Atlantic County


2008 McKinley Ave., Federal National Mortgage Association to Bralin Holdings LLC; 2/28/2011. $28,500

1 N. Hartford Ave., GMAC Mortgage LLC to Anthony Rossi; 3/1/2011. $65,000

1 N. Hartford Ave. RR, Anthony Rossi to Alejandro Caranza; 3/1/2011. $75,000

4711 Atlantic Ave., Citibank NA, trustee for WAMU Series 2007 He3 Trust, to John Sheppard; 3/3/2011. $395,000

2834 Atlantic Ave., Mark R. Flanigan to Qiugui Zhu Su; 3/4/2011. $75,000

1805 Bishop Richard Allen Ave., 1807 Bishop Richard Allen Ave. LLC to Atlantic City Housing Authority and Urban Redevelopment Agency; 3/4/2011. $215,000

1807 Bishop Richard Allen Ave., 1807 Bishop Richard Allen Ave. LLC to Atlantic City Housing Authority and Urban Redevelopment Agency Atlantic; 3/4/2011. $215,000


4800 Harbour Beach Blvd. Unit 2201, Joseph L. Albanese  and Linda J. Albanese to Bernard Cohen; 3/3/2011. $480,000

222 35th St. S. Unit A, E. Joseph Sneeringer  and Patricia L. Waller  and Norma L. Sneeringer to Stephen G. Hart  and Loretta A. Defrancisco; 3/1/2011. $302,500

95 Lagoon Blvd., Paul R. Ryan  and Debra A. Ryan to Anthony Dambra  and Zorina Dambra; 2/28/2011. $695,000


774 S. Harding Highway, Gus Tzaferos  and George Tzaferos  and GGT Associates LLC to Midway Holdings LLC; 3/1/2011. $545,000


511 Martinelli Ave., Carlos Davis to Alisha Gonzalez; 3/1/2011. $105,000

10 Laielli Court, Ironwood Building Co. to Gail Emow and Jean Galli; 2/28/2011. $425,000

615 Woodbury Road, EMC Mortgage Corp. and Marix Servicing LLC to Patrick Robinson; 2/28/2011. $110,000

158 Dogwood Lane, Zucker Goldberg and Ackerman and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Charylene S. Sharrieff; 3/2/2011. $146,000

439 Weymouth Road, Diane Mary Palmieri  and Keith Elliott  and Diane Mary Elliott to Daniel Lenzi  and Irene L. Lenzi; 3/3/2011. $50,000


206 Azalea Lane, Salvador Panameno  and Zoila Panameno to Y. Viet Truong  and Tiffany Ha Nguyen  and Tiffany Nguyen; 3/3/2011. $200,000

277 Heather Croft, John J. Mazza Jr. to Steven Joseph; 3/1/2011. $88,900

7006 Black Horse Pike, Amelia Arabia to A C Automotive Services LLC; 3/2/2011. $275,000

43 Atlas Lane Road, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc. to Jessica Kalemba; 3/2/2011. $173,000


170 Ninth Ave., Kay M. Datesman to David J. Stewart  and Eunice Stewart; 3/1/2011. $40,000;


244 Collings Drive E., Dawn Buondonno  and Victor Koschman  and Evelyn Koschman to Eric Kertz  and Jennifer Deleo; 3/4/2011. $180,000


2 Waterview Drive, Rita M. Gallagher to In Pok DeFeo  and Michael D. DeFeo; 3/3/2011. $108,000

208 Solitude Place Unit 424, Michael C. Berman to Jeramie Cooper  and Cherish Giannetta; 3/1/2011. $160,000

547 Fairway Lane, Edward P. Scivoletti  and Fairway Villas At Seaview Condo Association Inc. to Marriott Ownership Resorts Inc.; 3/1/2011. $100

690 Fairway Lane, Betty J. Shearer  and Nan C. Frankel  and Fairway Villas At Seaview Condo Association Inc. to Marriott Ownership Resorts Inc.; 3/1/2011. $100

95 Waterview Drive, Kristine L. Calalang  and Harry J. Wagner to Bruce Beuckman  and Patricia Beuckman; 2/28/2011. $105,000


