Transactions are from county property records. Settle-ment dates are listed; deed filings may be delayed. Location may reflect address of seller rather than property sold. If your property is incorrectly listed, call 609-272-7253.

Atlantic County


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34 Mechanic St, Schott Louis A to Falivene James; 08/17/16. $55,000


1834 N Arkansas Ave, Rioprop Holdings LLC to Aulicino Gregory; 08/15/16. $15,000

233 N Montpelier Ave, Mattison LLC, Mattison Donna to Le Dinh K, Vu Bich T; 08/15/16. $128,000

2834 Atlantic Ave Unit 110, Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp, Fein Such Kahn Shepard PC to Griff John; 08/15/16. $18,000

1 S Bartram Ave Unit 4, Fine Barri, Fine Bari, Fine David to McFarland Daniel; 08/16/16. $177,500

1518 Madison Ave, Falkowski Edward, Falkowski Rosemary to Estate Of AC LLC; 08/16/16. $50,000

3101 Boardwalk Unit 717-2, Kim Dong Sup to Wright Robert; 08/17/16. $147,500

1829 Ontario Ave, Andrew Judith S, Jones Lynne D, Simpson Edith, Simpson Edith M to Page Wayne; 08/17/16. $30,000

101 S Plaza Unit 703, Weiner Stanton David, Cowan Corinne B to Robert G Rabben Revocable Trust, Rabben Robert G; 08/17/16. $265,000

2 N Parker Ave, U.S. HUD to Kabir Ahsanul; 08/18/16. $40,692

3851 Boardwalk Unit 1501, Cohen Howard Jay, Hausdorff Gail Bonnie to Alulis Paul, Alulis Gena; 08/18/16. $180,000

3101 Boardwalk Unit 617-2, Wright Robert to Flynn Melody; 08/19/16. $115,750


167 40th St South, Central Mortgage Co to Travaglia Lawrence, Travaglia Theresa; 08/15/16. $105,000

330 42nd St South Unit B33, Valentino Anthony to Pizzano Joseph A, Santangelo Joanne B; 08/16/16. $102,500

343 13th St South, Miller Michael J, Miller Janice M to Barychewsky Michael, Barychewsky Tracy; 08/17/16. $400,000

5100 Ontario Drive Unit B, Stepp Charles, Stepp Roberta to Parsons Nicholas; 08/17/16. $163,000

406 Sheridan Place, Inland Development LLC, Hall Charles, Mason John Andrew to Jones Theresa L, Jones Daniel L; 08/19/16. $302,000


305 Jays Ave, US Bank Trust NA, Lsf9 Master Participation Trust, Caliber Real Estate Services LLC to Milter Douglas; 08/17/16. $75,900

172 Millville Ave, Wells Fargo to Meyers David W, Myers Jessica; 08/19/16. $100,000


214 St Louis Ave, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mtg Assn, Stern Lavinthal and Frankenberg to Steer Joanne; 08/16/16. $22,250

344 Philadelphia Ave, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mtg Assn, Stern Lavinthal and Frankenberg to Martin Clive, Martin Cheryl; 08/16/16. $106,000

257 Liverpool Ave, CP Srmof II Reo 2013 1 Tr, US Bank, Selene Finance LP to Guido Melinda; 08/19/16. $35,000


212 Vermont Ave, NJHR 3 LLC, Pollock Donald L to Seratore Natalie; 08/16/16. $162,000

137 Treetop Lane, Sloan Wayne J, Sloan Erika G to Cartus Financial Corp; 08/16/16. $224,900

137 Treetop Lane, Cartus Financial Corp to Porcaro Michael, Porcaro Kelly; 08/16/16. $224,900

3007 Ivins Ave, Carpenters Hands Inc to Fields Jonathan D; 08/16/16. $18,900

11 Delancy Ave, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mtg Assn, Phelan Hallinan Diamond Jones PC to Hussain Sm S; 08/16/16. $39,000

107 Wygate Drive, Broome Clarence, Broome Wanda to Nguyen Danny Manh; 08/17/16. $209,000

100 Heather Croft, Lsf9 Master Participation Trust, Caliber Real Estate Services LLC, US Bank to Gawalis Meg; 08/17/16. $60,888

