Atlantic County


330 Pennsylvania Ave, Hcc Properties Llc, Campbell Robert, Costanzo Sandra to Ramirez Lorimar, Tarud Michael E; 10/9/2012. $142,000

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225 N Morris Ave, Manrique Jorge D, Mizquiri Sonia to Garcia Tavaras Feliz, Taveras Feliz Garcia, Cisnero Ana; 10/9/2012. $95,000

31 S Chalfonte Ave, Federal National Mtg Assn, Fannie Mae to Rem Real Estate Llc; 10/10/2012. $44,100

4309 Winchester Ave, Chan Eric to Chen Jeffery; 10/11/2012. $110,000

3101 Boardwalk Unit 3303-2, Millis I M to Halligan Mary Jane, Quince Mary Ann; 10/12/2012. $290,000


1312 Quimet Rd, Reick David P, Reick Patricia A to Milbank Mark C, Milbank Elaine C, Milbank Andrew; 10/9/2012. $320,000

13 Lafayette Place Unit 1, Kanya Dolores Theresa to Goldfarb Neil I; 10/10/2012. $216,000

523 Risley Rd, Gillen Michael A, Gillen Loretta A to Passamonte Salvatore V, Passamonte Victoria M; 10/10/2012. $325,000

4500 W Brigantine Ave Unit 1108, Michello Janet A to Ibarra Ernest, Ibarra Marion; 10/10/2012. $180,000

1315 Duncan Pl, Meltzer A Donald, Meltzer Harriet R, Meltzer Mason T to Bennett John Edward, Tomasello Suzanne; 10/12/2012. $280,000

400 E Brigantine Ave Unit 1F, Roantree David J, Lauletta Christell M to Pfligler Steven, Pfligler Laurie; 10/12/2012. $210,000