2416 Arbor Court, Bank of NY Mellon to Tiffany S. Musso; 3/1/2011. $34,250

407 Alpine Court, Sovereign Bank to Joy E. Henderson; 3/2/2011. $60,000

16 Renaissance Drive, NVR Inc.  and Ryan Homes to Leslie H. Price  and Florence M. Price; 3/3/2011. $282,315


30 Leah Court, Gerald A. F. Heron to Frank R. Ingemi  and Nina Ingemi; 3/4/2011. $231,000

55 N. Liberty St., Gloria A. Ingemi  and Matthew D. Ingemi to Randolph M. Interlante  and Laurie A. Interlante; 3/4/2011. $325,000

226 Pratt St., Anthony Mazzagotti  and Douglas S. Stanger to Four Parcels Inc..; 2/28/2011. $23,089


103 E. Seaview Ave., Scott Campbell  and Cathy Campbell to Marion S. Stavin; 2/28/2011. $250,000

6 W. Frances Ave., Gina Zentmayer  and Carl Zentmayer to Joan L. Adams; 3/3/2011. $182,500


2700 Atlantic Ave. Unit 703, Alan Haddy to Richard S. Miller  and Ilene K. Miller; 3/2/2011. $570,000


21 N. Hanover Ave., Sara Jane Sherman  and Irving H. Goldberg  and Bernice Goldberg to Daniel Hirsch  and Jaime Hirsch; 3/2/2011. $415,000

311 N. Clermont Ave., Richard B. Robertson to Haijing Yan; 3/1/2011. $269,000

217 N. Brunswick Drive, Brenda K. Sharp to Vincent S. Keelan  and Elizabeth M. Keelan; 3/1/2011. $87,744

23 S. Washington Ave. No. 2B, Gallagher Brothers LLC  and Mark Gallagher  and Terence Gallagher to Susan Parnes; 3/4/2011. $679,000

108 South Exeter Ave., Todd M. Gottlieb and Danielle Cori Gottlieb to Michael Zarro  and Joanne Zarro; 3/3/2011. $1,170,000

8705 Monmouth Ave., Burton S. Federman Irrevocable Trust and Burton S. Federman to Daniel Farris  and Linda L. Farris; 3/3/2011. $350,000

205 N. Pembroke Ave., East Shore Development Co. LLC to Lee Tarnoff  and Ilona Tarnoff; 3/3/2011. $835,000


5914 Pleasant Mills Road, Phyllis Braun to Richard Kramer  and Glorimar Kramer; 3/3/2011. $200,000

3429 Tomocomo Drive, Bank Of NY Mellon and CWABS Inc. to William D. Fortin; 3/1/2011. $38,000


8 Cara Court, Ronald S. Kashon  and Allison L. Kashon to 13302 Long Beach Blvd. LLC; 3/2/2011. $365,000

10 Wilson Drive, estate of Diane Kearns and Nancy Miwa, executrix, and Diane Kearns Revovable Trust to Debra Whiteley  and George Whiteley 4th; 3/3/2011. $200,000

607 Jackson Ave., Annette Cordery  and Ronald C. Cordery to HCC Properties LLC; 3/4/2011. $85,000

909 Fuae Ave., Florence D. Mccracken to Nael Zumot  and Ghada Zumot; 3/4/2011. $250,000


106 Shadeland Ave., Federal National Mortgage Association  and Fannie Mae to Mason Homes LLC; 3/3/2011. $39,900


57 Greate Bay Court, Mary B. Mayrosh  and Helen T. Mayrosh to Mark Soifer; 3/3/2011. $235,000

160 Exton Road, Bernice M. Franks  and Bernice M. Franks Living Trust and Gerald K. Franks to Marianne Daniels  and William Daniels; 3/3/2011. $165,000

11 Oxford Drive, Linda Morgenweck  and William E. Miskelly  and Jeanette Miskelly to Richard Neill Grech  and Kristen R. Grech; 3/3/2011. $120,000


111 S. Dudley Ave. No. 307, Nicole M. Stillitano  and Nicola A. Creo to Deborah R. Grady  and Daniel T. Grady; 3/2/2011. $145,000

114 N. Somerset Ave., Thomas J. Barbarese  and Joseph T. Barbarese  and Daniel Barbarese to Denise Serafim  and Eugene Serafim; 3/2/2011. $105,000

108 S. Derby Ave., Frances A. Gelman  and Andrew J. Gelman to James Vlassis; 3/3/2011. $1,450,000

225 N. Surrey Ave., Craig Howard Tragbar to Peter S. Tocco; 3/4/2011. $530,000

4805 Ventnor Ave. Unit 6, Sadia Akhter and Khairun Nasa to Antonio L. Tan-Torres  and Susan M. Tan-Torres; 3/3/2011. $45,000