18 Crestwood Circle, Pmt Npl Fin 2015 1, Pennymac Loan Services LLC to Pigatt Brian, Martinez Agramonte July, Agramonte July Martinez; 08/19/16. $185,000


704 6th Ave, Lerario Michael, Lerario Mary Lou to Schroer Bryan, Schroer Amber; 08/16/16. $258,500

692 Country Club Drive, Schultz James C, Schultz Patricia A to Welsey George, Welsey Myra; 08/16/16. $225,000

224 E Magnolia Ave, Prof 2013 S3 Legal Title Trust, US Bank, Fay Servicing LLC to Cacopardo Leah; 08/17/16. $170,000

13 Donegal Lane, Farruggio Gregory J to Robinson Randolph A, Robinson Jacqueline C; 08/18/16. $233,500


127 Katherine Ave, Sherrick Earl C, Sherrick Audrey to Vance Kyea, Michael Ronald T; 08/16/16. $232,000

1553 Thomas Jefferson Court, Central Mortgage Co to Brown Alan V, Brown Marsha; 08/17/16. $98,000

206 Tryens Drive, Bank of NY Mellon, Cwabs Inc, Asset Backed Certificates Series 2007 9, Specialized Loan Services LLC to Landblues Walter; 08/17/16. $169,000

6313 Nelson Ave, U.S. HUD to Hakobyan Tatevik; 08/18/16. $52,500

5910 Vine Drive, Sales Allan C, Sales Emelita N to Mondorff Daniel, Mondorff Candice; 08/19/16. $93,000


125 S Washington St, Valerio Richard W to Automated Application LLC; 08/15/16. $40,000

220 Vine St, Tome Antonio, Tome Henrique to Vine Street Prop Llc; 08/17/16. $80,000


H-2 Franklin Court, Munro James to Cook Madeline; 08/17/16. $133,000

1610 Woodlynne Blvd, Thomas James R, Thomas Kelli A to Rakowski John, Rakowski Linda; 08/19/16. $390,000


49 N Pelham Ave, Jamieson Ian, Jamieson Jennifer to Slaven Ryan P, Wong Vanessa C; 08/16/16. $495,000

125 N Evergreen Ave, Schneider Virginia Lee, Lee Schneider Virginia, Frank David Bossert to Domb Allan; 08/17/16. $675,000


8000 Lagoon Drive, Deull Lynn to Laverde Frank; 08/18/16. $265,000


2713 Green Bank Road, Ocean Yachts Inc to Viking Yacht Co; 08/16/16. $999,999

2747 McCormick Ave, Miller Barbara J, Miller Franklin H, Miller Franklin H to Hanselmann James, Hanselmann Kristi; 08/17/16. $160,000


15 Northfield Ave, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mtg Assn to Schultz Jessica; 08/15/16. $95,000

202 Saint James St, Brooke Frederick B to Garry William S, Garry Alicia L; 08/16/16. $155,000

2429 Shepherd Circle, Kellerman Anne Marie, Kellerman Donald V-Atty, Kellerman Donald R to Horner Michael R; 08/16/16. $195,000


617 Cresson Ave, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mtg Assn, First American Title Insurance Co to Community Rebound Assistance LLC; 08/15/16. $18,090

2 Montclair Drive, Perera Navarro Rene to Zarzabal Lopez Maria M; 08/16/16. $200,000

117 W Glendale Ave, KPB Assets LLC, Brennan Kevin to KJ Assets LLC; 08/16/16. $50,000

104 W Glendale Ave Rear, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mtg Assn, Fein Such Kahn Shepard PC to Ramirez Martha Isabel Mejia; 08/17/16. $40,000

1160 Iowa Ave, Federal National Mtg Assn, Fannie Mae to Sanchez Luis F; 08/17/16. $43,500


501 Chestnut Neck Road, Patel N G to Sica Edward J; 08/19/16. $27,500


717 Shore Road, Arluck David to 717 Shore Road LLC; 08/18/16. $239,500


809 Marshall Court, Ahmed Nighat, Ahmed Saleem to Andreev Valentin; 08/17/16. $80,000

234 N Somerset Ave, Damiano Gavigan Louise, Scarselletti Anthony D, Shafer Angela S, Scarselletti Annamarie R, Lobach Theresa S to McLaughlin Lee, McLaughlin Lois M; 08/17/16. $240,000

