Atlantic County


9 Oyster Bay Apt L, Us Bank Na, Gmacm Home Equity Loan Tr 2005 He3, Specialized Loan Serv Llc to Khan Ambareen, Khan Mgeen; 8/5/2013. $68,000

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602 Fourth St, Bobinski Robert F, Bobinski Christine J to Hussong Joseph B, Hussong Marion; 8/6/2013. $349,000


417 North Main Luther King Drive, Lienlogic Nj Holdings Llc to Patel Jayesh Kumar; 8/6/2013. $14,000

32 Bowler Terrace, Batista Felix to Nguyen Hans; 8/6/2013. $52,000

507 Adriatic Ave., Federal National Mtg Assn to Defilippi Roxane; 8/7/2013. $50,000

107 North Dover Ave., Desanti Karen E to Liang Feisi; 8/9/2013. $45,000

37 N. Massachusetts Ave., Yee Anita to Abusada Chafic, Abusada Graciela; 8/9/2013. $53,000

3101 Atlantic Ave. #602-2, Kuo Lih Yuh, Kuo Yuh Lih to Rovner Robert A; 8/9/2013. $110,000

32 S. Elberon Ave., Rahman Md M, Motaleb Jahan to Yatskiv Rusian; 8/9/2013. $215,000

101 S. Plaza Place Unit 1005, Wallis Larry, Wallis Greta to Herring Ross W, Herring Mitchell R; 8/9/2013. $150,000


4901 Harbor Beach Blvd. Unit R-10, German Julia A to Buchel George, Tepper Ortiz Roberta, Ortiz Roberta Tepper; 8/6/2013. $84,000

2 Alberta Drive, Stuart Smith Lisa, Smith Lisa Stuart, Queen Steve to Gancarz James, Gancarz Christine; 8/7/2013. $185,000

4224 W. Brigantine Ave. Unit 8, Delorenzo Thomas C, Delorenzo Joan W to Kownacky Brian C, Kownacky Rhoda M; 8/7/2013. $165,000


416 Harding Highway, Randy Homes Llc, Portnoy Randy to Sieri Philip Jeremy; 8/9/2013. $162,600


2524 Ridge Ave., Curry Levar to Diaz Sergio I, Jimenez Liliana P; 8/5/2013. $173,000

109 Heather Croft, Morgan Gail to Crivellone Anthony; 8/5/2013. $80,000

98 Heather Croft, Gamil Nabil, Naguib Mariam to Roman Christine; 8/6/2013. $85,000

19 Sunset Blvd., Palladino Victor, Palladino Rose Marie to Greenberg Cathy; 8/6/2013. $867,500

151 Bluebell Drive, D R Horton Inc to Danzuso James D, Danzuso Catherine; 8/6/2013. $319,020

18 Eagle Drive, Karpathios Nicholas to Wilkinson Richard, Wilkinson Sun Lee; 8/6/2013. $225,000

119 Violet Drive, Dr Horton Inc Nj to Bolton Eleanor; 8/7/2013. $295,640

6606 Mill Road, Wade Gary S, Wade Bonnie E to Arreguin Linda J; 8/7/2013. $240,000

2110 Ocean Heights Ave., Williams Francis, Williams Sandra to Dix Wade, Dix Nicole; 8/8/2013. $168,500

16 Shoreline Road, Nvr Inc, Ryan Homes to Uy Jose V, Espiritu Uy Elaine, Uy Elaine Espiritu; 8/9/2013. $261,847

202 Easton Court, Ciccarelli Gennaro Joseph, Ciccarelli Dawn Maria to Pahides Peter; 8/9/2013. $450,000

210 Flatbush Ave., Hadley David A, Hadley Kay to Obot Nyamse J, Obot Imaabasi N; 8/9/2013. $264,000


128 Driftwood Court, Mattia Michele G to Serrao Peter M; 8/7/2013. $68,800

206 Haws Court, Andersen Robert to Dombchewsky Orest A; 8/7/2013. $385,000

523 Cornwall Drive, Reyes Patricia, Moore Patricia L to Ferriero Judy; 8/8/2013. $221,500

237 Limerick St., Coyle Maureen to Cinquino Phyllis R; 8/8/2013. $210,000

475 Damson Ave., Debiaso Rocco T, Debiaso Jessica M to Barraiya Pragna B, Patel Kalpana; 8/9/2013. $248,000

614a Biscayne Ave., Walling Daniel L, Walling Loretta to Eaton John T, Eaton Joyce; 8/9/2013. $209,900