426A Cannon Range Ave, Motter Mary to AAV LLC; 10/12/2012. $57,000


661 Cypress Point Dr, Pappa Susan M, Myers Susan, Pappa Frank to Klose Elizabeth; 10/10/2012. $247,900

2750 Liverpool Ave, Hector Ruth, McPherson Karen R to Garwood Deana Lee; 10/10/2012. $96,000


204 Lily Rd, Dr Horton Inc NJ to Eisenstein Paul; 10/9/2012. $226,000

202 Sycamore Ave, USHUD, Cityside Management Corp to Doebley David E; 10/9/2012. $65,250

128 Peach Tree Ln, Colache Stephen J, Colache Heather D to Johnson James, Johnson Carolyn; 10/10/2012. $333,900

18 Bedford Dr, Imperiale Michael A, Imperiale Anne M to Henshaw Christine A, Burns Theresa L; 10/10/2012. $242,000

3023 Ridge Ave, Cappelluti Peter F, Cappelluti Bonnie J to Cappelluti Daniel; 10/10/2012. $130,000

18 Scarlett Oak Circle, Sellers Eric L, Sellers Rebecca L to Humbert Jered A; 10/10/2012. $370,000

13 Carlton Ct, Baker Residential of Penn Llc to Nunes Marie, McMaster Joseph B; 10/11/2012. $263,120

213 Mallard Lane, White John J to Alba Luis A, Dutova Daria; 10/11/2012. $189,900

101 Goldenrod Lane, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mtg Assn to Pan Yue Yun; 10/11/2012. $203,500

2 Carson Ave, Russo Brenda L to Moyer Lindsay; 10/12/2012. $145,500

14 Bartlett Blvd, Ailes Kevin G, Ailes Susan M to O'Donnell Rachel G, Guevara Dora; 10/12/2012. $220,000

215 Windswept Dr, Franklin David R to Lombardi Raymond M, Lombardi Marianne; 10/12/2012. $230,000


162 E Seventh Ave, Hudson City Sav Bk to Bowker Peter R; 10/12/2012. $165,000


533 S New York Rd, Forte Marvin L to Williams Barker Candice; 10/10/2012. $169,000

413 Stockbridge Ct, Guo Hua, Dong Mingyao to Hafner John, Hafner Wimonrat; 10/10/2012. $334,500


7838 Third Ave, Hernandez Edgardo, Hernandez Heather Michelle to Wendt Steven; 10/9/2012. $189,900

6825 Weymouth Rd, Perera Spayde Khishanee D to Donovan Katelyn; 10/12/2012. $141,100

28 Mill St, Hoffman Edward B to Quarles Rose S, King Sherry L; 10/12/2012. $95,000


432 Peach St, Warburton Michael D, Warburton Anna E, Berenato Anna E to Delguercio Mae; 10/10/2012. $155,000

72 Kay Dr, Velardi Michael, Velardi Nicole to Berenato Peter, Berenato Nancy; 10/10/2012. $177,140

426 Grape St, Berenato Peter A, Berenato Nancy to Terpolilli Kimberley; 10/11/2012. $245,000


1600 Atlantic Ave #6, Eisenstein Paul S to Flooks William F, Flooks Deborah A; 10/9/2012. $155,000


107 N Clermont Ave, Daniels Richard C, Daniels Richard J to Piraino Anthony; 10/10/2012. $312,916

410 N Essex Ave, Weinberg Ronald I, Weinberg Philip I to Stearns Frank M, Stearns Lucille; 10/11/2012. $450,000

115 N Douglas Ave, Shehadi Paul to Beachwood Real Estate Holdings Llc; 10/11/2012. $575,000

207 N Wilson Ave, Esposito Salvatore M to Lamberti Luciano; 10/12/2012. $290,000


102 Putting Green Ave, Jones Allen M, Jones Kathleen P to Acampora Joseph; 10/9/2012. $163,000


110 E Maryland Ave, Millennium Investor Group V Llc, McCloy James to 110 E Maryland Ave Llc; 10/11/2012. $495,000

3106 Atkinson Ave, SPDC LLC, Disabatino Greg, Stone Nicole to Gardner Kristian J, Gardner Kymberly D; 10/11/2012. $307,500

616 Third St, Dector Jill R, Rosenbaum Mary Jill, Dector Richard to Kandle William E, Kandle Helme; 10/12/2012. $190,000


132 N Surrey Ave, Tripician Michael A, Tripician Lisa to O'Donnell Joseph, Czekai Brittany; 10/10/2012. $200,000

5510 Edgewater Ave Unit A, Stiteler Larry to Flood Marc A, Collier Joyce L; 10/11/2012. $315,000

Cape May County


940 Court House-South Dennis Rd, Elizabeth Dougherty A, Daniel Dougherty to Jennifer Cannon A, David Dore S; 10/10/2012. $165,000


115 E Austin Ave Unit 11, Joseph Santucci, Linda Santucci to Patricia Henhoeffer; 10/9/2012. $299,000

14 Golden Ln, Augusta Szelagowski Frasch, John Frasch F, Catherine Frasch to Geoffrey Loranger D; 10/10/2012. $122,400

105 W Tampa Ave, James Dworchak B to Joanne Calderazzo; 10/10/2012. $148,000

1301 Emerson Ave, Matthias Prodoehl P, Jacqueline Prodoehl E to Robert Williams, Joanne Williams; 10/10/2012. $240,000


119 Swainton-Goshen Rd, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Assn, Carol Cobb R, McCabe Weisberg & Conway PC to Patrick McAtamney J, Sandra McAtamney Lynn; 10/9/2012. $132,000

43 Rt 47 N Units A03 & A05, Wendy Marano Ann, Anthony Marano, Elizabeth Marano J to John DiDio F, Maris DiDio E, John F Didio Revocable Living Trust; 10/11/2012. $85,000

5 S 5th St, Craig Schwemmer to Angelica Geracitano; 10/11/2012. $250,000

703 Reeves Street, Habitat For Humanity Cape May County Inc to Yusxunet Ruiz, Marielis Ruiz; 10/11/2012. $110,000

4 Kimbles Beach Rd, Carlos Erausquin, Joanne Erausquin M to James Harkin; 10/12/2012. $280,000

209 Delaware Ave, Joseph Connelly J, Shirley Connelly R to Lisa Santoro A, Rosemary Viggiano; 10/12/2012. $330,000

1002, 1004, 1006 and 1008 Tidewater Ave, Conifer Greenbriar Llc, Conifer Realty Llc to NVR Inc, Ryan Homes; 10/12/2012. $220,000