316-318 Wissahickon Ave., Linda Schromsky  and Scott Schromsky to Arturs Tarvids; 3/2/2011. $230,000

Cape May County


221 65th St., George Barnard and Kristin Barnard to  2005 Scarpa Family Trust; 9/30/2010. $2,815,000

229 68th St., Douglas Kentfield and Heather Kentfield to Douglas Kentfield; 12/17/2010. $703,000

588 Third Ave., Michael McCarthy to Cheryl Ramagano and Paul Ramagano; 2/9/2011. $1,405,000

2026 Sixth Ave. North Unit, Michael Hlushak and Michael Luci to Joanne Confuorto and Nicholas Confuorto; 3/4/2011. $550,000

370 24th St., Daniel Hagenman and Lisa Hagenman to Bette Hayward and Jonathan Hayward; 3/2/2011. $864,500


1216 Missouri Ave., Jean Finnegan to Carl Tierney and Mary Tierney; 2/28/2011. $475,000

34 Heron Way, David Crews and Elizabeth Borland to Catherine Sexton; 3/4/2011. $148,000


14 E. New York Ave., Bruce Waterman and Eliza Waterman to Antoinette Romero and Charles Romero; 2/28/2011. $205,000

106 Millman Lane, Donnie McNeill and Feng Min-McNeill to Firmino DiFelice and Genoveffa DiFelice; 2/28/2011. $125,000

538 Seashore Road, Casaba Real Estate Holdings Co. to  101 Briarwood Ave. LLC; 3/2/2011. $72,000

6 E. Florida Ave., New Jersey Home Construction Inc. to Lonnie Creamer and Mary Champion; 2/28/2011. $129,900


412 N. Seventh St., Cynthia Snyder and James Bartleson to Joseph Higman; 3/2/2011. $60,000;

809 Route 9 S.,  Five Mile Beach Bus Co. Inc. to  Ice Cream Station LLC; 2/28/2011. $395,000

16 Stagecoach Road, Edward Sokorai and Mary Sokorai to Amyrose Maffei and Robert Maffei; 2/28/2011. $330,000

401 Seacrest Lane,  NVR Inc. and  Ryan Homes to John Linnington and Shawne Gilbert; 2/28/2011. $259,035

930 Route 47 S., Catherine Donaghy to Matthew Gallagher and William Keever; 2/24/2011. $225,000

202 Fairmount Road, Elizabeth Burnley and James Burnley to Carmen Digironimo and Tracy Burnley; 2/28/2011. $125,000


400 E. 24th Ave.,  Homesales Inc to Bryan Kruysman; 3/3/2011. $245,000

429 E. 24th Ave., James Kelly and Nancy Kelly to Paul Berg; 3/4/2011. $317,500

109-111 Central Ave., Anna Schuhmann to Norman Coltri and Victoria Coltri; 3/1/2011. $306,000

2500 Atlantic Ave. Unit 133, Michael Ramage to Michael Gowland and Patricia Gowland; 3/4/2011. $90,000

220 E. First Ave., Sigrid Wares and William Wares to Dale Satterfield and Victoria Satterfield; 3/4/2011. $550,000

1205 Surf Ave., Lisa Kimelheim to Barbara Carberry and Daniel Carberry; 3/4/2011. $91,000


1108 Central Ave., David Swift and Jeanne Swift to  Colleen Michelle LLC; 2/28/2011. $475,000

3122 Haven Ave.,  CRS Investors Inc. to Gloria McDermott and William McDermott; 2/28/2011. $360,000;

313-315 Haven Ave., Barbara North to Jeffrey Quintin and Steven Howard; 2/28/2011. $240,000

2804 Asbury Ave., Richard Pawlak and Sharon Pawlak to Virginia Pugliese; 2/28/2011. $750,000

55 Sunset Place, Debra Ruger and Robert Ruger to Carolyn Mathers and Richard Mathers; 2/28/2011. $635,000

5522 Simpson Ave. second floor, Joseph Matranga and Rosemarie Matranga to Elizabeth Gillin and Eugene Gillin; 3/1/2011. $575,000

4926 West Ave. second floor, Frank Williams to Kevin Dougherty and Nancy Pierpont; 3/4/2011. $340,000


230 78th St., Michael Brown and Trisha Brown to Jonathan Sokoloff and Mary Sokoloff; 3/5/2010. $475,000