5902 Colony Drive, Jaramillo Janeth P, Ugarte Natalia to Forbes Christina M; 8/5/2013. $105,000

 2825 Forsythia Court, Mejia Perez Fausto D, Perez Fausto D Mejia, Vargas Silvia E, Mejia Perez Silvia E Vargas, Perez Silvia E Vargas Mejia to Awad Girgis; 8/5/2013. $61,000

4008 Alexander Drive, Coe Michael L, Coe Kathleen B to Levine Ian M, Levine Danielle N; 8/6/2013. $296,000

142 Darby Lane, Us Home Corp, Lennar to Patterson Francisco, Patterson Renee; 8/6/2013. $315,850

57 Darby Lane, Smith Shawn R, Smth Jennifer A to Greenberg Joel, Greenberg Amanada; 8/8/2013. $310,000

2607 Boulder Court, Schott Louise, Schott Richard to Cressey Timothy A; 8/9/2013. $119,000

8 Danielle Court, Tbb Enclave Llc, Robb Shannon to Enclave At Mays Landing Corp; 8/9/2013. $379,500

8 Danielle Court, Enclave At Mays Landing Corp to Wade Gary, Wade Bonnie; 8/9/2013. $379,500


204 Marlyn Ave., Henshaw Thomas, Henshaw Margaret to Behnke Jennifer L, Mackin Wayne J, Mackin Deborah L; 8/6/2013. $165,500

37 Alexander Drive, Narlis Maureen J, Narlis Nicholas to Tidwell Brian D, Tidwell George J, Tidwell Michael J, Tidwell George J, Tidwell Emra C, Emra C Tidwell Tr; 8/6/2013. $235,000

863 Central Ave., Hearing John H, Hearing Jane B, Carey Maureen E to Tell Girard J, Tell Ellen M; 8/7/2013. $225,000

768 Fairview Ave., Demarco Phillip to Ware Steven; 8/8/2013. $138,500


21 Catalina Drive, Berezny George J to Linn Barney; 8/5/2013. $237,833

10 E. Edgewood Ave., Paris William, Paris Maria Ines, Ines Paris Maria to Blank Kelly L; 8/7/2013. $197,500

6 E. Essex Ave., Vansaun Richard, Adams Thomas E to Kesic Miroslav; 8/7/2013. $275,000

512 Poplar Ave., Cruse Gary R, Cruse Rose B, Cruse Vernon E to Damuth Jackie M; 8/8/2013. $189,000

210 W. Seaview Ave., Miley Grace M, Miley William M to Nistico Edward J; 8/9/2013. $279,000

105 E. Balfour Ave., Martin Robert A, Martin Maryann to Levinson Dennis, Levinson Patricia; 8/9/2013. $310,000


117 No 35th Ave., Reymann Anne Marie, Reymann Christopher Timothy, Reymann Constance Anne, Reymann Anne M, Reymann Anna Florence to Newman Matthew, Newman Rebecca; 8/6/2013. $625,000

2609 Atlantic Ave.  Unit 6, Graziano Thomas, Graziano Jacquelin to Montemuro Michael C, Montemuro Pamela A; 8/9/2013. $315,000


