000

609 Richard Drive, Ware Joseph S II; Lindsey-Turner Sabria Dyshell; Turner Stephanie Lynn; 1/6/2017 $157,400

905 Leonard Drive, Fannie Mae; Carey Gerald M; 1/6/2017 $90,900

1307 Fairton Road, Sipin Mary Ann Est By Exec; Sipin Michael Exec; Davis Jack P; 1/9/2017 $125,000

431 Lance Court, Rottenberg Zvi; Zapco Realty South Llc; Mazzola Leonard Iii; 1/9/2017 $162,087

5 Oriole Way, Houser Anthony; Gross Louise J; 1/10/2017 $155,000

907 E Main St, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC; Liquid Endeavors LLC; 1/10/2017 $42,000

121 Oregon St, Sorantino Ella Mae; Sorantino John A Jr; Petrozza Shelley; Petrozza Stephen; 1/11/2017 $239,900

2016 Valley Ave, Haars-Brazdon Alice; Russell Shaun; Sweeten Paula; 1/11/2017 $130,000

329 E Mulberry St, Davis Sheila; Solomon Bobby G Jr; Thomas Bobby J; 1/11/2017 $110,000

113 W Main St, Blakelock Kim E; Brisky Dorajeanne; Brisky Kim E Fka; Glancy Shawn P; 1/12/2017 $89,000

3 Lisa Marie Terrace, Galle Domenic; Galle Doris Est; Bates Jordan B; Bates Raymond C; 1/12/2017 $175,000

420-422 E Mulberry St, Fannie Mae; BBK Investment Properties; 1/12/2017 $31,500

609 Quail Drive, Puesi April; Latham Christine; Latham Richard J; 1/12/2017 $226,000

113 N High St, Roselle Herbert F Aka; Roselle Herbert G Aka; Roselle Lucille F; Gallerynest.Com Llc; 1/17/2017 $140,000

304 W Main St, Russo Kathleen A; Silvers Samantha; 1/17/2017 $10,000

902 S Third St, Pnc Bank; Select Portfolio Servicing Atty; Williams Atlantic Llc; 1/17/2017 $27,500


117 East Ave, Young James; Young Kelly; Coombs Shanna; Piccioni Frank Iv; 1/3/2017 $125,000


342 Roadstown-Greenwich Road, Katona Ellen; Lutz Robert; Stone Christina Calabrese; Stone Sean T; 1/5/2017 $248,500


87 Sentry Drive, Mukoyama Garnett K; Mukoyama Shigeru; Panzino Sandra Maree; 1/3/2017 $165,000

222 Love Lane, Mulford Joan B; Mulford Robert A; Mulford Robert A III; Mulford Starr; 1/4/2017 $210,000


1101 Garrison Road, Roberts Barbara Atty; Sprague Mary Elizabeth By Atty; Tobolski Lisa; Tobolski Thomas Sr; 1/4/2017 $20,000

1253 Livia Lane, Jackson Daniel Jr; Smith Ryann; Smith-Jackson Ryan; Fitzgerald Robert S; 1/4/2017 $210,000

2097 Cottonwood Drive, Aleff David Edwards James by cust; Aleff H Peter cust; Aleff Margaret cust est; Goyco Rafel; Sturgess April; 1/4/2017 $160,000

524 E Grape St, Jpmc Specialty Mortgage LLC; Wm Specialty Mortgage LLC; Acevedo Hector; 1/4/2017 $10,000

709 E Elmer Road, Carpino Frank; Carpino Realty Group Llc; Atlantic Cape Builders Llc; 1/4/2017 $92,000

743 Mildred Lane, Wells Fargo Bank; Romanov Daniil; Romanov Mariia; 1/4/2017 $78,600

1344 N West Blvd, Wares Van & Storage Co Inc; Seashore Fruit & Produce Co Inc; 1/5/2017 $900,000

1876 West Walnut Road, VG Investments LLC; Serrano-Soto Sonya M; Soto Angel M; 1/5/2017 $128,000

New Atlantic County and Ocean County listings were not provided. Property transactions run Sundays as space is available. None will be skipped.

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