115 S Newport Ave, Rosenberg Mel to Buck Garry, Buck Lisa; 08/17/16. $999,000

236 N Derby Ave Unit 704, Cooler Stewart, Love Cooler Karen, Cooler Karen Love to Morrone Joanne; 08/19/16. $165,000

Cape May County


805 Pittsburgh Ave Unit 107, Kimberly McDonald, James Walsh, James Walsh A, Jeanette Walsh to Mary Noonan Margaret; 8/18/2016. $350,000

1310 A Virginia Ave, Michael McCarthy J, Christine McCarthy B to Kevin Malloy J, Mary Malloy Ellen H, Mary Ellen Malloy H; 8/18/2016. $299,900


97 Magnolia Drive, John Rowe J, Anita Rowe L to James McAnally, Judith McAnally; 8/16/2016. $50,000

562 Woodbine Ave, OWB Reo LLC to David Schick W; 8/16/2016. $125,000

1336 Route 47, Delbert Hardin L, Patricia Hardin A to Joseph Harris J; 8/19/2016. $255,000

24 Ocean View Drive, Elizabeth Frazier M, Roy Frazier Robert, Susan Voll B to Hugh Meehan John, Donna Meehan Marie; 8/19/2016. $155,000


24 Rose Lane, Michael Cantera W, Donna Cantera M to John Clark A, Pamela Clark; 8/15/2016. $130,000

409 Winslow Ave, Margaret Massott M, Charles Massott F to James Bell, Karen Bell; 8/16/2016. $218,000

22 Alexander Ave, Gary Schaffer G, Stephen Flynn E, Jane Flynn L, United States Of America, New Jersey State, Camden County Board Of Social Services to Richard Adelizzi, Rita Adelizzi; 8/16/2016. $58,000

30 Washington Ave, Carolyn McKenna M, William McKenna to Bryan Harron, Jenell Harron; 8/16/2016. $160,000

205 Bentz Ave, Bryan Harron, Jenell Harron to Paulette Nickels K; 8/16/2016. $157,000

818 Seashore Road, Suzanne Haggerty, Edward Haggerty J, Joseph Haggerty N to 818 Vineyard Beach LLC; 8/16/2016. $69,900

5 Pirate Road, Holly Hill to Dannica Hill L; 8/16/2016. $139,000

825 Shunpike Road, Mortgage Equity Conversion Asset Trust 2011-1, US Bank to Joseph Baumgarten G, Debra Baumgarten L; 8/16/2016. $151,000

225 Roseann Ave, Edward Owens H, Kerry Owens L, Kerry Owens to Hector Tohom G Barreno; 8/18/2016. $172,000

118 Frances Ave, Meca Investments LLC, Ground Up Designs LLC to Cyril Weidner D, Carol Weidner A; 8/18/2016. $255,750

207 Langs Ave, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Assn, First American Title Insurance Co to David Schick; 8/18/2016. $105,000

602 Whildam Ave, Thomas Cunningham P, Marie Cunningham T, Thomas P Cunningham Trust, Marie T Cunningham Trust to Michael Sola T, Linda Sola M; 8/18/2016. $225,000

9907 Seapointe Blvd Unit 217, Zygmunt Nemzer, Jozefa Nemzer to Nashaat Morgan L, Suzana Morgan E; 8/18/2016. $272,500

203 Rose Lane, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co, Wells Fargo to Brook Benjamin A; 8/18/2016. $65,890