771 Allen Dr, William Ricchini E, Joyce Ricchini T to Mark Mastropietro M, Maureen Mastropietro M; 10/10/2012. $255,000

223 E 2nd Ave Unit 201, Robert Moroski, Karen Moroski to Richard Neidermyer M, Pamella Neidermyer; 10/10/2012. $262,000


231 Wesley Ave, Billie Bloyd M, Virginia Kesselring Bloyd, Patricia Burkle, Martha Haigwood, Jane Bloyd to Timothy Hammer J, Leslie Hammer M; 10/9/2012. $350,000

1309 Pleasure Ave, Nathan Torok A, Kaitlin Torok, Kaitlin Rowley to Jaime Burgos, Kimberlee Burgos; 10/9/2012. $345,000

2 W Tenth Street, Albert Pacella J to Anthony Guerriero D, Deborah Guerriero A; 10/10/2012. $275,000

422-24 Simpson Ave Unit 424, Cynthia Campione R to Gust Bages C, Jani Ferretti-Bages Ann; 10/10/2012. $233,902

1001D Atlantic Ave, Michael Brill Van Schenk, Suzanne Brill Van Schenk to Steven Churchill P; 10/10/2012. $275,000

818 2nd Street, John Campagna, Rocco Campagna J, Mary Campagna A, Rita Campitelli, Jeffrey Brown to Janet Brown; 10/12/2012. $120,000


434 Iroquois Trail, James Straubmuller, Jennifer Straubmuller to Dennis Smith P, Jenna Smith L; 10/9/2012. $184,000

29 Somers Ave, James Burke J, Sally Burke L to Meghan Guyon, Greg Guyon; 10/9/2012. $339,000

1731 Rt 9 South #47, Anna Jones L to Doris Mulford V; 10/9/2012. $339,000

9 Lindsay Lane, Gary Harter T, Linda Harter B to Philip Schaffer, Kristen Schaffer Toscano; 10/12/2012. $350,000


143 York Ave, Laura Snow J, Laura Englebert to Lawrence A Pray Builders Inc; 10/11/2012. $225,000


317 W Wildwood Ave, Thomas Shevlin G to Paul Hendrickson L, Jennifer Hendrickson K; 10/10/2012. $109,250


228 Maple Street, Anna M Lavell Trust, Joseph Ruf H, Dennis Cunningham to Nicholas Haverluk J, Kathleen Wolski; 10/9/2012. $56,950

Cumberland County


1 Woodland Dr, Guarrera, Joseph to Riddler, Tara J; 10/10/2012. $68,000

15 Cumberland Ave, Dehope, Joyce J to Juarez, Benjamin Fonseca; 10/10/2012. $84,000


5807 Magnolia Dr, USHUD to Hayes, Kaylynn; 10/10/2012. $119,686


Lebanon Road vacant lot, Borden, Edward R to Burd, Harvey; 10/11/2012. $55,000


510 Elmer Rd, Connelly, Grant J Exec to McMahan, Curtis; 10/10/2012. $71,000


1206 E Broad St, Sturgis, Verna B to Flickinger, Charles J; 10/09/2012. $118,900


160 Richards Rd, Bram-Pramov, Helene to Hutsebaut, Christopher; 10/11/2012. $142,900


1115 Fairmount Ave, Sautter, Jeffrey W to Michaud, Adrien D Jr; 10/09/2012. $155,000

829 Elty Ave, Lockman, William R III to Flores, Onesto Jr; 10/09/2012. $210,000

2139 E Chestnut Ave 4408, Terrace East Real Estate Associates Lp to Dinunzio, Frank; 10/09/2012. $101,000

38 Evelyn Ave, Buonadonna, Brett to Menzoni, Steve; 10/10/2012. $165,000

961 Chimes Terrace, Guglielmi, David F to Tarquinio, Michael A; 10/10/2012. $55,000

1933 S Main St, Cantoni, Lawrence J to Gnatz, Danielle L; 10/10/2012. $50,000

219 Mount Vernon Ave, Chorney, Brenda Joyce to Salas, Damian; 10/10/2012. $57,000

940 Morning Glory Dr 7106, Harrell, Charlene to Morris, Francine H; 10/12/2012. $159,000

Southern Ocean County


5 Knox Court, Numair Solomon to White William Charles, White Tracey; 10/9/2012. $220,000

16 Wright Road, MJR Associates Llc, Brooker Martin C, Vincent Joseph, Guglielmo Americo to Walters Development Co Llc; 10/10/2012. $48,929.88