118 77th St., Linda Eckert and Robert Eckert to John Krebs and Theresa Krebs; 3/2/2011. $600,000


213 109th St., Dennis Hevener and Linda Hevener to Christopher O’Connor and Kathleen O’Connor; 3/3/2011. $650,000

8931 Second Ave., Kay Ford-Sollimo to Peter Sollimo; 2/28/2011. $420,000

9511 Sunset Drive Unit 403, Esther Clemmer and Ethel Clemmer to 9511 Sunset Drive 403 LLC; 2/28/2011. $245,000


308 Second Ave., Bonnie Offerdahl and David Offerdahl to Brian Phillips; 3/3/2011. $405,000


4508 Atlantic Ave. Unit 3,  Laury Sea Side LLC to Robert Sloat; 2/28/2011. $146,400

4520 Park Blvd., Goldman Sachs Mortgage Co. to  Anto Inc.; 3/1/2011. $82,000

235 E. Hildreth Ave., Andrew Smith and Lisa Benvenuto-Smith to Cheryl Reynolds and Keith Reynolds; 3/1/2011. $295,000


222 E. Stockton Road, Deborah John and Philip John to Pauline Sohn and Young Sohn; 2/28/2011. $650,000

415 E. Stockton Road Unit 202,  FVPI LLC to Dean Robinson and Millie Robinson; 3/1/2011. $360,000

Cumberland County


293 1/2 S. Pine St., City of Bridgeton to Aldon  Brissett; 3/4/2011. $1,500

531 Chestnut Ave., John William Scull to Frank Andeloro; 3/2/2011. $25,000


447 Doe Place, Levari Doris LLC to Ledamarie Garcia; 3/3/2011. $65,000

583 Opal Road, Nelson O. Wetherbee to Sharen Hutchinson; 3/3/2011. $14,000


731 Maple St., Anthony Sparacio Jr. to Joseph V. Sparacio; 3/4/2011. $175,000

570 Pine St., FCDB SNPWL REO LLC to James Caudill Sr.; 3/4/2011. $88,000


903 Main St., Wells Fargo Bank Trust to William A. Hayes; 2/28/2011. $10,000

133-135 Delaware Ave., Edward W. Bart to David E. Bart; 2/28/2011. $88,000


825 Seabreeze Road, John L. Brown Jr. to New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; 3/1/2011. $110,000

97 Fairton Cedar, Ella Mae Sorantino to Horace F. Whitehead; 3/4/2011. $281,000

Shoemaker Lane, block 28.06, lot 29, Griffin, Geneva  to Township of Fairfield; 3/4/2011. $44,350