709 Pilgrim Place, Maria Biffoni to Curtis Molko W, Michelle Molko D; 8/19/2016. $345,000

212 Roseann Ave, Marta Campos Julia, Marta Campos J to Michael Franek; 8/21/2016. $198,750


106 Pine Ave, Theresa Menke, Matthew Menke to Michael Birmingham J, Kathryn Birmingham J; 8/16/2016. $214,000

91 Millman Blvd, Patricia Wildgen Inez, Michael Wildgen Hendry to William Hemphill F; 8/18/2016. $155,000

14 Lehigh Ave, Richard Adelizzi, Rita Adelizzi to Brooke Popplewell; 8/19/2016. $118,500

420 Swainton Goshen Road, David Pitale J to Edward Dougherty, Tracy Dougherty; 8/21/2016. $292,200


422 E 4th Ave Unit 115, James Gee, Sandra Gee to Neil Bonner, Barbara Bonner Ann; 8/15/2016. $117,500

112 Allen Drive Unit A, Glenn Gerhard A to George Ballas, Kathy Smith Ann; 8/15/2016. $70,000

304 W 18th Ave, Randall Sowers L, Randall Sowers to Anthony Charlton, Jeanine Charlton; 8/15/2016. $249,000

224 E 9th Ave, Carol Baybo Anne, Donna Murphy Mae, Carl Moldrup Christian to Mary Gaffney E, Michael Gaffney T, Mary and Michael Gaffney Revocable Trust; 8/16/2016. $285,500

223 E 2nd Ave Unit 4, Karen Samluk E, Jeffrey Samluk, Susan Zeioli, Susan Samluk, Jeffrey Samluk M to James Bradley J, Dawn Hood E; 8/17/2016. $262,000

806 New York Ave, Marianne Pagliara R, Anthony Rastelli J, Mamie Rastelli to Michael Pagliara D, Marianne Pagliara R; 8/18/2016. $260,000

1605 Ocean Ave, Brigadoon Motel LLC to X Ella Realty LLC; 8/18/2016. $205,000

1708 Delaware Ave Unit 8, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, Fein Such Kahn Shepard PC to Elaine Corbin; 8/19/2016. $91,400

309 Surf Ave, Hugh Gibson H, Michele Gibson E to Lawrence Park J, Catherine Park C; 8/19/2016. $244,000

106 E 9th Ave, Tuan Huynh V, Khanh Huynh Phuong to John Fleming J; 8/20/2016. $260,000

421 E 8th Ave, Wesley West Roland, Robert West R, Jeffrey Nusinov to Robert West Richard, Robert Richard West Trust; 8/21/2016. $142,000


1422 Prospect Place, Richard Carr, Barbara Carr E, Theodore Russell, Franklin Russell T, Patricia Russell E to Nancy Xavios; 8/18/2016. $288,300

1054 Asbury Ave, Paula Popilock, Patrick Piriano J to Russell Pagano; 8/18/2016. $280,000

642 West Ave, G Gerhart Craig, Sumi Gerhart M to Leo Simpson E, Sonia Simpson L; 8/18/2016. $257,000

317 C Ocean Ave, Harris Albert, Kelly Albert to James Cahill E, Jacquelyn Cahill A; 8/19/2016. $270,000

3313-15 Bay Ave Unit 32, Miriam Hickman K, E Hickman Eugene to Julie Zwirzina; 8/19/2016. $138,000

1432-34 Simpson Ave Unit 1, Mary Barker Linda, Helen Resnick B to Jack Sandlin B, Helena Sandlin M; 8/19/2016. $332,500

2137-63 Asbury Ave Unit 13, Constance Garton to Alane Spencer G; 8/19/2016. $197,500

853-71 Plymouth Place Unit 14, Janet Granieri to Joseph MacConnell T, Joanne MacConnell M; 8/19/2016. $188,000

1317-19 Asbury Ave Unit B, Zachery Feinstein, Kurt Feinstein to Kenneth Cavanaugh, Maria Cavanaugh; 8/19/2016. $308,000


656 Stagecoach Road, Shore Management Co of Delaware Valley Inc to Joseph Alliano A, Jennifer Alliano B; 8/16/2016. $274,000

112 Seaside Ave, David Leo, Kristy Leo R, David Leo J, Kristy Leo to Kathleen Martin; 8/16/2016. $262,000


225 E David Ave Unit B, Goshen Mortgage Reo LLC to Joel Leine, Eileen Leine; 8/15/2016. $168,000

320 E Wildwood Ave, Shore Management Co of Delaware Valley Inc to Robert Ross; 8/16/2016. $69,000

241 W Pine Ave, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, Phelan Hallinan Diamond PC, Phelan Hallinan Diamond Jones PC to Patrick O’Malley, Theresa O’Malley; 8/17/2016. $135,000