205 N. Union Ave., Slutzky Harvey, Slutzky Barbara to Goldstein Howard, Dorfman Matthew; 8/5/2013. $339,000

29 N. Coolidge Ave.  # B2, Stein Martin D, Stein Bernice, Stein Stuart to Mcdowell Lynn A; 8/5/2013. $159,500

25 N. Madison Ave. #b-4, Dickstein Arlen, Dickstein Beth to Simons Michael H, Simons Lynn S; 8/9/2013. $299,000

9600 Atlantic Ave.  Unit #718, Lombardo Joseph R, Lombardo Marianne to Lesser Peter A, Lesser Joan N; 8/9/2013. $528,000

202 N. Essex Ave., Steerman Paul, Steerman Susan to Goldstein Bruce, Goldstein Linda; 8/9/2013. $350,000

23 S. Washington Ave. Unit 3b, Singer Stewart R, Singer Wendy H to Wish Alex, Wish Jennifer; 8/9/2013. $730,000

111 N. Washington Ave., Rellini Massimo to Blank Michael R, Blank Rande F; 8/9/2013. $480,000


 5132 Venice Ave., Remick Frank A, Remick Lisa S to Harrison Jeffrey B; 8/5/2013. $560,000


2518 W. Helen Drive, Weiss Dian, Weiss Paul H to Goff John J, Goff Linda S; 8/9/2013. $179,900


120 N. New Road, Acevedo Dolores A to Mra Property Mgmt Llc; 8/8/2013. $29,900

50 Pacific Ave., Community Asset Preservation Corp to Plaza Luniris; 8/9/2013. $134,000

16 E. Mulberry Ave., Barnard Llc, Britvan Max to Pearl Al; 8/9/2013. $35,500


505 Harbour Cove, Drechsel Alfred to Oshea Donal, Piljer Anne Susan; 8/5/2013. $349,500

3 G Parkshore Plaza, Juliano Joann to Madden Paula Jean; 8/6/2013. $115,000

58 Dockside Drive, Saponare Anthony R, Saponare Rita M to Mactiernan Daniel, Mactiernan Michele; 8/7/2013. $295,000

27 Broadway, Mchugh James, Esposito Toni Ann to Schroeder Randall D, Schroeder Lynette R; 8/7/2013. $440,000

726 Sixth St., Hanley Irene L, Metzger Mary, Metzger Harry A to Decarlo Alfred Thomas, Decarlo Renee; 8/9/2013. $195,000


112 N. Bryant Ave., Mullee Mary Rose, Pacentrilli Rose, Pacentrilli Rose M, Pacentrilli Rose Marie, Pacentrilli Vincent to Spear Alan, Spear Nadeen; 8/5/2013. $157,000

22 S. Oakland Ave., Castagna Michael C to Freed Tatiana, Freed Ferlin; 8/5/2013. $190,000

177 N. Troy Ave., Barabuscio Blake to Egrie George; 8/7/2013. $122,500

5300 Boardwalk  Unit 206, Resnick Michael A, Shafer Carla C to Lindheim Jerry, Kopelson Heidi; 8/9/2013. $159,000

6100 Boardwalk #214, Benamy Eugene J, Benamy Richard E, Benamy Marion to Brody Mark; 8/9/2013. $85,000

18a N. Newport Ave. Unit 18a, Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp, Zucker Goldberg And Ackerman to Bethala Sithya Mary, Sithya Mary Bethala; 8/9/2013. $54,900

5000 Boardwalk Unit 204, Wagman Diane, Wagman Sherman L, Kendall Peter to Paget Ronald J, Paget Carolyn S; 8/9/2013. $229,000


33 South Jersey Ave., Dare Douglass, Dare Denise M, Roff Denise M, Shuman Denise M, Coleman Dare Denise M, Dare Denise Coleman M, Shuman Heather to Gorgas David W; 8/9/2013. $150,000

Cape May County


1106 Missouri Ave, Mary Flounders , Nancy Pine , Henry Flounders W to Robert Danzi , Shari Danzi L, Anthony Danzi , Patrise Danzi K; 8/7/2013. $300,000


101 Holly Dr, Robert Raymond W, Trust Robert W Raymond Jr Revocable , Trust Raymond Robert W Jr Revocable , Marilyn Raymond J to Stephen Brooks D, Kathleen Brooks F; 8/7/2013. $63,500

31 Miranda Ln,  sac Investments Llc  to Richard Lagerman ; 8/9/2013. $99,000


101 E. Jacksonville Ave., Michael Mavromates T, Nick Pappas , Nicholas Pappas P, Ari Linden D to Mary Winters Kay; 8/5/2013. $119,500

402 Miller Ave., James Schaefer , Linda Schaefer L to Joseph Hoffman ; 8/6/2013. $169,000

224 Linda Anne Ave., Epipthany Bowman C, Effie Bowman C, Cherie Hanscomb  to Donald Arndt L, Theresa Arndt M; 8/7/2013. $156,800