41 Moores Beach Road, William Henry King Jr. to Daniel King; 3/3/2011. $95,000


122 Middle Ave., Donald Stirneman to Jason R. Corsiglia; 3/2/2011. $10,000

2305 E. Broad St., Jeffrey J. Hall to Ellsworth Riley Jr.; 3/1/2011. $80,000

435 Esibill Ave., Scott K. Stay to Kimberly Forand; 2/28/2011. $147,000


1 Johns Way, Justin M. McCormick to Scott K. Stay; 3/1/2011. $252,500


4785 Stoney Bridge, Bank Of New York Mellon to Parmjit K. Boyal; 3/1/2011. $262,500

744 S. Seventh St., Federal National Mortgage Association to Arthur R. Coslop; 3/2/2011. $79,275

1323 Baylor Ave., Jessie Ann Coccaro to Luis R. Charriez; 3/2/2011. $154,900

212 W. Garden Road, Rest Realty Investments LLC to Carmen Trischitta; 3/1/2011. $91,000

1096 Utopia Lane, FCDB SNPWL REO LLC to Erik Caignon; 3/1/2011. $180,000

820 E. Grape St., Thomas M. Santoro Jr. to Jose Escobar Acevedo; 2/28/2011. $77,000

3772 Hance Bridge Road, Joseph Disanto to Bruce K. Chalow; 3/2/2011. $50,000

3211 Cliffside Drive, Everett D. Williams III to Michael Koering; 3/2/2011. $215,000

729 Yale Terrace, Thomas J. Levari to Crystal Purcell; 3/2/2011. $160,500

1339 Adams Ave., Libbye S. Kotok to Vincent J. Rosati; 3/3/2011. $90,000

2280 E. Landis Ave., James J. Gruccio to B&S Partners; 3/3/2011. $150,000

58 Osborn Ave., Cumberland County sheriff to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.; 3/4/2011. $100

58 Osborn Ave., Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Hector Acevedo; 3/4/2011. $63,900

328 Riverside Drive, Louis Gonzalez to Timathy Gonzalez; 3/3/2011. $135,000

27 Howard St., Ronald J. Shaiko to Jennifer R. Frie; 3/4/2011. $184,900

57 Yelkca Ave., Sherie L. Panarello to Evelyn Claudio; 3/4/2011. $145,000

1361 Elm Road, Alberto Ocasio to Ryan Dalessandro; 3/4/2011. $148,900

Ocean County


345 S. Main St., Calkou Inc. to Doyles Land  and Building LLC; 2/28/2011. $975,000

9 Forest Lake Court, Josephine M. Corbae to Christine M. Penna; 3/1/2011. $221,250

28 Tulsa Drive N., Carol Frank and Gary J. Frank to Jonathan Frank; 3/1/2011. $118,000

32 Memorial Driver, Randolph C. Lazyk and Donna Meizinger to Fort J. Lizaire and Victoria J. Lizaire; 3/1/2011. $255,000

155 Village Drive, Frank Pinto to Craig J. Pinto and Frank A. Pinto; 3/2/2011. $210,000

42 Pine Oak Blvd., Dorothy Palumbo and James Palumbo to Marie Beruck and Raymond Beruck; 3/3/2011. $160,000

158 Windward Drive, Carmine J. Turso and Janice Turso to Jonathan Riffle; 3/4/2011. $147,000


309 Third St., Anthony J. Curinga and Cheryl C. Curinga to Charles F. Plaveczky; 3/3/2011. $465,000

829 N. Beach Ave., Christina M. Penna and Richard A. Penna to Celeste Susino and Charles Susino; 3/3/2011. $740,000

420 Eighth St. (Harbor View Condominiums), Kathleen Murphy and Ronald Murphy to Andrea Certo and Dominic Certo; 2/28/2011. $800,000


401 Bay Way, Barbara H. Harder and John H. Harder to Michael D. Wahl Sr.; 3/3/2011. $231,000

309 Yorktown Drive, Heather A. Newhardt and Richard A. Newhardt to John W. Moore and Kathleen A. Moore; 3/1/2011. $179,000


41 Lake Michigan Drive, Dennis A. Yates and Violet W. Yates to Donna M. Fisher and William J. Fisher; 3/1/2011. $165,500

6 Hannah Place, NVR Inc. and Ryan Homes to Manav Saini and Veena Saini; 3/1/2011. $333,475

45 S. Ensign Drive, Annette Auletto to Donna M. Caprio and Nicholas J. Caprio; 3/1/2011. $135,000

26 S. Spinnaker Drive, Joshua Fell and Nicole C. Fell to Danny Sacca; 3/4/2011. $187,000


169 Long Beach Island, Laris Milonas and Mary Milonas to Robert Herdelin; 3/1/2011. $1,500,000

115 East 19th St., Adrienne C. Drost and Joseph D. Drost to David F. Mitchell and Karin R. Mitchell; 3/4/2011. $1,252,325

107 W. Winifred Ave., Charles V. Standen and Marie Standen to Alfonsa Santo and Thomas Santo; 2/28/2011. $300,000


9 Rumson Court, Marjory C. Denton to Geraldine Woodruff and Robert J. Woodruff; 3/2/2011. $316,000

21 Mantoloking Lane, Lennar and US Home Corp. to Gerard Scally; 3/2/2011. $405,400

5 Mantoloking Lane, Lennar and US Home Corp. to Angelo J. Sappio and Ramona Sappio; 3/3/2011. $365,000


48 Henry Drive, James R. Masch and Richard A. Masch to Lilyan Schwabe; 3/4/2011. $250,000

132 Rodman Drive, Martha Iorio and Paul Iorio to Carl Manfra and Joyce Manfra; 3/3/2011. $430,000

23 Claudia Lane, Donald Thompson and Martha A. Thompson to Jerome A. Pecoraro and Judi Ann Pecoraro; 3/1/2011. $340,000


326 N. Third St., Douglas H. Graham and John D. Graham to Douglas H. Graham and Jane Graham; 2/28/2011. $228,000


214 Otis Ave., Viola Deblon to Julie R. Yonney; 3/1/2011. $138,000

279 Heron Road, Debbie A. Pfeiffer and George A. Pfeiffer to Helen Giangrante and Matthew Giangrante; 3/4/2011. $180,000