111 E Maple Ave Unit 3, Evan Dyer Michael, Evan Dyer M to Therese Smollock E, Michael Smollock J; 8/17/2016. $210,000

4405 Pacific Ave Apt C, LMFG Corp to Victoria O’Donnell, Edward O’Donnell; 8/17/2016. $270,000

5305 Lake Road, Carol Schoening S to Phillip Capotrio M, Christine Capotrio A; 8/18/2016. $339,000

320 E Wildwood Ave Unit 307, Deborah Pirolli M to Colette Klinges M; 8/19/2016. $92,500


7103 Pacific Ave Unit 10, Margaret Boutcher M, Paul Boutcher to Edward Maile; 8/15/2016. $125,000

101 W Charleston Ave, Thomas McAvoy J, Elaine McAvoy J to Robert Deissroth, Maria Deissroth; 8/15/2016. $330,000

219 W Lavender Road, Jean Wynn A, Joseph Wynn E to Kirk Hewitt; 8/15/2016. $290,000

419 E Miami Ave Unit 4, John Zelazny W, Mary Zelazny Ann to Todd Zahra P, Rosa Nigro; 8/17/2016. $180,000

135 E Lavender Road Unit 8, Steven Link J, Linda Link A to Christian Taylor; 8/18/2016. $150,000

Cumberland County


111 Oak St., Jose M. Soto to Peterson Ad Enterprises Inc.; 8/16/16. $20,500

503 Manheim Ave., Nancy G. Rehmann to Juan C. Jiminez; 8/19/16. $46,000


7144 Ackley Road, WF Master REO 2015-01 LLC to Leon Tasker Robbins; 8/15/16; $126,000

6406 Battle Lane, Angelica Maahs, Joseph Maahs Jr. to Robert T. Gates; 8/15/16. $160,000


595 Sherman Ave., Judy Danna, Rudolph Danna Jr. to 595 Sherman Avenue LLC; 8/15/16. $325,000

656 Vineland Ave., Francis Stewart Morehead, Sheila Louise Shults to Kristen Brown, Ronald W. Shinn Jr.; 8/16/16. $70,000

676 Shiloh Pike, Mirella Piccioni, Nancy Piccioni, Rolando Piccioni to John J. McGuigan, Mary Ann Schmitt; 8/19/16. $145,000

579 Mulberry St., Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, First American Title Insurance Co. to Christian Omar Perez; 8/19/16. $42,000


15 Pau Len Drive, Robert W. O’Connell to Christopher A. Smith Jr., Jennie R. Smith; 8/19/16. $147,400


Newport Mill Road, Angelo Gaudelli, Cheryl Gaudelli, Douglas Lee Guyton to Angelo Gaudelli, Cheryl Gaudelli; 8/15/16. $15,000


77 High St., Kenneth H. Richey, Margaret A. Richey to Bobbie M. Goodman; 8/16/16. $123,000

40 Peterson Lane, Gladys M. Callahan, Ronald E. Callahan to Jeffrey Donnelly; 8/19/16. $12,000


718 Shewchenko Ave., Fay Ann Hughes Romanik, Peter Bruce Romanik to Ashley E. Grant, Mahlon J. Grant; 8/18/16. $270,000

757 Shewchenko Ave., Kathryn A. King, Mark A. King to Gregory Debellis; 8/19/16. $240,000

621 Quail Drive, Basile Ferrentino Jr., Edward Ferrentino, Madeline Ferrentino to Michelle Mease; 8/19/16. $180,000

37 Porreca Drive, Jasara Ruiz to Allen Jackson, Wilma Jackson; 8/19/16. $151,000

200 Columbine Ave., Catherine Levari to Linda M. Gonzales; 8/19/16. $86,000


2 Pindale Drive, Grace R. Cantarella, Kathryn Rose Cantarella, Nicholas A. Cantarella to Pedro Ruiz-Matias; 8/19/16. $171,250