18 W. Greenwood Ave., Lisa Shopa A to William Franqui-Quinones ; 8/7/2013. $144,900

26 Widgeon Way, Denise Mosero , Peter Mosero C to Christopher Kervran , Suzanne Kervran ; 8/7/2013. $239,500

10 Pelican Place, Karen Dilfield R to Tracy Brown J; 8/7/2013. $255,000

306 Roseann Ave., James Holt E, Rosanne Holt K, Roseanne Holt K to Edward Sherretta , Betty Sherretta Ann; 8/7/2013. $272,500

957 Carol Ave., Tammy Gammage , Tammy Gammage E to Tara Samaniego ; 8/7/2013. $225,000

227 Mindy Ave., Donald Arndt L, Theresa Arndt M to Justin Mogavero J; 8/7/2013. $228,900

7 Brucker Drive, Dorothy Wilson V to John Pavlik J, Gail Pavlik M; 8/7/2013. $104,500

103 Avalon Road, Anthony Doughten  to Melisa Marcovitz E; 8/7/2013. $239,500

320 Willow Drive, Gerald Malkowski , Annemarie Malkowski  to Gerard Malkowski , Amanda Malkowski ; 8/8/2013. $115,000


1 Stone Harbor Landing Road,  tompkins Builders , Stephen Tompkins V, Robert Tompkins V to Wayne Williams; 8/5/2013. $265,000

6 & 8 Poplar St., Deborah Black W, Anthony Harvatt J to Albert Wilson ; 8/5/2013. $150,000

5 Blueberry Lane, Linda Newman-Arreguin J, Linda Newman J, Juan Arreguin  to Clifford Bartlett J; 8/6/2013. $229,000

30 Stagecoach Road,  internal Revenue Service  to Katie Cettei A; 8/6/2013. $180,000

6 Peach Tree Road, Justin Mogavero Joseph, Katyn Mogavero , Justin Mogavero J to Colin Stevens ; 8/7/2013. $189,000

34 Cedar Mill Lane, William Soper T, Deborah Soper J to Rebecca Beeson E, Antonio Visram T, Naushad Visram B, Analou Tolentino B; 8/8/2013. $220,000


539 East Ninth Ave. Unit #202, Phillip Leone J to Audrey Rudinoff H; 8/6/2013. $255,000

500 Kennedy Drive Unit 609, Crocifisso Carano R, Barbara Carano  to Timothy Miller A, Kristy Capone-Miller ; 8/6/2013. $115,000

332 E. 23rd Ave. Unit 1,  bayview Loan Servicing Llc  to Joseph Domenico A, Carol Domenico E; 8/7/2013. $300,500

112 W. 9th Ave. Unit 101, William Kampf J, Eileen Kampf , W Kampf J to Richard Mc Fillin J, Kimberly Pawlowski-Mc Fillin A; 8/9/2013. $230,000

327 E. 18th Ave. Unit E, Melvin Houser Anthony, Kim Houser M, Ronald Houser A, Denise Houser M to Melvin Houser Anthony, Kim Houser M; 8/9/2013. $97,500


252 Asbury Ave. Unit A, Denise Elbert E to Sean Flynn , Danielle Flynn ; 8/5/2013. $341,500

935 Ocean Ave. #418, John Tassone D, Lisa Tassone M, Lisa Tassone  to  five Group Inc ; 8/6/2013. $240,000

628 Asbury Ave.,  slm Financial Corp ,  Slm  to Carlos Parral , Marya Small A; 8/6/2013. $150,000

807 Eighth St. Unit C4,  pbb Property Holdings Llc , R Davis John to  tuscanello's Llc ; 8/6/2013. $220,000

3313-15 Bay Ave. #8, Patrick Collins J, Marilyn Collins L to Nancy Gillotti L; 8/7/2013. $90,000

105 Easterly Drive, Brian Smith H, Jane Smith M,  Herbert R Smith Family Trust ,  Smith Herbert R Family Trust , Herbert Smith R to Dorothy Taylor Jeanne; 8/8/2013. $290,000

807 Eighth St. Unit 611, Joseph Sterkenburg  to Sergio Di Ventura ; 8/8/2013. $50,000


34 34th St. Unit 3, Karyn Reade B to Brian Mc Mearty P, Elizabeth Mc Mearty L; 8/8/2013. $350,000


