Atlantic County


38 Iowa Ave., Lori Ann Bleazard Shannon to Francis S. Hahn; 11/7/2011. $226,000

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401 Pitney Road, Vincent T. Scott and Jeanette Scott to Amitava Mazumder and Pratiti Choudhury; 11/10/2011. $114,000


2721 Boardwalk Unit 1521, Charles Patiro to James Lagrasso; 11/10/2011. $160,000

122 N. Georgia Ave., Mohommed S. Chowdhury to SJP2 LLC; 11/7/2011. $75,000

38 North Boston Ave., Casaba Real Estate Holding Corp. to Triangle Properties LLC; 11/9/2011. $5,000

3412 Winchester Ave., Abul K. Azad to Afsana Begum; 11/10/2011. $80,000

3625 Winchester Ave., Abul K. Azad to Afsana Begum; 11/10/2011. $100,000


231 11th St. South, Gary S. Weaver and Betty Jane Middlemiss and Betty Jane Kay and Paul Kay to Gary Kobie and Linda Kobie; 11/7/2011. $320,000

217 13th St. North, Baysea Properties LLC and Edward Schultes and Leonard Kraus to Robert Zeigenfuse; 11/9/2011. $900,000

3913 Ocean Condo Unit 1, Matlack Properties NJ I LLC and William G. Eads to YD Enterprises LLC; 11/9/2011. $231,250

3913 Ocean Condo Unit 2, Matlack Properties NJ I LLC and William G. Eads to YD Enterprises LLC; 11/9/2011. $231,250

3913 Ocean Condo Unit 3, Matlack Properties NJ I LLC to YD Enterprises LLC; 11/9/2011. $231,250

3913 Ocean Condo Unit 4, Matlack Properties NJ I LLC and William G. Eads to YD Enterprises LLC; 11/9/2011. $231,250


6 Malaga Road, Five Group Inc. to Kristie Fulginitti and Stephen Naegle and Karen Naegle and Paul Naegle; 11/7/2011. $170,000

14 Laielli Court, Ironwood Building Co. to Joseph Lamanteer and Angela B. Lamanteer and Melanie E. Lamanteer; 11/9/2011. $460,000


224 Buffalo Ave. and 217 Chicago Ave., Cornell Realty LLC and Patrick Beavers to Body Werx LLC; 11/7/2011. $525,000

702 Campe St., Betty L. Smith and William C. Smith to Hannibal C. Carlamere; 11/10/2011. $90,000


78 Windsor Drive, Dawn Morris and Kelly Harris and Kenneth Michael Halvorsen to Lorretta Vogler; 11/10/2011. $182,000

108 Frankfort Court, Gerald Walter Smith and Laura Smith and Walter Samual Smith to Elijah C. Mason; 11/10/2011. $79,000

34 Tradition Circle, Tradition Homes at IW LLC and John B. Canuso to Zeeshan Yousaf and Yousaf Noor; 11/10/2011. $236,900

161 Blackman Road, Joseph Serabian to Rebecca J. Schwalm; 11/7/2011. $167,399;


113 Dover Court, Helene T. Bertino and Anthony W. Bertino to Shelee R. McIlvaine; 11/7/2011. $147,000

72 Waterview Drive, Wells Fargo NA and Wachovia Bank of Delaware NA to Kevin M. Pasguay and Margaret S. Pasguay; 11/9/2011. $61,000


1549 Pinehurst Drive, Sovereign Bank to Ramesha R. Ali; 11/9/2011. $115,500

208 Route 50, Thomas Grossi and Anna Rose Cristinzio to Pleasantville Investment LLC; 11/7/2011. $22,000

2036 Garden Road, Ronald L. Lane and Annetta A. Lane to Ronnie Lane and Jessica Lane; 11/10/2011. $228,000

38 Lewis Drive, James F. Connaughton and Connaughton Living Trust to Ronald Lee Lane and Annetta Lane; 11/10/2011. $205,000


580 11th St., Caren Messina Hirsch and Michelle Rurka and Kenneth G. Messina and Maryln Messina to Anthony J. Berenato and Heidi E. Berenato; 11/7/2011. $190,000


106 S. 12th Ave., Jan Wildstein to 1899 on 12th LLC; 11/7/2011. $1,600,000


8404 Ventnor Ave., Diane Pappalardo to Jeffrey G. Levine; 11/7/2011. $425,000

8205 Lagoon Drive, Bruce S. Frank to Ciro R. D'Angelo and Deborah D'Angelo; 11/7/2011. $950,000

107-A N. Douglas Ave., 107 North Douglas Ave LLC and Frank Laverde to Jerry Roth and Susan Roth; 11/10/2011. $640,000