218 Hawthorne Lane, Walters Development Co Llc, Walters Edward M Jr, Regan Timothy M to Lashine Lawrence, Lashine Robyn; 10/10/2012. $239,504

107 Rockrimmon Blvd, Szymanski John M, Hampton Ridge Llc to Ryan Homes, Nvr Inc; 10/10/2012. $126,000

51 Windward Dr, D'Arcy Erick, D'Arcy Chistene to Muttillo Michele; 10/11/2012. $110,000

125 Nautilus Drive, Walters Edward M Jr, Regan Timothy M, Walters Development Co Llc to Herod Joseph L, Carpenter Keysha; 10/11/2012. $274,712

131 Rockrimmon Blvd, Ryan Homes, Nvr Inc to Fedorczyk George Jr, Fedorczyk Renee C; 10/12/2012. $341,400

112 Rockrimmon Blvd, Hampton Ridge Llc, Szymanski John M to Nvr Inc; 10/12/2012. $126,000


309 W Engleside Ave, Sniffen Brenda, Sniffen Thomas to Carreras Thomas, Carreras Barbara; 10/10/2012. $499,500


1116 Pensacola Road, Kirkenir John to Ferrante David J Jr; 10/9/2012. $160,000

36 Parkers Point Blvd, Caulfield Marjorie A, Caulfield Harold V to Scagnelli Jaclyn M; 10/9/2012. $235,000

929 Pelican Drive, Suter Robert L II, Dougherty-Suter Rosemary to La Rochelle Daniel, La Rochelle Karen; 10/10/2012. $640,000

478 Admiral Road, Marotta Michael P, Marotta Kathleen, Marotta Peter A to Giresi Christopher J; 10/11/2012. $155,000

2322 Maple Road, Probst Kenneth, Probst Mary to Nappi Adam G, O'Hara Jessica E; 10/12/2012. $218,000

5 Brookdale Court, Miller Marion M, Miller Edward A to Mayo Jean; 10/12/2012. $122,000

706 Buena Vista Rd, Allen Scott D, Allen Christine E to Allen Christine E; 10/12/2012. $62,500


39 Cedarbrook Lane, Dill James to Esposito Santella C, Esposito Luigi; 10/9/2012. $140,000

165 N Ensign Drive, Strungis Anthony, Strungis Sharon to Kowalczuk Barbara A, Kowalczuk Bill B, Kowalczuk Geraldine, Kowalczuk Adam R; 10/11/2012. $227,000

123 East Sail Drive, Fleury Timothy to Strugibenetti Francis J, Strugibenetti Mary C; 10/9/2012. $116,700

71 Timberline Drive, Maffei Alan D to Broderson Michael Trust, Broderson Michael; 10/9/2012. $135,000

104 Mohican Lane, Harakidas Donna, Joseph L Seminara Family Trust, Seminara Joseph L to Klein William A, Klein Diane K; 10/9/2012. $95,000

31 Kentucky Drive, Blyskal Josef R, Blyskal Elzbieth to Caton Ira E Jr, Caton Ann D; 10/10/2012. $465,000

252 Newport Way, K Hovnanian at Little Egg Harbor Township II LLC to Christiano Sarah J, Christiano Joseph A; 10/10/2012. $288,052.08

11 Galley Way, K Hovnanian at Little Egg Harbor Township II LLC to Frisch David T, Smith Frisch Kathleen; 10/11/2012. $321,963.67

376 Golf View Dr, Filler Robert, Filler Gloria to Brunke Lexa T; 10/11/2012. $187,500

14 Atlantis Blvd, Hardy Peter J, Hardy Spencer, Hardy Muriel F to Tindall Richard; 10/12/2012. $240,000

216 Mohican Lane, Dvorak Frank G, Dvorak Jeanne R, Dvorak Russell, Dvorak Richard to Dvorak Russell; 10/12/2012. $105,000