280 85th St., Jeffery Giesecke T, Robert Giesecke P, Jon Giesecke L, Kathlyn Giesecke S, Edna Giesecke , Jay Giesecke W to Joel Solomon S, Jennifer Clark E; 8/9/2013. $614,000


200 Dove Lane, Wayne Marks F, Maria Marks  to Louis Mola , Deborah Mola ; 8/5/2013. $329,000

41 Hope Corson Road, Frank Jerome  to Robert Spiegel M, Theresa Iannace M; 8/6/2013. $195,000

5 Frances Drive South, Richard Ferrin H to Lisa King J, John Yochim W; 8/7/2013. $160,000


341 E. Pine Ave. B,  w Z G Enterprises Inc  to Eugene Macdonald P, Lynn Macdonald C; 8/6/2013. $255,000

214 E. Juniper Ave., Kevin Hirst , Mary Hirst Ann, Donald Farnham , Deborah Farnham , Deborah Farnham G to Kevin Hirst , Mary Hirst Ann; 8/7/2013. $90,000

318 W. Dock St., David Schumacher , Michele Schumacher  to Nicholas Doan N; 8/8/2013. $210,000


411 E. Toledo Ave. Unit #3, David Famiglietti , Amelia Famiglietti  to Mark Wintersteen R; 8/7/2013. $150,000

Cumberland County


197 W. Lincoln St. 231, Robbins, Jack Harker to Perez, Jose Aka; 08/06/2013. $80,000


2506 Temperance St., Arnesen, Erik J By Atty to Mammi, Christine F; 08/05/2013. $105,000

204 Mistle Road, Sharpe, Edith By Atty to Schrandt, Michael; 08/09/2013. $40,000


802-806 Main St.  49, Murphy, Mary J to Rodriguez, Juan Jr; 08/05/2013. $85,000

122 Garrison Ave.  66, Fiorillo, Mary Louise to Piernikoski, Thomas; 08/06/2013. $20,000


434 Route 540, Cruzan, Duane A Jr to Kuhar, Nicholas J Jr; 08/06/2013. $12,000

10 Dutch Neck Road, Housing & Urban Development, Sec Of to Headrick, Austin E; 08/06/2013. $62,000

258 Sheppards Mill, Merle, Paula to Sickler, Elwood F Jr; 08/06/2013. $75,000


Cedarville Road, Porreca, Paul R Sr to Cole, Amanda; 08/06/2013. $67,000


423 Broad St., Jeffers, Anne Mae to Ragsdale, Kevin; 08/05/2013. $50,000

2 E. Broad St., New Jersey Motorsports Park, Llc to Rise Community Development, Inc; 08/06/2013. $62,500

515 N. 10th St., Price, Joann to Adams, James Jr; 08/06/2013. $115,000

907 N. 9th St., Federal National Mortgage, Assoc By Atty to Kilman, Joseph; 08/09/2013. $52,100

807 N. 5th St., Ford, Lynn V to Chan, Yung Y; 08/09/2013. $43,700


44 Centerton Road, Dauk, Lisa to Cozzubbo, Salvatore; 08/05/2013. $90,000


1905 Edgewood Ave., Gerard, Ralph J Atty to Guy, Dorothy E; 08/05/2013. $74,000

2490 Venzia Ave., Portas, Stephen E Exec to Hillegass, Christopher A; 08/06/2013. $151,000

1215 Holmes Ave., Tosto, Roxanne Burrell to Allen, John; 08/07/2013. $305,000

2461 Old Farm Drive, Graham, Lisa M to Malecki, Joseph; 08/08/2013. $252,000

735 S. Main Road, Klekos, George Exec to Ferrara, Sandra L; 08/09/2013. $85,000

1141 Utopia Lane, Selleck, Jeanne L to Kleinow, Robert; 08/09/2013. $229,000

2680 Menantico Road  4506, Dlj Mortgage Capital Inc, By Atty to Shmuely, Michael; 08/09/2013. $117,000

3350 N. West Avenue, Damore, Ronald Ptr to Ricciardi, Gary; 08/09/2013. $228,700

Been working with the Press for about 27 years.

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