5511 Duerer St., Anna Mae Manning to David Hasenbein and Cynthia Hasenbein; 11/7/2011. $219,000

3115 Reading Ave., Ruthann McIlvaine to Michael Christopher and Lorie A. Christopher; 11/7/2011. $150,000


15 E. Ridgewood Ave., Ramon A. Salgado and Monica P. Salgado to Alex A. Luna; 11/10/2011. $100,000

410 Montclaire Drive, Nancy E. Cramer and Virginia A. Caramma and Tracy L. D'Ambrosio to Lauren Carpenter; 11/10/2011. $75,000


38 Gulph Mill Road, Shannon K. McKittrick and Shannon Palombo to Joshua Palombo and Michelle Palombo; 11/9/2011. $235,000


610 N. Suffolk Ave., Gregg Chakov and Tiffany Jewell Chakov to Patrick Cannon; 11/9/2011. $165,000;

26 N. Oakland Ave., Kathleen M. Santy to Eva Spence and Anna Wieczerza; 11/10/2011. $150,000

Cape May County


700 First Ave. Unit 404, Evelyn Price to Carol Titzel; 11/10/2011. $559,000


9 Jackson St., Dolly Bashore and Garry Bashore to Alissa Warner and Mark Warner; 11/9/2011. $282,000

807 Queen St., Nicholas Fedoroff and Sandra Fedoroff to Linda Flamini and Thomas Flamini; 11/10/2011. $525,000

1205 Beach Ave. Unit 17, Henry Tamagni to Joseph Herbert and Patricia Herbert; 11/11/2011. $800,000


339 Willow Drive, Lorraine Raff and Wayne Raff to Crystal Slaney and Ryan Slaney; 11/9/2011. $370,000

409 Baywyn Road, LDTD Developers LLC to Eileen Helfer and Frederick Helfer; 11/8/2011. $229,000

17 Summer Circle, Margaret Sleght and Robert Sleght to Richard Hoff; 11/10/2011. $300,000

32 Sunnyside Drive, Paul Slaney and Ryan Slaney to Jarrod St. Onge and Jennifer St. Onge; 11/10/2011. $130,000


3 Country Village Drive, Mary Crisanti and Michael Crisanti to Michael Desmond; 11/9/2011. $190,000


442 E. 21st Ave. Unit 302, Kristen Hamann and Lauren Maguire to Charles Roselli; 11/7/2011. $90,000

116 W. Second Ave., Robert Egan to Adal LLC; 11/7/2011. $225,000

2011 New York Ave., Kendul Kennedy to Christopher Haflin and Elizabeth Haflin; 11/10/2011. $320,000


817-819 Coolidge Road Unit A, HQ Investments LLC to Agnes Cugini and Albert Cugini; 11/9/2011. $362,500

336-338 Bay Ave Unit 302, Claire Zegley and Robert Zegley to Paul Del Borrello; 11/8/2011. $230,000

801 10th St. Unit 263, Freddie Mac to Edmund Gauss; 11/9/2011. $171,500

14 E. Tenth St. Unit B second floor, Matthew Cappelletti and Michele Cappelletti to Edward Grimm and Maria Grimm; 11/9/2011. $410,000


8904 Pleasure Ave. East Unit, Dean Trevlyn and Gloria Trevlyn to John Cleary and Meredith Cleary; 11/10/2011. $800,000


8001 Second Ave. Unit 305, Joseph Herbert and Patricia Herbert to Kenneth Levin and Leonore Levin; 11/11/2011. $720,000


10 Meadowlark Road, Lois Streckenbein to Joan Lawler; 11/7/2011. $195,000


303 E. Poplar Ave. Unit 1, Bruce Marcolongo and Caryn Marcolongo to Allison Altobelli and Gene Altobelli; 11/8/2011. $182,500