1016 Whitaker Ave., Claude Mullica, Sandra Mullica to Sandra Cheeks; 8/15/16. $129,000

894 Michael Ave., Robin A. Gerber, William R. Gerber to Edgardo Quintana; 8/15/16. $156,900

60 W. Laurel St., Julio E. Betancourt, Margarita Betancourt to Melissa L. Brown; 8/16/16. $143,500

2899 Oslo Court, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, ServiceLink to CDDB Properties LLC; 8/16/16. $42,525

2290 S. Delsea Drive, Brenda W. Parrish, Charles R. Parrish Jr., Craig S. Parrish, Parrish Delsea Holdings LLC, Parrish Enterprises LLC, Karen Parrish to Amerco Real Estate; 8/16/16. $3.25 million

Myrtle Avenue, Christ the Good Shepherd Parish to Lynda L. Gazzara; 8/16/16. $13,500

720 Duchess Court, Daniel E. Graham, Hartley S. Graham, Lois Barbara Graham to Dana M. Long, Americo J. Stellato; 8/17/16. $199,000

1070 New Peach St., Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Fein Such Kahn & Shepard, Eric S. Kapnick Esq. to Justo Ruiz-Perez; 8/18/16. $110,000

731 E. Earl Drive, Michael A. Aponte, Cumberland County Board of Social Services, Cumberland County Sheriff, State of New Jersey to Assured Property Solutions LLC; 8/18/16. $51,500

514 Boody Drive, Kristy L. Buck, Cum-berland County Board of Social Services, Cumberland County Sheriff, State of New Jersey, Benjamin Robinson, Tiffany Robinson, Andrew Vega to Assured Property Solutions LLC; 8/18/16. $42,000

3868 Mays Landing Road, Deanne Covella, Gerald Covella to MTVD LLC; 8/8/16. $74,500

4203 Mays Ave., Rosemary Culcasi Esq., Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Stern Lavinthal & Frankenberg LLC to Leonardo R. Andeliz; 8/19/16. $185,000

1025 Linda Lane, Gladys Ramirez, Pedro Ramirez to Issachar F. Mendoza; 8/19/16. $192,000

1017 Hamilton Drive, Luis A. Negron, Carmen N. Perez to German Rodriguez; 8/19/16. $115,000

2102 E. Oak Road M2, Desiree Barbagli-Togno to Elvyn Cortez, Rosa Cortez; 8/19/16. $160,000

2139 E. Chestnut Ave., James Manna to Stephanie M. Chiofalo; 8/19/16. $108,000

1144 Maple Ave., Douglas W. Vineyard, Virginia Vineyard to Blanca Santiago; 8/19/16. $140,000

Ocean County


5 E 27th St, Nuber James D, Nuber Marilyn to Stults Thomas P, Byrne Robert S; 8/19/2016. $1,550,000

3 W 8th St, Karban Viola, Karban Richard Joseph Jr to Morrell Suzanne, Burkhardt Elke Louise; 8/19/2016. $315,000


5 10th St, Sierchio William, Sierchio Kathleen to Bonner Robert F; 8/15/2016. $235,000

140 Beverly Drive, Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc to Venture King 140 LLC; 8/18/2016. $80,000

111 Emerson Lane, NVR Inc, Ryan Homes to De Seta Franco Mario, De Seta Yvonne; 8/17/2016. $436,267

155 Vivas Drive, Homebridge Financial Services Inc to Demonch Daniel R, Demonch Amber; 8/16/2016. $244,900

227 Rahway Road, Wille Douglas, Wille Mindy to Constandi Frank, Constandi Tracy; 8/16/2016. $295,000

70 Freedom Hills Drive, Theobald Charles C, Theobald Virginia H to Nueva Edreen, Nueva Awina; 8/16/2016. $342,000

20 Edgewater Path, Riecker Barbara C to Lenox James J, Lenox Linda J; 8/17/2016. $279,900

16 Mediterranean Court, Gross William W, Gross Sarah, Gross Sarah N, Biggins Sarah N, Gross William, Biggins Sarah to Arlp Securitization Trust Series 2015-1; 8/18/2016. $171,979

52 Highland Drive, Ocean County Sheriff, PNC Bank National Association, National City Bank, Lill Scott Arden, Lill Diane P, Colonial Bank Fsb to Pnc Bank National Association; 8/19/2016. $41,000