294 Sandpiper Lane, Notterman Robyn, Notterman Daniel to Hoffberg Barbara, Hoffberg Gerald; 10/9/2012. $1,050,000

13 W Mears Ave, Mancini Custom Homes Inc to Richards Frank J, Richards Mary S; 10/9/2012. $998,500

17 W Magnolia Ave, Snyder Matthew, Snyder Michelle to Kelly Edwin J Jr, Kelly Kim K; 10/9/2012. $917,500

19 W 13th Street, Mitchell Thomas W, Mitchell Anita Jean, Coty Nancy L, Mitchell Jean C to O'Connor Joanne; 10/10/2012. $555,000

6G Sherwood Way, Gorman Judy M, Dinzik Judy M, Dinzik John D Residuary Trust I to Verblaauw Karen L, Verblaauw Richard E; 10/10/2012. $2,000,000

1104H Long Beach Blvd, Dickerman Bernice, Dickerman Joseph to Riegler Kenneth, Riegler Cathleen; 10/10/2012. $902,076

128 E Hollybanks Lane, Lobas Mathew H, Lobas Lynn N to Zaino Anita R; 10/10/2012. $830,000

13 W Dune Ln, Brion Glenda K, Brion Joseph E to Barrows William, Barrows Mary; 10/11/2012. $944,000

32 W 87th St, Skyta Elizabeth A, Skyta John R to Fiori Kevin John, Fiori Theresa Ann; 10/12/2012. $995,000

16 West Joan Road, Wilday James to Scrooge & Marley Llc; 10/12/2012. $400,000


7 Privateer Drive, Appleget Sandra, Appleget Richard to Himmelreich Francis H Jr, Himmelreich Michelle L; 10/12/2012. $415,000

43 Barnegat Beach Dr, Elia Cheryl J to Cistaro Diane M, Bara Justin T; 10/12/2012. $157,000

112 Wells Mills Road, Eayre Clarence T to Jay's Holdings Llc; 10/12/2012. $90,000


252 Clipper Road, Crush Timothy, Rivera Carol, Crush Carolyn to Schwartz Phillip; 10/12/2012. $170,000

111 Center Street, Lukacs Lawrence S, Lukacs Linda C to Carey Caitlin A; 10/9/2012. $245,000

1 Orange Avenue, Sullivan Eileen D, Lidle Kevin A to Gethard Susan; 10/9/2012. $53,000

990 Barnacle Drive, Corbett Elizabeth, Corbett James R Jr to Foley Liam; 10/9/2012. $260,000

28 Joy Road, Tarascavage Suzanne, Tarascavage Raymond to Ata Koray, Ata Heather; 10/9/2012. $247,000

104 Bark Road, Madore Valerie, Madore Keith to Soden Douglas, Soden Teresa; 10/10/2012. $305,000

217 Neptune Drive, Martin Robert P, Dolphin Homes Llc to Muha-Fiore Brittany, Fiore Matthew; 10/10/2012. $255,000

178 Mary Bell Rd, Kenney Joseph P to Russino Heather M, Russino Giovanni V; 10/11/2012. $480,000

1019 Windlass Drive, Cottrell Glenwood, Cottrell Amelia to Dayanghirang Maxfe G, Dayanghirang Alma; 10/11/2012. $255,000

45 Honeysuckle Dr, Paramount Homes at Forest Hills Llc, Bhl (Us) Inc, Castellar Properties Inc to Scrivani John J, Scrivani Antonina; 10/11/2012. $328,075

200 Jennings Road, Mauriello Karen L, Mauriello Henry A to Plenge Jane; 10/12/2012. $335,000

113 Barracuda Road, Lashine Lawrence to US Army Corps of Engineers, United States of America; 10/12/2012. $322,500

487 Lighthouse Drive, Spreen John, Bariexca Susan L to Brown Timothy T; 10/12/2012. $147,000

316 Leeward Rd, Wilkinson Diana, Wilkinson Jeffrey to Paolino Janine L; 10/12/2012. $205,000


315 N 6th Street, McHugh Joseph J, Dobbs Diane M to Orrico Joseph; 10/10/2012. $630,000


707 N Green Street, Dewey Donna, Shalkowski Edward to Decicco Joseph D; 10/10/2012. $60,000


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