7900 Beach Ave. Unit 409, Samir Patel and Sonal Patel to Janice Lawson and Jon Lawson; 11/7/2011. $81,950

7900 Beach Ave. Unit 209, Samir Patel and Sonal Patel to Shaw Appraisal LLC; 11/7/2011. $81,950

7900 Beach Ave. Unit 410, Samir Patel and Sonal Patel to Susan Ayles; 11/7/2011. $99,000

7900 Beach Ave. Unit 401, Samir Patel and Sonal Patel to William Golden; 11/7/2011. $86,900

7900 Beach Ave. Unit 501, Samir Patel and Sonal Patel to Davide Leporini and Patricia Leporini; 11/7/2011. $148,500

7900 Beach Ave. Unit 510, Samir Patel and Sonal Patel to Linda Devinney and Thomas Devinney; 11/7/2011. $85,250

Cumberland County


257 Hampton St., Mildred D. Borel to Gregorio Montiel Hernandez; 11/9/2011. $134,900


7514 Henry St., Shirley M. Parker to Glenn Acheson; 11/9/2011. $11,950


501 Irving Ave., Erin Briggs to Rosa Vallejo; 11/10/2011. $129,900

744 Big Oak Road Evelyn Simmerman to Triple Cs Properties LLC,; 11/10/2011. $110,000


979 Ye Greate St., John E. Parrish to Kelly Facemyer; 11/9/2011. $215,000


435 Grape St., City of Vineland to Michael Brosh; 11/9/2011. $6,300

4260 Robert Drive, Ronald Seroski to John Schneider; 11/10/2011. $52,500

948 Columbia Ave., George Steenland to Marina Stewart; 11/10/2011. $40,000

1245 Venezia Ave., Samuel Rivera to Jeffery D. Young Jr.; 11/10/2011. $200,000

57 S. Myrtle St Tammy C. Clarke to Ada M. Ingles; 11/9/2011. $65,000

1197 Sharp Road, Rose B. Darminio estate by executor to Geraldine Brosh; 11/9/2011. $60,000;

2423 Franklin Drive, Donald S. Slomin to Clint Ciancaglini; 11/7/2011. $170,000

1785 Cherokee Lane, Daniel P. Bird to Bank of America,; 11/9/2011. $303,000

1825 Arrowhead Trail Robert Shoemaker Sr. to Scott Sadler; 11/9/2011. $255,000

Ocean County


8 Copper Court, Heritage Point LP to Edward Barrow and Patricia Barrow; 11/9/2011. $468,845

189 Lower Shore Road, Fannie Mae to Osman B. Zafis; 11/7/2011. $175,000

105 Rockrimmon Blvd., Hampton Ridge LLC and John M. Szymanski to Ryan Homes; 11/9/2011. $126,000

50 Pine Oak Blvd., Carmella E. Tuzzio and Ella M. Tuzzio to Theresa Dalmau; 11/10/2011. $147,000


Forge Road, block 39, lot 18.02, Robert A. Engle to Dustin Martin; 11/7/2011. $52,500


46 Gladstone St., Toll Land XI LP to Ida L. Chambers and Percival M. Chambers; 11/9/2011. $510,356

500 Chelsea St., Cheryl Cunningham and Daniel Cunningham to Benjamin Riley and Jennifer Riley; 11/9/2011. $258,000

1013 Capstan Drive, James G. Mazzo and Patricia H. Mazzo to John J. Egan; 11/9/2011. $405,000

206 Algonquin Trail, Kathleen M. Knox to Patricia Lauer; 11/9/2011. $164,000

17 Parkers Point Blvd., Bobby J. Nassaney to John A. Volz; 11/7/2011. $280,000

1207 Penguin Court, Bruce S. Glorsky to Elizabeth A. Griggs and Scott Minter; 11/9/2011. $305,000

119 Seabright Road, Jason K. Mahr to Herbert G. Turner and Michael J. Turner; 11/9/2011. $90,000


15 W. Muriel, M&M Developers Inc. to Michele A. Menziuso and Christopher T. Menziuso; 11/9/2011. $995,000

3 E. 41st St., Robert A. Mayor to Serafina Mayor; 11/9/2011. $10

35 Sunset Blvd. boat slip CB03, Mark D. Miller to Charles T. Allen and Kimberly Allen; 11/9/2011. $30,000

44 W. Pennsylvania Ave., William D. Hyler to Patrick Lockwood and Tracy Lockwood; 11/10/2011. $445,000


13 Lilly Drive, Kerry A. Gassert and David B. Letteney to Geraldine Berger and Herbert Berger; 11/7/2011. $172,000

447 Frog Pond Road, Scott Richter to 73 Hudson LLC; 11/9/2011. $170,000

118 Lexington Drive, Linda L. Waldt, executrix for the estate of Virginia G. Haines, to Shirley A. Weller; 11/7/2011. $75,900

519 Thomas Ave., Fannie Mae to Randy Schweitzer; 11/9/2011. $195,000

20 Pimlico Road East, Maureen B. Alf and Ronald P. Alf to Albert R. Stauss Jr. and Carol A. Stauss; 11/9/2011. $223,000;

67 Westchester Drive, Craig S. Mueller and Howard L. Mueller to Frederico Nisevic; 11/10/2011. $95,000

260 Otis Bog Road, John E. Allen and Margaret E. Allen to Tristate Ventures IV LP; 11/10/2011. $375,000


109 Demmy Ave., Catherine Hyde and John Hyde to Joseph Lezza and Maria Lezza; 11/7/2011. $395,000


151 Mizzen Ave., Janusz Macko to Jerome V. Page and Patricia M. Romano; 11/7/2011. $210,000

38 Joan Drive, Frank C. Zisa Jr. to Jonathan P. Ellis; 11/10/2011. $340,000

221 Sextant Road, Desiree Wenrich and Kenneth Wenrich to Christopher D. Brown Jr. and Melissa Brown; 11/9/2011. $225,000

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