9 Marblehead Place, Prestino Jack, Prestino Antoinette to Bergmann John E, Bergmann Joan C; 8/19/2016. $264,500

55 Dogwood Drive, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association, Udren Law Offices to Fredericks Joseph A; 8/19/2016. $109,000

28 Eventide Drive, Paramount Homes At Wall LLC, Paramount Homes At Forest Hills, Castellar Properties Inc, BHL (US) Inc to Forno Raymond L, Forno Maryann Todino; 8/19/2016. $401,185

65 Rockland St, Heritage Point Inc, Heritage Point LP to Lautner Sharon B; 8/19/2016. $435,060

11 Fourth St, Vasquezluna Kelvin A to Burke Michael J, Pinto Dominick; 8/19/2016. $218,000

17 Watch Hill Lane, Hill Gerald T, Hill Joyce to Hyland Verna E, Hyland Robert W; 8/19/2016. $250,000

213 Montclair Road South, Severini Ralph, Severini Debra C to Severini Dana L; 8/19/2016. $160,000

249 Hawthorne Lane, Archesi Maryann to Horton Eric O, Horton Samantha; 8/19/2016. $260,000


207 Eighth St, Conklin Philip J to Lepley Travis; 8/16/2016. $520,000

1 Marine St A1, Faulkner Diane B to Hogan Nicholai C, Hogan Christine; 8/18/2016. $600,000

310 Centre St, Breslin Kevin to Kowal Peter, Kowal Bari; 8/19/2016. $605,000


4 Camden Ave, Bircks Theodore H, Bircks Maureen P to Ackerman George, Ackerman Lorri; 8/19/2016. $860,000


404 Atlantic City Court, Moen Florence L, Moen John L to O’Connell Edward T, O’Connell Carolynn; 8/15/2016. $300,000

339 Constitution Drive, Wells Fargo Bank, Riverview Mortgage Loan Trust 2007-3 to Zhong Wang Jian; 8/15/2016. $138,000

18 Portsmouth Drive, Hill Anne to Veit Joanne; 8/15/2016. $175,500

309 Pine Forest Lane, Yankowski Michael to Arnold Shannon; 8/18/2016. $181,500

1531 Beverly Road, Lemke Alison to Riches Daniel J, Riches Yelena A; 8/18/2016. $161,000

2036 Crestwood Drive, Thompson Deborah, Higgins Vincent J to Torres Javier, Torres Janelle; 8/19/2016. $172,500

5 Heron Court, Smith Gary, Smith Judy to Morris Thomas Allen Jr; 8/19/2016. $220,000

316 Letts Ave, Howlett James D, Howlett Carla to Masi Douglas, Masi Stephanie; 8/19/2016. $205,000

912 W Panama Court, Hawtin Frank Iv, Hawtin Kristie Lee to Kramer Desirae A, Beyer Wayne M; 8/19/2016. $219,000

1772 Longwood Drive, Natoli Joseph G, Natoli Maryann to Giummarra Philip, Giummarra Michelle L; 8/19/2016. $283,000


46 Lake Huron Drive, Fox Zoe, Dolan Mary D, Dolan John L to Lake Huron Associates LLC; 8/15/2016. $90,000

31 Pinehurst Drive, Verge Jason F to Capriotti Anthony; 8/16/2016. $148,000

2 Grayhawk Lane, Ahearn Gerald D, Ahearn Rose A to Lagrotteria Margaret; 8/17/2016. $284,900

713 Twin Lakes Blvd, Prakash Stephen, Prakash Cheryl to Ruthner Carlos, Ruthner Bruna Kiane, Ruthner Enio, Ruthner Natacha; 8/17/2016. $103,000

95 Windstar Drive, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Assoc to Meeker Elaine; 8/17/2016. $162,000

8 S Portland Drive, Connolly Joseph A Jr, Connolly Karen to Borbidge William J, Borbidge Jean B; 8/18/2016. $200,000

7 Magnolia Court, Nitko Edward J, Nitko Vera M to Bantum Jason; 8/19/2016. $230,000

129 Mountain Lake Road, Udren Law Offices Pc, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association to 129 Jordan Rd Llc; 8/19/2016. $82,500

18 Springate Court, Murgolo Patricia, Sexton R Brian to Phillips Robert, Xie Wenmin; 8/19/2016. $250,000

22 Walkill Road, Brennan Michael, Brennan Janet to Trinidad Andres Jaime, Trinidad Eden; 8/19/2016. $145,000


13C Long Beach Blvd, Peasback David R, Peasback Margaret W to Lawlor John J, Lawlor Barbara M; 8/19/2016. $3,585,000

7502 Long Beach Blvd, Bulger Linda A, Lombardo Anthony M to Foos Courtland M, Foos Christina T; 8/15/2016. $550,000

9 W Marshall Ave, Galanopolous Elaine, Pappadimitriou Elaine, Pappadimitriou Nick to Kroll Raymond Douglas, Kroll Linda; 8/15/2016. $240,000

31 Susan Lane & 3814 S Pennsylvania Ave, Levine Jerome M, Levine Elizabeth A to Ohlsson Carl R Jr, Ohlsson Koral; 8/16/2016. $925,000

10 Sunset Blvd, Roach Coleman L Jr, Roach Janice to Salmon John E; 8/17/2016. $917,500

262 Pompano Drive, Stuart Alan, Stuart Amy to Artslane Real Esate LLC; 8/17/2016. $860,000

116 N Ohio Ave, Van Dyke Peter J, Muller Eugenia to Fischetti Robert J, Fischetti Catherine A; 8/17/2016. $885,000

9 E 28th St, Leonardis Robert, Leonardis Sandra to Atlee Christopher, Atlee Elaine; 8/17/2016. $434,999

102 Roosevelt Ave, Galaxy Investments Llc, Menonna Nicholas Jr to Hopka John, Hopka Irene; 8/17/2016. $25,000

5 E Pennsylvania Ave, O’Connor Daniel L to Trenery Richard G, Trenery Constance O; 8/18/2016. $625,000

1080F Long Beach Blvd, Neptunes Lair Llc, Dime Janice L, Rodgers Johanna M to Kempf Steven F, Noble Julia Patricia; 8/18/2016. $1,100,000


23 Belmar Blvd, Flocco Richard, Flocco Donna to Petrullo Craig, Lambert-Petrullo Laura E; 8/16/2016. $340,000

108 Spring Lake Blvd, Miller Robert W, Miller Eileen J to Garnett John, Garnett Patricia; 8/16/2016. $385,000

14 Jolly Roger Way, Purcaro Karen H, Purcaro Christopher C to Deedy Robert F, Deedy Marijean B; 8/19/2016. $520,000


107E 126th St, Buschmann Margaret K, Ann R Kendall Revocable Trust, Kendall Ann R Revocable Trust, Kendall Douglas R to Gisler John, Gisler Siv, Gisler Scott, Gisler Maryann; 8/18/2016. $490,000

244 W 7th St, Kelly Elizabeth A, Bushko Carolyn, O’Brien Elizabeth Ann, O’Brien Terrence, O’Brien Patrick C to Gardner John; 8/18/2016. $365,000

340 W 6th St, Schmid Otto Robert to Pascale Yvonne, Pascale Leslie; 8/19/2016. $349,000


108 Jennings Road, Malley Jane B, Malley Hugh D to McKenna Neil, McKenna Annemarie; 8/9/2016. $355,000

910 Limeklin Road, Zentmayer Carl, Zentmayer Gina to Macko Janusz; 8/9/2016. $250,000

242 Junction Drive, 236-242 Junction Drive LLC, Tessler Shraga to Krompholz John, Krompholz Annette; 8/9/2016. $413,500

315 Center St, Early Scott, Early Renate to Holloway Ronald D Jr, Holloway Katherine E; 8/9/2016. $332,500

112 Albert Drive, Soustruenik Frank to Cooper Lindsay, Cooper Maureen; 8/10/2016. $220,000

120 Jeteemale Drive, McCarthy Neal, Cikigil Gail, McCarthy Gail to Gilligan Daniel, Gilligan Dawn; 8/10/2016. $191,000

989 Starboard Ave, Diocese of Trenton to Malay Christopher; 8/10/2016. $150,000

Property transactions run Sundays as space is available. None will be skipped.

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